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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Supermoon Full Moon in Taurus November 2017: What's love got to do with it? Everything, that's what.

Ambi Sitham

Every decision. Seriously.

Every decision. Seriously.

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon in Taurus!

This weekend (Friday night for those of us on PST and sometime Saturday for the rest of the US and the UK) is a powerful Super Full Moon in Taurus.

As always there is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon and at this Full Moon both the Sun and Moon will be at 12 degrees of Scorpio and Taurus respectively.

Use the chart calculator on my site to check where exactly this Full Moon (so 12 degrees of Taurus) is falling for you and look also to see the opposing house (where you have 12 degrees of Scorpio).

Whilst the Full Moon is falling in the house of your chart/areas of life which holds 12 degrees of Taurus, the opposing house and life areas which hold 12 degrees of Scorpio are also being illuminated under the lunar spotlight.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus and in the natural zodiac governs the second house of our personal income and finances, our possessions, values (who and what we value) and our self-esteem.

These are the themes will be arising at this Full Moon as well as the life areas governed by Taurus in your unique chart.

Remember that Scorpio (which now has lucky Jupiter's presence for the next twelve months) rules joint finances, sex, intimacy and transformation.

So those areas are also in the lunar spotlight at this powerful Full Moon.

These are all very sensitive areas of life which can provoke deep emotional reactions in people and which most of us would agree that if not now, then at some point in life we have had some issues with.

But this Super Full Moon supports us to release and heal around these areas of life and indeed for sudden shifts to manifest!

At this Full Moon Venus (the ruler of this Full Moon) is in Libra, the sign of partnerships, peace, harmony and justice.

This is a fantastic placement for Venus who rules Libra alongside Taurus and so is in her element.

Venus opposes Uranus (sudden change, liberation, progression) who is in Aries (autonomy, identity).

This is a powerful aspect which supports sudden change in relationships, most important of all, the relationship we have with ourselves.

Note that for some this may even manifest as sudden change in terms of a serendipitous meeting...

Venus is well supported by pragmatic Saturn at this time lending a healthy dose of realism and stability.

Meanwhile both Neptune and Jupiter add their energies of spirituality, compassion, creativity, intuition, and protection and good luck.

Soulstrology advises that we all make a note of our dreams around this Full Moon as well as taking note of synchronistic and serendipitious events, as we may receive messages which we are later able to fully decode.

Turning now to the title of this blog and the theme of this November 2017 Taurus Super Full Moon.

When we talk about love, most people immediately think of romantic relationships, love for others (platonic, family) and/or self-love.

However Soulstrology says that the most important type of love is divine love which is a form of self-love which also manifests as love for others.

This divine love is the opposite of fear and does not have us taking actions based on fear but rather has us taking action based on faith.

This love loves ourselves deeply as well as others and trusts the process of life no matter how things may appear, this love trusts that this is how things must be.

This divine love must be the seed of consciousness which is the foundation of all our thoughts and actions.

Faith in the universe, faith in ourselves, faith in others.

Love for ourselves and love for others.

Take a moment to think about the areas of life under the lunar spotlight at this time.

Answer these questions honestly and remember that sometimes the toughest person to be  truly honest with is ourselves...

1) How do I feel about money, whether my personal finances or joint finances (whether debt or shared resources).

2) How do I feel about intimacy, both sexual and emotional?

3) How do I feel about the often murky work of deep transformation and aligning my life with my true values?

4) How do I feel about death and dying? Either literal or metaphorical (the death of a relationship, job, long held dream, way of being etc)

5) How do I truly feel about myself? How much do I truly love and honor myself?

6) In all these areas of life/in relation to all the above questions, with my hand on my heart can I say I truly operate from a place of love and trust?

7) If not, what am I prepared to do so that I move from fear to love?

Your answers will lead the way forwards for you so that you can do your very best to act from love in all of these above areas of life and indeed in ALL areas of life.

Sometimes when I start working with a new coaching mentee (and particularly if they are relatively new to personal development/self-help/spirituality) they can be a bit bemused by this concept of love and I can see in their faces or hear in their voices that they find it a bit of an airy fairy spiritual concept and are a little skeptical.

I can hear in what they don't say but the energy they emit (or sometimes they even openly ask!) "What's love got to do with it?" and I reply, "Everything".

As we navigate the process of alchemy they come to understand what love truly means, that it is a verb and that they must BE and DO love in all senses.

And that's usually when the miracles flow....

At this Full Moon we each have the opportunity to release old paradigms and limiting beliefs and behaviors which are fear based and to instead replace them with love.

We have the ability to create energetic shifts that have almost immediate shifts in the physical world.

However love must lead the way in order for life to fearlessly flow and for each of us to receive what we both deserve and desire and for us to manifest our destiny.

Let love fill you to the brim so it leads you at this Full Moon and beyond.

Full Moon Mantra:

I release fear and replace it with faith.

I embrace love as the consciousness for all I think and do.

I infuse love consciousness into my current circumstances knowing this is how things are meant to be and that love is present.

I let love lead the way, knowing that it will lead me to the best possible outcome.

I am love, loved and loving.

May love lead the way for each of us, illuminating the path and showering us with miracles, and may our beloved world reap the benefits of all of our love.

I am wishing you all a healing, transformative and love fueled Full Moon.


Ambi x