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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Cancer: January 1/2nd 2018: Balancing our hearts and our heads

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy New Year!

2018 starts with a bang with a Full Moon (and a Supermoon at that) in watery Cancer which takes place at 6.25pm PT on Monday 1st January 2018 (adjust for your timezone and depending on where you are in the world may mean that the Full Moon falls on January 2nd).

This Super Full Moon is the final of a trio of Super Full Moons which started in November.

Soulstrology tells us that as the Mercury retrograde which dominated the end of last year (and arguably spilled over into the New Year) actually started in November 2017 (with the pre-retrograde shadow) this Super Full Moon which kick starts 2018 will help us heal and purge any issues from that time.

Also, as the first major lunar event of the year, this Super Full Moon also offers a powerful cosmic window to purge anything which we don't want to carry with us into 2018.

Turning now to the specifics of this Super Full Moon which falls at 11 degrees of the water sign of Cancer.

Firstly, use the chart calculator to check where 11 degrees of Cancer falls in your natal chart and any planets you have between 8 and 13 degrees of Cancer (as these too will be triggered at this time).

This will tell you the life areas which are being illuminated by the lunar spotlight.

Remember that at every Full Moon is a Sun/Moon opposition and so the areas of life governed by Capricorn are also coming up for review and balancing at this Full Moon (both the areas of life governed by Capricorn in the natural zodiac and in your unique natal chart).

Soulstrology tells us that single most important aspect at this Full Moon is the opposition of Venus sitting alongside the Sun in Capricorn.

An opposition is a tense aspect which asks us to balance differing energies.

Just as the Sun and Moon oppose each other at a Full Moon forcing certain issues to be exposed to the light and healed, so too an opposition bring challenges by forcing differing energies to be exposed so we can identify where they need re-balancing in our lives.

At this Super Full Moon our relationship with our emotions (the Moon rules our emotions and Cancer is ruled by the Moon and so is known as one of the most emotional, heart centered signs) comes into the lunar spotlight forcing us to examine our emotions and how we handle them.

By understanding our emotional make up we can understand how this impacts all of our relationships - with families, friends, colleagues, love interests, and also our relationship with creativity and finances (which the Venus opposition adds into the lunar mix).

Venus in Capricorn is an interesting placement as it brings together love, creativity, peace, abundance (all Venus themes) with status, success, ambition and tradition (Capricorn themes). 

This placement can be considered to be less emotional because more focus tends to be on practicality and logic as opposed to pure, raw emotion but that is not to say that this placement is emotionless, more that it fuses the head and the heart, feelings and facts, intuition and logic, hope and reality.

These are the themes which Soulstrology says are being brought into the spotlight at this powerful Full Moon.

We are each asked to identify, heal and release those parts of ourselves which fall into the Cancerian shadow of drowning in our emotions, being over sensitive, losing our heads over our hearts and being overly needy and co-dependent.

We are asked to look at how we can bring some of the grounded, earthy Capricorn energy into our emotions and how we operate emotionally.

We are told not to look at this as dismissing our feelings but rather to ground whatever we are feeling into earthy reality which can ultimately transform the emotion for the greater good of all (not least us!).

Just as we don't need to believe everything we think, we don't have to cling to a feeling like a crab's pincer, holding onto it too tight and making it our reality.

Just because you feel bad in the morning doesn't mean you have to feel bad all day...

I often have people ask me what it is like to feel calm, collected and content all the time.

I literally laugh in their faces.

Just like any other human being (with emphasis on BEING), I feel like crap at times (lots of times!)

I feel sad, angry, furious, confused, hopeless, pessimistic and more.

However I no longer dive into that emotion and absorb it into my being and make it my modus operandi.

I observe it. I sit with it for a while. I let it move its way through me.

I let whatever needs to come out, come out.

If that means I need to cry, scream, rant (sometimes punch a pillow!), then I do.

I don't fight it, but I also don't let it flatten me.

I know that if I ride the wave properly, this too shall pass.

Part of this is probably because I have quite a lot of earth in my chart (Virgo ascendant and my moon in Taurus) so being grounded and centered is more of my MO than anything else.

But this doesn't mean I don't have strong feelings for people or situations.

I feel everything.

I am super sensitive and emotional (especially about anyone else's pain, hello empath problems) but with time and age I have learned to balance my emotions and be more emotionally grounded.

It means I can cry about something awful that is happening to someone or in the world and after crying and mourning I can channel the energy of that emotion into practical use (I feel no-one needs my tears as much as they do my support, money, time and energy).

I can be so sad for someone I know and care for who is suffering but can simultaneously feel so happy for myself or others who have things to celebrate and be joyful about.

I can feel strong emotions towards a person or situation (irritation, anger, resentment) but  still love them as a person (in a divine love/love your neighbor kinda way, doesn't mean I necessarily want them in my life personally or or professionally) and not let that emotion fuel animosity or an unnecessary fall out.

I can work through my feelings by engaging my head and applying logic and  reason by grounding myself.

If for someone reason you are reading this and thinking I am some holier than thou saint, please know that I am definitely not and that's not what I am saying.

What I am saying is I FEEL all the 'negative' feels but work through them by thinking and processing them for my highest good and the greater good of all.

This is the all important part of where the head meets the heart and helps the heart out!

And at this Full Moon this is something each of us (and me too as I am a continual work in progress!) need to think about and work on doing too.

But turning now to the title of this blog and the final Soulstrology takeaway from this Full Moon.

Too often we let our hearts lead us and leave our heads way behind which can lead to a lot of emotional angst, trauma and stress.

Whether it's a relationship, career or lifestyle goal which we pursue with our hearts because we feel all the feels, we often leave logic, our rational selves, and reality behind.

And this is where we come undone which can lead to broken relationships (of all sorts), promising careers ending, certain goals never manifesting and more, none of which is particularly pleasant.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Our job is to feel with our hearts, but to take our heads with us, to fuse and balance the two.

With stern Saturn in Capricorn for the next two and a half years the Cancer ruled parts of our lives will have Saturn staring at it intensely with the challenging opposition aspect.

All of us, regardless of our signs, are being asked to incorporate more Capricorn energy into our beings and our lives.

We can still take our hearts with us and have them pumping love and all the other feels into all we do, but with our heads screwed on tightly, helping us to manifest into practical reality what it is our hearts truly want and having us feel all the feels, in the best possible way.

There are some amazing, powerful aspects made by Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Pluto at this Full Moon which form an amazing cosmic kite in the skies which can help us in so many areas of life (love, abundance, creativity, spirituality, manifesting, transformation, soulful power and success!).

With that in mind, let's each harness the power of this Super Full Moon to purge, cleanse, heal, release, balance and reset ourselves knowing that when we make space, we can receive.

Full Moon Mantras:

I trust that just as everything I think is not true, so too everything I feel does not need to be my truth

I allow myself to feel all my feelings and embrace them with the intention of both honoring them and transforming their energy for my highest good.

I know I am not what I feel, I am what I choose to feel

I balance my head and heart, feelings and facts, intuition and logic, hope and reality.

I am wishing you a Full Moon where you heal all your feels so you can feel and receive your best, in 2018 and beyond.

So may it be.

Happy Full Moon and happy start to this New Year!


Ambi x