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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Aries October 5 2017: Love or hate. Faith or Fear. Destruction or transformation. Peace or war. It's up to us

Ambi Sitham

Our fate, individually and collectively, is in each of our hands

Our fate, individually and collectively, is in each of our hands

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon in Aries!

This Aries Full Moon takes place at 11.40am PST this Thursday October 5 2017 (adjust for your timezone).

It falls at 12 degrees of the fire sign of Aries, who in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the first house of our identity, personal autonomy and individuation.

With the Sun in Libra opposing the Full Moon in Aries, Soulstrology tells us that all of our relationships will be coming under the lunar spotlight, and importantly the relationship we have with ourselves and how this impacts all our other relationships.

Use the chart calculator on my site to see exactly where this Full Moon is falling in your unique natal chart and therefore the other life areas which are also highlighted for you at this cosmic window.

There are a number of different powerful aspects at play at this Full Moon and each of these aspects has a duality to them, of light and shadow, yin and yang, positive and negative.

Soulstrology says that the duality of this Full Moon and the different outcomes which it offers is the cosmos teaching each of us that we create our destiny, that we are masters of our fate, and captains of our souls (to borrow the words of my fellow Sagittarius and Englishman Winston Churchill).

Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war.

Soulstrology tells us that when we channel the light of Mars, we really own our process of individuation and indeed embrace it.

We are brave warriors who do not shy away from autonomy and leadership.

We channel the energy of Mars to be courageous, take action and to manifest.

However when we are in the shadow of Mars, we are aggressive, arrogant, narcissistic and can provoke conflict and war of sorts.

With the Full Moon in Aries we are each asked to look at where we fall into the shadow of Mars, particularly with our relationships with others, whether others are people we actually know, or people we may be engaging in debate with online.

We are asked to heal and release around this by understanding that how we argue is as important as what we are arguing about and whether or not we are factually correct.

We are asked to release any hostility, arrogance and anger and any tendencies towards aggression and becoming embroiled in conflict.

We are also asked to look at where we are falling short in harnessing the light of Mars and to release thoughts and behaviors which prevent us from doing so.

We are asked to meditate upon how us stepping up and owning our unique talents and gifts and being a leader in our unique niche and corner of the world (no matter how small) can bring more light and blessings to our own lives, as well as to the world at large.

Turning now to the other aspects at this Full Moon which Soulstrology says are important to consider when navigating this Full Moon.

Both the Sun and Moon will be squaring Pluto.

This has the potential for destruction in our relationships (and the Aries/Libra ruled parts of our unique charts) or a powerful rebirth and a soulfully sweet new beginning.

We must watch out for control issues and over intensity and instead strive for soulful transformation.

Venus and Mars both trine Pluto.

This has the potential for obsessiveness in our love lives/sex lives or deep soulful connection and powerful transformation (and the Aries/Libra ruled parts of our unique charts).

We must again be mindful of over intensity and must allow the moonlight to illuminate where we are obsessive or overly intense and transform this energy into mastering self-control which allows for healthy connections and relations.

This aspect also has the potential for assisting us in transforming our personal finances and goals and helping us to have a more soulfully powerful relationship with both money and manifesting our personal goals.

Venus and Mars both square Saturn.

This has the potential for bringing delays and disappointments, slowing us down and showing us where we haven't dotted the i's or crossed the t's, whether in our finances, our love lives or personal goals.

We are given a reality check at this time and if what we have created either in our finances or our relationships has less than a sturdy foundation, the cracks will begin to show and things may start to crumble.

If we have done Saturn's job of being realistic and responsible then we may find that we achieve something significant at this Full Moon.

The Full Moon opposes Mercury meaning that communications will have an extra emotional intensity and we have to be mindful around all communications and indeed our thoughts, and the internal dialogue we have with ourselves.

This can also result in constructive, long overdue conversations happening which bring more love and harmony with others.

As I am sure you can all tell, there is A LOT happening at this Full Moon.

And I am sure I don't need to tell you that there has been A LOT happening in the world over the last few weeks.

From natural disasters to the most horrific man made tragedies, it has been a truly awful and difficult time for so many.

Which brings me to the title of this blog.

As stated at the outset, this Full Moon has a duality to it.

Each of the shadow themes in the title of this blog may be experienced, either in our lives, or in the world at large.

Equally the cosmic scales can tip so that we experience the contrasting themes of light.

The outcome for each of us, and our beloved world, cannot be predicted, it can only be navigated carefully and created to be the highest possible vibration.

Soulstrology tells us that at this time each of us has a duty to navigate this Full Moon so that we each experience the best possible outcome and so that there is a ripple effect in our beloved world.

Ask yourself the following questions.

1) Is love (self-love and love for others in a divine sense) the consciousness I am injecting into all my relationships?

2) Where do I have any hatred in me towards anyone?

3) Do I operate from a place of faith, or fear?

4) Where is there potential destruction in my life and how can I prevent this from being a devastating destruction and instead create powerful transformation, even if I have to let something in my life 'die' (a relationship, a goal, a habit, etc)

5) How can I be part of bringing peace, justice and harmony to our world in some small way and how do I plan to do this?

There are no right or wrong answers.

However by truthfully answering these questions, you will know (your soul certainly will) what you need to do to navigate this Full Moon and experience the highest vibration of all the possible outcomes.

Our world is going through an extremely difficult time but Soulstrology tells us that the chaos we see around us, whilst undoubtedly excruciatingly painful and unfair, is necessary in order for humanity to evolve.

Soulstrology tells us that on some level, what we see in the world is a reflection of mass consciousness.

So it follows that our job at this Full Moon is to do the work on ourselves, to have the healthiest possible relationship with ourselves and others, to be the captains of our souls and to integrate our highest, best self into our human lives.

And we need to take ownership for being part of the SOULution for the chaos our beloved world and brothers and sisters are experiencing.

Practical, love based, peaceful, faith based soulful action.

Almost anyone can talk the talk, but it's much harder to walk the walk.

When we do the work on ourselves and allow ourselves to be a channel for healing, light and goodness, we are truly walking the talk and walk and will experience the manifestation of our blessings, because like a mirror, our light will be reflected back to us.

And the best part is that we make our corner of the world a brighter, better place too.

Full Moon Mantras:

I choose love consciousness as the basis for all I do, speak, and write.

I choose faith over fear, knowing whatever is happening at this time is being exposed to the light so it can be soulfully transformed.

I embrace my inner leader as a powerful, yet peaceful warrior of love and transformation.

I embrace being the captain of my fate and know that I have the power to create the life and world I desire.

I choose love.

I choose faith.

I choose transformation.

I choose me. I choose you.

I choose us.

Here is a Full Moon Soulstrology Soundbath which I recorded for my Soulstrology Members which I wanted to share with you all at this time.

Perhaps listen to it after reading this blog, before bed tonight and tomorrow just after the Full Moon.

I am wishing you all, and our beloved world, a healing and powerfully transformative Full Moon.

So may it be.

With so much love,

Ambi x