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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon Libra October 2017: Change and freedom by releasing toxic ties and focusing on the most important relationship; with yourself

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy New Moon in Libra!

This New Moon takes place on Thursday October 19 2017 at 11.11 am PST.

As always adjust for your timezone but I am loving the angel number synchronicity of this New Moon for those of us on PST.

This New Moon falls at 26 degrees of Libra.

Check where you have Libra ruling your natal chart and specifically where 26 degrees of Libra falls to see which life areas are being highlighted at this New Moon.

Also check if you have any planets in Libra, as the themes governed by those planets will also be at play at this New Moon and over this lunar cycle (especially if they are close in degrees to the New Moon).

The air sign of Libra is ruled by Venus and in the natural zodiac is the sign governing close relationships and partnerships of all kinds, as well as justice, peace and harmony.

Soulstrology says that regardless of our sign, or where we have Libra in our charts, for each of us this New Moon brings the themes of relationships and balance into focus.

This New Moon makes a direct opposition to Uranus (change, liberation) in Aries (identity, autonomy).

Soulstrology explains that this opposition aspect can be tense and forces change and an outcome of sorts will be triggered at this New Moon and will unfold over the next lunar cycle.

Again, look at where you have Aries in your natal chart (and any planets in Aries) to understand where exactly this opposition is playing out in your life.

But keep in mind that the Soulstrology theme of this Libra New Moon is relationships. 

Our relationships with others (platonic, professional and romantic) and our relationships with ourselves.

Libra seeks to find balance, peace and harmony and does well in pairing up with another, but sometimes at the expense of autonomy, with the shadow of Libra being superficiality, people pleasing and co-dependency.

Aries is the brave warrior for whom independence and autonomy are key to thriving.

Where Libra seeks to bring diplomacy and keep the peace, fiery Aries has no problem in asserting itself and in doing so, bringing conflict out into the open, sometimes into all out war!

There is duality and light and shadow in both signs, as there is in the entire zodiac.

What this Full Moon is asking of each of us is to honestly ask of ourselves where there is imbalance in our close relationships.

With change agent Uranus in Aries opposing this New Moon it is quite likely that something may happen to trigger change in our relationships.

It may be change which is triggered by an external event with another.

Or it may be that a seed of change is planted within our consciousness which flowers over this next lunar cycle.

Uranus is the cosmic disruptor and he often brings unexpected changes, sometimes seemingly blindsiding us and making us feel as though the rug has been pulled out from underneath us.

However the disruption and change is nearly always for our highest good!

Which leads me onto the title of this blog.

We are often told that our relationships are mirrors and that what we draw in is a reflection of ourselves.

Soulstrology says that it is somewhat more complex than this and what we draw in is often a reflection that there is an unhealed part of ourselves attracting certain energies rather than a mirror image of us.

At this New Moon all of our relationships come into focus but underlying all of them is the most important relationship of all; the relationship with ourselves.

We are asked to delve deep at this New Moon (almost as though it is a Full Moon) and to review all of our close relationships and ask ourselves the following questions.

1) How do I feel (for the most part) after interacting with X person? Do I feel energized, drained, happy or sad, motivated or frustrated etc? A quick test for this is how do I feel when I see this person's name pop up on my email, text, timeline?

2) How are the scales balanced with this person? Do I give more or take more? Who is receiving or giving more and where do the scales need re-balancing?

3) Where am I holding onto a relationship or connection for ego reasons? Because of superficial gain, fear, being in a rut, greed, control, jealousy etc? What do I get from holding onto that relationship?

4) How honest and open am I in communication in my close relationships? Where do I hold back my true thoughts and feelings in order to keep the peace?

5) Where is there co-dependency in any of my relationships and how am I part of this co-dependency and how can I change this?

When you answer these questions honestly it can reveal which relationships are toxic in your life which you may need to gently let go of, or transform.

Note, this is not about laying the blame at another person's feet and labeling them toxic.

Rather it is first recognizing that the connection is toxic and next understanding how and why the connection is toxic and owning your part in it.

Here is the thing.

The relationship with ourselves sets the tone for every single other relationship we have.


And toxic ties and relationships have one thing in common. Us.

So in order to transform them or not attract them into our lives anymore, we need to transform ourselves.

Yes, this Libra New Moon is about manifesting and setting intentions and yes, close relationships and committed romantic partnerships come within that.

But we are asked at this time to focus on reviewing our current relationships, taking responsibility for them and turning our attention inwards to the relationship with ourselves.

Whenever ego consciousness is the foundation of any relationship, that relationship will in time falter, or burn both parties.

In order to replace ego consciousness with soul consciousness we have to dig deep to understand our motivations and psyche and make sure it is soulful and coming from our highest, best self.

The ego can trick us too!

We may think that we are good person who is nice to everyone but get taken advantage of, when we are in fact needy, over givers who do not feel complete by ourselves and so 'buy' people's attention or affections in some way.

We may think that we have relationships with others in which we are the ones empowering and injecting energy into the relationship when actually we are overrating ourselves and being overly confident, dominant and arrogant (shadow of Aries) and not allowing that other person's light to shine brightly, and indeed to infuse us!

We have to see things at this New Moon for who we are, not how things are, understanding that how things are, is a reflection of who we are!

And remember this.

Whether you are happily single, seeking love or happily loved up, the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

Whether you are a boss overseeing relationships with several employees, self-employed and handling clients, seeking a job and interviewing, the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

Whether you're a son/daughter, sibling, parent, aunt/uncle, cousin or family caregiver, the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

The better the relationship with yourself, the better relationships you will enjoy.

And it is imperative to remember that you must continue to work on the relationship with yourself as your life expands and you take on more roles and relationships with others.

The work doesn't stop when you tick a big life goal or relationship off the list!

It continues in earnest!

Around this New Moon and over the next lunar cycle I invite you all to take yourself on a solo date.

Go somewhere where you can sit quietly with yourself and ask yourself the above questions and answer them honestly.

A date with no distractions and where you put your phone away and give yourself at least 90 minutes or so to simply be.

Check in on how you feel about YOU and how you treat YOU, and whether you are being honest with YOU about who YOU are and how YOU feel.

When we heal ourselves and align with our higher selves, toxic ties either gently fall away or transform and we draw in the most fulfilling relationships of all types which are healthy and balanced.

It is possible to have wonderful, loving, fulfilling relationships but it all starts with us.

New Moon Mantras

I embrace the relationship with myself as the most important relationship of all.

I spend quality time with myself and give myself the attention and care that I wish to receive from others.

I chose to see toxic ties as gifts from the cosmos. I trust and intend that they can be transformed or will fall away, whatever is for the highest good of all.

I love myself as I wish others to, so when the time comes, they know how to love me just by looking at how I live.

I am wishing you all a transformative, loving and peaceful New Moon.

May each of us have the best relationship with ourselves and others and may there be a ripple effect of peace, love, harmony and co-operation into our beloved world.


Ambi x