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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Scorpio November 18 2017: Transformation will manifest miracles

Ambi Sitham

Positive change doesn't always feel or seem positive at the beginning...

Positive change doesn't always feel or seem positive at the beginning...

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly New Moon in Scorpio!

The New Moon takes place on Saturday 18 November 2017 at 3.47am PST (adjust for your timezone) and falls at 26 degrees of the powerful, intense water sign of Scorpio.

As I am sure you all know by now, cosmic giant Jupiter is now in Scorpio where he will be until next November 2018.

This transit is a wonderful opportunity for each of us to experience growth and miracles regarding the natural zodiac themes of Scorpio (joint finances, merging, sex, transformation) as well as the life areas which Scorpio governs in our unique natal charts.

That makes this New Moon so powerful as a cosmic window of opportunity for us to think about the life themes in the cosmic spotlight and what we want to create in those, not just over the next month, but also over the next year.

However, a few days prior to this New Moon, Mercury began it's retrograde as it moved into pre-retrograde shadow before the official retrograde starts on December 3 2017.

Soulstrology tells us that the retrograde shadow periods are as powerful and as much part of the retrograde as the 'official' retrograde.

Even though this retrograde takes place in Sagittarius, it can impact all areas of our lives.

And in true retrograde style can cause muddles, mischief and mayhem.

Soulstrology tells us that we can use this retrograde and New Moon to our advantage, as a powerful opportunity to do all things RE in the Scorpio ruled parts of each of our charts.

Firstly to REview the current status quo in the Scorpio ruled areas of life and to see what needs healing and repairing.

And then to REconsider the current goals in these areas of life and REVISE and RESET where appropriate.

There is no doubt that the Jupiter in Scorpio transit holds the potential to bring each of us many miracles over the next year.

But Soulstrology reminds us that we need to create the space for these miracles.

We need to make the effort and do the work in order to create change and receive our cosmic blessings.

This Scorpio New Moon offers us the perfect opportunity to plant the seeds of success which will flower over the next year.

Turning now to the title of this blog and the Soulstrology theme of this New Moon.

This New Moon has an intense energy around it (hey it is Scorpio season!) which is amplified by the fact that a day after the New Moon cosmic powerhouses Mars and Pluto square off against each other.

This is a tense aspect which can bring matters which have been bubbling underneath the surface up and into the light.

Think confrontation (Mars) and potential power struggles (Pluto).

Soulstrology tells us that even thought this is a tense aspect, (rather like a Full Moon) we can harness this energy to our advantage.

As always there is a duality to each aspect and the light of this aspect is the energy to take action (Mars) and transform to manifest soulful success (Pluto).

But this requires us to channel the light of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto.

What this means is for us to be brave and actual DO something and TAKE action where needed (Mars).

It also requires us to dig deep beneath the surface and understand why our physical reality is how it is (Scorpio) and to unearth whatever may be subconsciously impacting upon us and creating a reality that is not in alignment with our desires (Scorpio).

And finally we are asked to be ready to allow what is decaying or needs to die, to DIE.

Yes, this means endings. But there can be no sweet new beginning without an ending.

The theme of this New Moon and the next lunar cycle is transformation and planting the seeds of success which will manifest magic and miracles over the next year.

Soulstrology reminds us that transformation takes place in different ways.

Sometimes it is with huge life changes (quitting a job, a relationship, moving etc) but it is also in the small everyday efforts which we make which create transformation over time (in this case over the next year).

Remember Rome and Oprah weren't built in a day!

It is easy to have desires and want change but it takes grit and hard work to truly create change and manifest our dreams.

Too often we shy away from that.

Think of the person who complains about their life/job/lack of manifestation and longs for change but stays in the same job, living in the same home, living the same lifestyle and doesn't consistently work on themselves.

It doesn't take a genius to work out why their lives remain the same!

And then think of the person who makes brave decisions, big changes and/or who works quietly everyday on changing themselves and/or lives.

Of course they end up changing their lives and manifesting success, because they change themselves.

All of this may seem obvious but no matter how conscious we think we are, human nature is to have a blind spot.

It is likely that for each of us there will be an area of life in which we have a cherished goal that is yet to manifest and want to create a big shift in.

Soulstrology says we can manifest magic and create this change but it starts within, with us.

We must be brave. We must be pro-active.

We must embrace transformation, even if that results in seemingly painful endings or uncertainty as to the road ahead.

And we must work on ourselves and our vision.

Every. Single. Day.

New Moon Mantras

I embrace transformation knowing that change starts within, with me.

I walk the talk and take action to create the life I desire.

I am consistent and work on myself every day in some small way.

I trust that endings are necessary for new beginnings.

I have faith that my efforts will be rewarded in perfect timing.

I am wishing you all a powerful and transformative New Moon.

May each of us be brave and pro-active to take responsibility for creating the lives we desire.

May the manifestation of our miracles also be a source of goodness and miracles for those around us and our beloved world.

So may it be.


Ambi x