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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 9 2017: Learning our lessons and transforming our karma

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon in Sagittarius!

This powerful full moon takes place this Friday June 9th at 5.09am PST (adjust for your timezone) at 18 degrees of Sagittarius.

This Full Moon's energies are blended with Saturn who is also in Sagittarius, just a few degrees away in the zodiac.

The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius started just after Christmas in 2014 and apart from a short reprieve in the summer of 2015 (when Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio) this transit will continue until the end of 2017.

In the natural zodiac Sagittarius is the ruler of the ninth house - governing religion, spirituality, higher learning, foreign people and places, publishing, legal matters and justice

Saturn is the great teacher of the zodiac.

He is the lord of time and karma and his transits dredge up the past as well as testing the current state of affairs.

9/11 occurred when Pluto was in Sagittarius and so much of what we are experiencing globally stem from seeds planted at that terrible time.

It is fair to say that much of what we are seeing with ongoing terrorism, religious extremism, the resulting fear of Islam/foreigners and desire to put up walls between countries, prevent immigration and a very 'them and us' attitude are all karmic lessons that Saturn in Sagittarius was sadly always going to bring to a head.

As a Sagittarius I am an eternal optimist but my Virgo rising tempers this with enough realism to know that things may get seemingly worse before they can get better.

It's a painful process for our world but I have every hope and faith that love and humanity will prevail.

My wish is that each of us can in our own small way contribute to the peace, goodness and light in our world through our words, thoughts and actions.

Promoting what we love, rather than bashing what we hate.

So may it be.

Onwards to what this Full Moon means for you..

Check which houses in your natal chart are ruled by Sagittarius and if you have any planets in Sagittarius as this will unveil which life areas are highlighted by the lunar spotlight, particularly if they are at (or a couple of degrees around) 18 degrees of Sagittarius.

Then sit down and take stock of what has happened in these life areas since 2014.

Ask yourself the following questions.

What hardships have I experienced?

What delays, seeming denials or difficulties have occurred?

How have I felt stuck or stifled?

What have I managed to achieve/create?

What goals do I still have in these life areas which feel unattainable?

And then having answered the above, go on to ask the following questions.

What lessons have I learned?

What mistakes do I keep repeating?

How do I limit myself and how can I stop?

What am I unwilling to face and/or accept?

If you really want to go deep ask someone who knows you very well (and is prepared to be honest) as to how they would answer these questions about you.

It can be deeply uncomfortable but is oh so powerful to receive unfiltered insights from someone who knows you well, the good, the bad and the ugly.

This review serves such a purpose in not only healing and releasing at this Full Moon, but also to work with the energies of the next six months in order to reap the rewards!

Because Saturn isn't all doom and gloom.

Yes the shadow of the cosmic taskmaster is depression, delays, being stuck, fearful and frustrated.

But Saturn is also the lord of karma and time.

Meaning when you correct your karma (by doing what deep down you know you need to) you will be rewarded in divine timing (which is usually at the end of his transit or shortly thereafter).

Saturn doesn't test us or slow us down to punish us.

He doesn't point out all the things we've done wrong or all the things we need to do right in order to frustrate us.

He simply wants us to get our house in order.

He pushes us to be the best version of ourselves.

To create a strong foundation for lasting success which we have earned.

Saturn's light is stability and structure.

As he tests us on our path we mature and become wiser and better people.

But we have to accept that the cosmic coach makes us roll up our sleeves and get down on our knees to scrub our lives clean.

He makes us work for our rewards.

With Saturn we reap what we sow!

So if we want to enjoy the harvest we need to plant the seeds properly and tend to them.

So what is the work of Saturn that each of us may need to do at this Full Moon in order to heal and release, ultimately making space for us to receive?

It is getting real and seeing things for how they are, not how you want them to be.

It is being unemotional, dropping victim status and owning your journey.

And then it's taking practical action.

For some this means cleaning your karma from the past, whatever that karma may be (emotional, physical, with yourself and/or others).

For others it is about getting very real about what you want and making it happen, not simply dreaming about it but actually taking the physical steps to co-create with the universe.

For some of us it may be a mixture of dealing with the past as well as the present, in order to create the future we desire.

None of this is easy.

It can feel overwhelming especially because practical Saturn will pointedly show us in black and white everything we need to do in order to transform our karma and manifest our desires.

As many of us will already have been tested during this Saturn in Sagittarius transit we may feel tired, frustrated, even a little depressed.

We may be seeing our Sagittarius ruled life areas as half empty rather than half full.

But that's where we need to harness the light of Sagittarius and his ruler Jupiter.

We need to be optimistic and cheerful.

We need to believe in miracles.

We need to infuse all of these energies (of Sagittarius/Jupiter) and integrate these with Saturn's measured, practical approach.

Soulstrology says that it is no coincidence that Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius stations direct at this Full Moon, ending his annual retrograde.

Jupiter is the great cosmic benefic, the miracle maker and giver of gifts.

He is transiting Libra until October this year when he goes into Scorpio.

The end of Jupiter's annual retrograde signals that life is going to start to flow better and more effortlessly soon.

And rest assured gifts await each of us at the end of this year when Saturn completes his transit of Sagittarius.

If we do the work.

Harness the lunar spotlight to delve deep into the last few years, asking the tough questions above, answering them honestly and then taking conscious action.

You may cringe. It may be uncomfortable.

But we can learn so much from our mistakes when we don't deny them.

We can be our own heroes/heroines when we choose to drop victim status and feeling sorry for ourselves.

We can wipe clean our karmic slates through both our consciousness and our actions.

Our lives can transform when we realize that we are not victims of life but are co-creating with a benefic universe at which we are the center, hence why in truth it is the youniverse!

When we become empowered and act consciously that's when miracles happen!

Some of you may have already done Saturn's homework and navigated his tests.

Others may still be in the thick of it.

Either way we all have six months of this transit left.

Six months to learn remaining lessons, integrate them and transform our karma.

This Full Moon shines the lunar spotlight so brightly on what it is that each of us need to do in the Sagittarius ruled parts of our charts so come the end of the year we are reaping the rewards.

Review, release, heal so that you can transform, align and receive.

I am wishing you all a healing and transformative Full Moon.

May your healing in turn help heal our world.

May the transforming of your individual karma help heal the collective karma.

May the miracles you receive be for your highest good and the greater good of all.

So may it be.


Ambi x