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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Solar Eclipse Aquarius February 2018: The freedom to change yourself, change your world and change our world.

Ambi Sitham

It's all available. For us and the world. But we need to cha cha chaaaange!

It's all available. For us and the world. But we need to cha cha chaaaange!


Hello lovely ones and happy (almost!) Solar Eclipse in Aquarius!

This partial solar eclipse takes place on Thursday February 15th 2018 at 27 degrees of Aquarius.

Check using a chart calculator (it is no longer available on my site but you can click through from the icon to access it on another site) where this solar eclipse falls in your chart as well as any planets you have in Aquarius as these will be triggered by this New Moon.

Aquarius is an air sign ruled by change agent planet Uranus.

In the natural zodiac Aquarius is the ruler of the eleventh house governing our friendships, groups we belong to, causes we support, our 'soul' tribe as well as our most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

These themes are all under the cosmic spotlight at this solar eclipse as well as the life areas governed by Aquarius in each of our natal charts.

Unlike most new moons, solar eclipses open up a six month manifesting window.

So despite this being a partial solar eclipse (and not quite as intense as a total solar eclipse) we have a very strong manifesting energy at play at this New Moon which will take us to the end of July and the finale of the 2018 eclipses.

Aquarian traits are intellectualism, compassion for humanity, quirkiness and unpredictability.

They adore freedom and are unafraid to pursue it, at times seemingly at any cost.

They are the zodiac change makers and it can make them a little odd in terms of their close human relationships, but does not by any means indicate that they do not care about others, because they really do.

They just sometimes have a tendency to prefer to care more about ALL others/the world at large as opposed to getting drawn into an overly close emotional one to one connection which can drain their energies and stop them from forging ahead with their mission to help humanity!

Aquarians are more often than not humanitarians and have a genius streak in them which in some cases can lead them to inventing all kinds of amazing things which help progress humanity and have social consciousness.

They are unafraid of change and will often tip their own worlds upside down in order to progress themselves and step into the future they desire.

Soulstrology tells us that at this New Moon each of us, regardless of our sign, has the ability to change ourselves and in doing so change our worlds and the world at large.

Most importantly there is a very liberating aspect at play at this time aided by Sun and Moon make a beautiful angle to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, assisting us in accessing that energy of liberation and change.

This is further assisted by Jupiter (in transformational Scorpio) making a favorable aspect to Pluto (in powerful Capricorn) which further aids this energy of liberating, positive change.

But here is the thing. Too often people think they are victims and at the behest of a chaotic universe.

They think they are prisoners of their current circumstances.

Or of their own character traits. Or of the past. And so on, and so forth.

They cling to whatever crutches they may have developed as a result of this victim/prisoner consciousness and this keeps them stumbling, unable to joyfully run forward towards their future.

But more often than not it is an illusion.

Think of the people who defy their circumstances to create magic in their lives, and that of others.

Their consciousness is not bound by their physical circumstances.

And as a result of that they are able to create what they want within and then manifest it externally.

You see this with people who are given certain medical diagnoses and defeat the odds.

Or people who were born into very difficult circumstances and endured severe hardship but managed to make their lives a magical illustration of a miracle.

These people are you and I.

The difference being they choose their consciousness carefully and do not let themselves be prisoners of their minds, the past, their current circumstances, or others.

And at this Aquarian eclipse each of us has the freedom to do this but we have to remove the limiting veil of illusion that we are in stuck in some way.

By lifting the veil we will see that if we want to, we can create positive change within, which will have a knock on impact upon our own lives and that of others.

We are free to change ourselves.

We are free to change our lives.

We are free to change the world (for the better!).

We are free to, but will we choose to?

I know I am.

I am done with being heartbroken about the homeless and solely engaging in what I think is akin to palliative care for those of my unfortunate neighbors whom I try to help in some way but who I am almost acting as a hospice care nurse to.

I am done with watching people literally die on the streets around me as I enjoy my privileged life.

I am done with thinking that someone better, smarter, wealthier, more powerful than me will be the person to change this.

I know that I can't change the entire world or solve the issue of homelessness and poverty single handedly, but I also know I can stop shrinking and thinking the best I can do is give water, food, toiletries etc.

I know there is more I can do and whilst I may not know exactly what that is, it is slowly forming and I know that it will be part of my legacy.

And I know that I am going to have to go outside of my comfort zone in many ways to achieve this including so that I can be more and have more, because the more I have, the more I can give, the more I can make change.

Woah that was unintended and literally just flowed out!

And just to give you a taste of how much the plight of the homeless has impacted me please read this 'love' letter (it's on my website version of this blog and on my Instagram) which I received from a homeless man whom I still think of regularly and is a letter I cherish as being one of the most important gifts of my life.

I saw him weekly for months when I volunteered in Skid Row until the program closed. He helped me carry food from my car. He had special needs which impaired his speech but most of all he was SO SPECIAL.

I saw him weekly for months when I volunteered in Skid Row until the program closed. He helped me carry food from my car. He had special needs which impaired his speech but most of all he was SO SPECIAL.

Sorry guys, sometimes I swear I write these blogs for me and my journey as much (and at times perhaps more!) as for you all!

I feel accountable when I share and it helps me get my thoughts outside of my introvert head and I am sitting here right now saying, yep, you're gonna have to get on with this now, you've put it out there, no turning back now.

So thank you all you beautiful people who take the time to read my posts and occasionally write back.

You're as much part of my process of alchemy and my teachers as perhaps some of you may think I am yours.

But back to this solar eclipse.

Let's all harness this powerfully liberating energy to plant the seeds of change!

Let's do this!

Solar Eclipse/New Moon Affirmations

I know that I have the freedom to change both myself and my life.

I believe in my ability to transform my inner world and outer world.

I trust that freedom is accessible to me at all times and I embrace this gift.

I know that I have the ability to be part of positive change for the world at large and that I will be supported in my efforts to do so.

I no longer believe in the word impossible knowing that the word itself says I'm possible and that in truth, anything and everything is possible if I believe in it enough.

I am wishing you all a liberating and transformational New Moon.

May each of us change ourselves, our lives and our beloved world, for the best.

So may it be.


Ambi x



February 2018: Flowing with faith.

Ambi Sitham



Hello lovely ones and happy February!

I don't know about you, but I am still recovering from the Leo Lunar eclipse...hello Full Moon insomnia!

Such a fiery intense energy to end the first month of 2018 and for February to start!

Whilst January can often feel like the slowest month of the year (or is it just me?!) the year is going to now pick up pace considerably...

Seriously, we may find ourselves blinking and suddenly it is the Spring Equinox and a whole new season!

Speaking of seasons, yesterday's Leo lunar eclipse officially started off eclipse season and Soulstrology tells us that the Leo eclipse serves as the energetic seed for the month of February. 

As I am sure you all know by now, eclipse season brings changes, often unexpected, sometimes welcome, sometimes not..

Either way, it heralds a new season of life and new beginnings, many of which are birthed from necessary endings.

As many of you know by now, my mantra (and indeed the essence of my entire Alchemy practice) is that change is the only constant.

As human beings we so often resist change.

We welcome certain changes and shifts which reflect the manifestation of our goals but other than that we often fear the impermanence of life.

However this fear of change is often short sighted and does not serve us.

It has us clinging to situations (and people!) which are past their sell by date and has us stuck in a rut.

The result is that we often prevent our blessings from manifesting as we stubbornly resist the flow of life, convinced we know better, when more often than not, we don't!

I can speak from personal experience to say I have delayed (sometimes outright blocked) some of my biggest blessings coming my way, due to my absolute resistance to change and fear of the unknown.

When sudden 'bad' changes have taken place I have fought with every bit of my energy to preserve the status quo and to cling to what I have known, even when it wasn't truly making me happy.

With hindsight I have been able to see that had I have had stronger faith (faith in myself, faith in the universe, faith in a higher power) then I would have been able to flow more gracefully with the winds of change and would have embraced my destiny more swiftly.

Which leads me onto the Soulstrology theme for February 2018.

This month we are asked to flow with the currents of change.

For some the cosmos brings lots of welcome change this month and you happily dive into the new chapter of life.

But for others the change may not be so welcome and may appears as obstacles or even punishments.

Soulstrology says that just as water flows around rocks, so too we are asked to flow around obstacles.

We must not let fear fuel us into forcing and bending life in a direction which we think serves us, because the truth is that we may not be seeing the bigger picture and what is truly for our highest good (and indeed the greater good).

Life may not be punishing us but instead gently pushing us to where we need to go....

In February 2018 we need to flow with faith.

Mantra of the month:

I trust the process of life and know that change, even unexpected/unwanted change is part of that process.

I choose to believe that all changes this month will ultimately unfold for my best.

I choose faith as my fuel for navigating the month ahead.

I embrace the rivers of change and flow with them with faith.

As always I will write detailed blogs for both the New and Full Moons.

Members can expect weekly cosmic updates and more detailed information for their zodiac sign for both the Full and New Moons and some extra special mini soundbaths for daily use (recording this weekend).

Also....I am finally (I was unwell so had to reschedule/push back the launch date) recording the first episode of my Alchemy with Ambi podcast this weekend!

Excited and terrified in equal measure but know I want to share more and in a different format.

First episode will come out on Aquarius Solar Eclipse....eek!

In the meantime here are the key dates for your cosmic diary for February 2018.

February 4th: Venus (in Aquarius) squares Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful aspect can be positive but potential for tension.

February 6th: Venus (in Aquarius) sextile Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect for creativity

February 10th: Sun (in Aquarius) squares Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful aspect, can be positive but watch for overdoing it

February 11th: Venus moves into Pisces (will write Members blog on this)

February 13th: Mercury (in Aquarius) squares Jupiter (in Scorpio) lively aspect! Be mindful in communications

February 13th: Sun (in Aquarius) sextiles Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect

February 15th: Solar Eclipse in Aquarius (will write detailed blog on this)

February 15th: Venus (in Pisces) sextiles Saturn (in Capricorn) positive aspect, productive.

February 17th: Mars (in Sagittarius) squares Neptune (in Pisces) tense aspect, watch for disagreements/deceptions.

February 17th: Sun (in Aquarius) conjuncts Mercury (in Aquarius) creative aspect, good for group communications

February 19th: Sun moves into Pisces. Pisces season officially starts.

February 19th: Mercury moves into Pisces (will write Members blog on this).

February 21st: Venus (in Pisces) conjunct Neptune (in Pisces) very dreamy, creative and romantic aspect but be mindful to be realistic

February 25th: Venus (in Pisces) square Mars (in Sagittarius) powerful aspect can be positive for matters of heart and creativity

February 25th: Mercury (in Pisces) conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces) very creative aspect, also can be positive for conversations around romantic matters but be mindful to be realistic

February 28th: Mercury (in Pisces) squares Mars (in Sagittarius) powerful aspect, can be productive but watch for tensions/conflict in communications.

I am wishing you all a wonderful start to February.

May our faith fuel us as we flow through this month and may the rivers of change take us to places better than we could ever have expected. 

So may it be.


Ambi x


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo January 2018: The courage to be yourself, for you and others

Ambi Sitham

Wise words from the wonderful Debbie Ford

Wise words from the wonderful Debbie Ford

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Leo!

This Full Moon takes place on Wednesday January 31st 2018 at 5.27am PT (adjust for your timezone).

This is the second Full Moon of this month, a rare occurrence which is why it is referred to as a Blue Moon (it is so rare, hence the saying, once in a blue moon!)

This Full Moon is also a Super Moon (meaning it is closer to earth than usual) and it is a total Lunar Eclipse.

As you may recall, Soulstrology tells us that lunar eclipses are amped up extra potent Full Moons.

As a blue moon, Super Moon, total Lunar eclipse which takes place when all the main planets are in direct motion, this particular Leo Full Moon is about as powerful a Full Moon as you can get!

Generally speaking with Full Moons the energy builds as the moon waxes to her fullness and with this particular Lunar eclipse the energy is more intense than usual.

With Leo being a fire sign there is a very intense, fiery energy building in the cosmos which if we do not handle correctly can leave us burnt, so be mindful of that in the lead up to Wednesday's Full Moon.

Turning now to the specifics of this Lunar eclipse which takes place at 11 degrees of Leo (check where this falls in your chart and also any planets you have between 8 and 14 degrees of Leo as these may be triggered by the eclipse).

Firstly, this eclipse marks the beginning of eclipse season 2018 and with it ushers in a new chapter of each of our lives as it wraps up the chapter of the previous eclipses of last summer.

Think back to August 2017 eclipse season and what was occurring in your life at that time.

You can expect February 2018 to bring closure and completion to matters which were surfacing at that time and to the energetic chapter of the last six months.

Remember closure doesn't have to be sad endings.

It can also be celebratory completion with matters coming to fruition with the fullness of the moon!

Aside from the usual Sun/Moon opposition (the Sun is in Aquarius, Full Moon in Leo) the other major celestial aspect of this Full Moon involve Venus and Ceres.

Venus sits by the Sun at this Full Moon in Aquarius, sharing in the solar spotlight and bringing her energies to the Aquarius ruled parts of each of our charts.

Ceres is a 'dwarf' planet (whom Soulstrology actually considers to be a key cosmic player) and sits alongside the Moon in Leo opposing Venus and the Sun.

Both Ceres and Venus are both feminine archetypes (albeit with differing energies and roles) so it is no surprise, but rather cosmic sychronicity that they are playing such a significant role in this Leo eclipse.

Soulstrology says that we are at the time of the awakening of the divine feminine which is an unstoppable force rising into power to bring much needed harmony, balance and equality to this chaotic world and will also ultimately birth a new order; a new social infrastructure which replaces the outdated patriarchal systems and balances the masculine and feminine energies.

The rising of this divine feminine force has required a great deal of courage from those who have put their heads above the parapets and stuck their necks out to speak their truth, expose wrongdoing and seek justice for all.

However Soulstrology reminds us that each of us, regardless of our gender (and irrespective of whether we can add our names to #metoo and/or are victims of any wrongdoing), have ownership in this movement, if we choose to step up to the challenge.

The placement of Ceres in Leo and Venus in Aquarius asks us to look at how much we are part of the solution by taking on a role in the healing of our world and the development of a new order which is based on equality and is fair to all.

The emphasis on women (Ceres) and feminine energy and peace (Venus) also asks us to look at the most important female/mother of all - mother nature/earth and the environment.

We each have a role to play in the next chapter of the evolution of humanity and society and the protection of earth which will take us through to the next eclipse season in the summer and beyond.

But first we need courage. Lots of courage.

Which leads me nicely to the title of this blog and the Soulstrology theme of this lunar eclipse.

Those of you who read the blogs regularly may recall that the August Leo Solar Eclipse also had a theme of courage and self-actualization which manifests as self-expression.

This January 2018 Leo Lunar eclipse now brings bubbling into the lunar spotlight the work we have been doing over the last six months and showing us where we are at with regards to the themes of courage, self-actualization and self-expression.

At this time each of us are asked to be honest with ourselves and look back over the last six months and see how our relationship with courage has evolved and how much we have self-actualized (and as a result self-expressed) and therefore stepped further into being our true selves.

Do we own and express our true authentic selves, without censorship and/or indeed, shame?

Do we claim our uniqueness, the traits we were born with and gifts we were bestowed, so that we not only fulfill our soul purpose for our highest good, but also to play our unique role in the world, for the greater good?

Do we step into the specific spotlight destined for us in this lifetime or do we shy away from it  because of fear and limiting beliefs?

It takes great courage to step out of your comfort zone and be who you really are.

Something most Leos do not struggle with as it comes to them naturally.

Each of us needs to take a leaf out of the books of our regal zodiac Lions and Lionesses and follow suit!

Not just so that we can benefit from being who we really are and enjoy the utter freedom (and indeed joy) which comes from that, but also so that we can play our unique role in being part of the literal sunshine and light (Leo is ruled by the sun) in our world.

Like all signs Leo has its shadow and that is one of pride and egotism.

The Leo ego often can manifest as being overly proud, attention seeking and egoistic, needing to be the center of attention.

But ego isn't always about being big (or pig!) headed.

Ego can also be that subtle, yet powerful voice of the 'devil' which says, 'who am I to be brilliant and to shine?'

But as Marianne Williamson says, 'who are you not to be brilliant'?

For some of us it is our light rather than our darkness which scares us.

We are terrified of being in our power and light, yet this is each of our soul purpose!

To take off the mask, ignore the voice of self-doubt and to unashamedly be who we are and share our gifts with the world.

How it actually manifests and what it looks like on the physical plane will be different for each of us because we are each so unique and came into this earth plane with a unique cosmic blueprint and DNA so we can be (and indeed enjoy being!) our best selves.

Not only do we benefit by allowing our true selves to shine but there is a ripple effect which benefits others too.

As always a Full Moon/Lunar eclipse brings a time of healing, releasing and completion.

This may be a time when you want to look carefully at your shadow self which is being exposed by the fullness of the moon.

But it is also a time to celebrate how far you have come on your unique journey of courage, self-realization and self-expression.

To take pride and joy (Leo!) in your achievements to date and celebrate the end of an eclipse season.

But at the same time to allow the moonlight to illuminate what is next for you on your journey of self-actualization and to harness whatever comes up energetically and to alchemize it into the courage to stride forwards like a powerful lion/lioness on your path.

One of my favorite signs from the Women's March was one that read something along the lines of, 'It's so bad that even introverts are here'.

That message of that sign is on point for this Leo eclipse and beyond, regardless of whether you are an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert (I didn't make the latter term up but my goodness it is ME!!!)

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are the ones who will save ourselves and the world.

All we have to do is summon the courage and strength to step up to the next level and version of ourselves in order to navigate this next chapter, for our highest good and the greater good.

We can do it.

We will do it.

We are doing it.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affirmations:

I take off any masks knowing that the first step in being my true self is to be naked

I dig deep to find the courage to allow myself to shine in my unique soul purpose knowing that doing so is not only for my good but also helps others

I use courage as the fuel in the journey of becoming the next version of my true self

I embrace self-actualization as an ongoing process knowing this is a journey not a destination.

May each of us have courage and conviction.

I am wishing you all a healing, aligning, courageous and celebratory Full Moon/Lunar eclipse.


Ambi x




New Moon in Capricorn January 2018: Sowing the seeds of success

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy nearly New Moon in Capricorn!

The first New Moon of 2018 takes place on Tuesday 16th January 2018 at 26 (almost 27 if we are being super precise!) degrees of Capricorn.

This New Moon sees a collection of celestial bodies gather together in the Capricorn ruled part of the zodiac.

This rare astrological alignment is known as a stellium and significantly boosts the power of this New Moon.

As many of you I am sure know by now, Saturn is in Capricorn where he will stay until March 2020, meaning that the Capricorn ruled part of each of our charts is very much in focus for the next two years of our lives.

Each of us are being asked to rethink our career ambitions, life goals and our definitions of success.

We are asked to look at the structures we have in our lives and to ensure that these are based on a firm foundation.

Soulstrology says that Saturn is the lord of time and that he takes his good old time to reward us.

Usually it is towards the end of Saturn's transit that we receive his reward.

Unlike Jupiter who can bring us all kinds of miracles and opportunities quickly during his transit, stern Saturn is all about hard work, commitment and maturity.

With Saturn, we truly reap what we sow.

It is no cosmic coincidence that at the outset of this transit we are being given the celestial gift of such a powerful New Moon in Capricorn.

This stellar New Moon offers us the opportunity to sow seeds, the harvest of which we will reap over the next lunar cycle, the next six months (by the corresponding Capricorn Full Moon) and by March 2020/the end of the Saturn in Capricorn transit.

Turning now to each of the celestial bodies and their role at this New Moon.

Powerful Pluto helps us to dig beneath the surface and uncover what needs to brought to the light to either decay, or transform.

Mercury helps us to focus and to think carefully about the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our lives (both in the natural zodiac and in our unique charts) and to clarify our goals and ambitions.

Saturn (as always gives!) us tough love and helps us see clearly what needs fixing or what is unrealistic, or not based upon a firm foundation, and the steps we need to take and the seeds we need to sow in order for us to experience lasting success.

Venus aligns with the Sun and the Moon (at just two degrees away) and brings her energies of creativity, love, abundance and harmony, encouraging us to infuse each of our goals with these themes.

This New Moon makes a strong aspect to cosmic change agent and disruptor Uranus in Aries which means that something out of the blue may happen at this time to help propel us into the next chapter of our lives.

Try not to judge whatever happens at this time as good, or bad.

Uranus is a disruptor, but ultimately does so to liberate us and to help us to move forwards to the future we desire.

For those who have already been working with the energies of Pluto (who has been in the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts since 2008 bringing destruction but ultimately for transformation and rebirth) this New Moon's energies may bring you changes you've been working towards since 2008, and indeed the realization of some of your dreams!

Soulstrology tells us that with such a powerful celestial configuration at this New Moon and zero planets in retrograde motion, it is truly a fortuitous time for us to all get manifesting, for 2018 and beyond!

Turning now to the title of this blog and the quote by Robert Louis Stevenson which is so fitting for the Soulstrology theme for this New Moon.

When we wish to manifest something all our energies are focused on seeing the physical manifestation of that desire and until such point as it manifests we are focused on its absence.

As a result, Soulstrology warns us that we can adopt lack consciousness.

Lack consciousness is where we overly focus on our desires and the fact that they have not yet manifested.

It is where we feel a sense of lack in our lives and can feel 'less than'.

It is where we can fall into the trap of comparison or the blame game.

And this is when our energetic vibration can start to dip and have a detrimental effect on our feelings.

This has a knock on effect on our behavior and actions which in turn creates a reality far different than what we actually desire.

And this is what we need to watch out for both at this Capricorn New Moon and over the Saturn in Capricorn transit.

The energies of Saturn and Capricorn are all about hard work, patience and timing.

Planting seeds in faith knowing that they are growing (even if such growth is not yet visible) and that our only job is to tend to them, to water them and know that they will flower in divine timing.

As the quote accompanying this blog says, we cannot judge each day based on the harvest, but rather, by the seeds we plant.

We need to make the effort to plant the right seeds and water them with trust, patience and faith that they will deliver a bountiful harvest at the right time.

We must be wary of comparing our progress with others, or indeed our own self-imposed and often unrealistic (case in point me thinking I could get my first podcast episode out this week! Ha!) timelines.

We have no idea what seeds others planted (or when) and for how long they have been patiently tending and watering them with all the right tools which has resulted in them reaping a harvest of the manifestation of their desires.

We must respect the process of manifestation and accept that we can have goals and timelines but that sometimes things happen when they are supposed to, not when we would like them to.

Maturity comes when we surrender to divine timing.

And maturity and surrendering are both as important manifestation tools as are hustling and goal setting.

New Moon Mantra:

Knowing that success starts within, I first sow the seeds of success within my mind

I embrace the process of manifestation with a focus on the seeds I am planting each day

I know that patience and faith are powerful manifestation tools and practice these daily

I trust that my efforts will be rewarded and I will reap the rewards in divine timing

May each of us focus on our efforts each day and the tiny victories we experience as we sow the seeds of success, knowing that happiness is in the journey and not just in reaching our destination...

I am wishing you all a happy New Moon of sowing soulful seeds of success.


Ambi x