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New Moon in Gemini May 25 2017: Going for gold


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Gemini May 25 2017: Going for gold

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy New Moon!

Before I get into the New Moon report, some of you may have noticed that my site is slightly different/updated and I now no longer have the chart calculator on it which many of you loved.

Without wanting to bore you with too many details, when I transferred over to the new hosting site it was unable to configure the chart calculator (I blame Mercury, obvs!).

Big sigh and eye roll.

In short, I am working on (hopefully) finding a new chart calculator which will work on my site.

Until then if you want to calculate your chart you can do this online fairly easily.

I will be posting a detailed blog in early June (on the new member section of this site which you can enjoy a free one month trial of!) on the specific method I use to calculate charts and why I love this system so much.

Onwards to Thursday’s New Moon which takes place at 11.44am PST (adjust for your timezone) and falls at 4 degrees of Gemini.

This is a gorgeous new moon for many reasons.

Firstly it is what is known as a supermoon meaning the moon is very close to earth (more so than at other lunar events) and as a result impacts us further.

It is ‘unaspected’ meaning that there are no major connections made to the new moon by other planets.

Also, we are finally out of the retro shade of Venus and Mercury which means both planets are back to their normal flow in the zodiac.

Soulstrology says that given all of the above factors this is a POWERFUL new moon and lunar month ahead for manifesting!

Look at which houses and therefore life areas are ruled by Gemini in your natal chart and specifically where you have 4 degrees of Gemini.

Check whether you have any planets at 0-7 degrees of Gemini as they will be triggered by this New Moon (meaning that the archetypes and themes of those planets will come into play for you personally at this New Moon and over the next lunar cycle).

Turning now to Gemini, who in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the third house, governing our mind, thoughts, communication, short trips, and siblings.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury so this sign is very much about communication of all sorts and our ‘voice’ in all formats.

Social media, writing, singing, lecturing, teaching, apps etc all come within the domain of Gemini.

Regardless of our sign, we should all be thinking about the themes of our mind and communication at this new moon and setting intentions for what we may wish to manifest in relation to these areas of life.

Gemini is a mutable air sign and is known as the sign of the twins.

Gemini has a dual nature, is very adaptable and flexible and has the ability to almost have two different personas (and even lives!)

Soulstrology says that the Gemini ruled parts of each of our unique charts (and the life areas governed) are where we can experience duality, are able to easily change, and if we wish, can live out two different personas/lives.

Which leads me nicely to the title of this blog which is the Soulstrology theme for this new moon.

What does going for gold mean to you?

Be mindful of saying ‘having it all’ because that concept is based on a somewhat false premise (don’t believe the carefully curated glossy images online of perfect people with perfect lives who ‘have it all’!)

The truth is something always has to give.  

That’s just life and at different stages and chapters, we juggle different priorities and pursuits.

Nonetheless, Soulstrology says that each of us can have and be whatever we want (leaving a little room for the universe to be creative, knowing it may not be packaged exactly as we thought, or delivered on our timing!).

We can have and be anything, just not everything.

But our anything does not need to be limited to just one thing.

We can have two completely different careers which were both meant for us.

*Side note I am a great example of this with Gemini ruling part of my midheaven and being a lawyer for over a decade before switching careers! All part of the journey and in divine order!*

We can have a day job which we enjoy and an out of hours passion project that are like yin and yang but reflect different parts of our character and satiate different parts of our soul.

We can be both solid and grounded and wild and witchy and that can be reflected in what we choose to do with our play time and/or at work.

We can be both creative and commercial.

We can be both spiritual and commercial.

We can be wives and mothers (or husbands and fathers) and still be autonomously us.

We can have a healthy private and public life having a degree of distinction or even separation between the two and having them both co-exist harmoniously.

Maybe the above areas do not necessarily resonate with you but you have your ‘both’ xxx ‘and’ xxx in mind.

The point is each of us can enjoy duality (Gemini).

Each of us has an idealistic vision of how we wish to live our lives.

Our visions naturally differ as they reflect each of our soul’s unique blueprint and journey.

Importantly each of our visions will change as we progress with our soul’s journey and close and open chapters in the book of our lives.

This is where regardless of our sign we apply the Gemini mutable nature of adaptability and flexibility, flowing and adapting rather than forcing what doesn’t truly fit.

After a chaotic few months in the cosmos, we have this gorgeous new moon which asks us to go for gold.

Our gold.

Whatever that is for each of us.

In doing so we need to be honest with ourselves about what we want.

We must not hold back and limit ourselves but equally, we need to be realistic and ensure that pursuing our golden goals is truly for our highest good and the greater good of our loved ones.

Sit quietly at this new moon.

Use the clarity of the cosmos to ask yourself these questions and take your time to make your wish list.

What and who is most important to me?

What lights me up?

What feels good?

What am I most passionate about?

What (and who) do I value?

What would we do if X wasn’t an issue (time, money, age, etc)

What did I want, have manifested, am still pursuing which no longer feels quite right?

Allow yourself to be your whole, complete self.

Embrace your unique duality and integrate this into your life.

Be open to changing your mind, your life, your very essence.

Be flexible and flow with the changes that life brings.

Be open to having the best of life and anything that you truly want, trusting that if it is for your highest good and the greater good, the cosmos will assist you in making magic happen.

Go for gold!

I am wishing each of you a glorious golden new moon and lunar month ahead.

May you manifest magic.

Ambi x