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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Solar eclipse Leo: August 21st 2017: Courageous heart

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy almost Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo!

This Monday August 21st at 10.21am PST (adjust for your timezone) we will experience a total solar eclipse at 29 degrees, the oh so critical final degree, of the fire sign Leo.

I am sure you are all aware of the buzz surrounding this solar eclipse which has a path of totality (meaning there will be a total solar eclipse) across the USA, leading it to be described as the Great American Eclipse.

I am also sure that regardless of where you are in the world reading this blog, you are aware of the current political and social unrest in America...

Many of you who know a little about the cosmos will know that much of the astrology that took place between 2012 and 2015, the infamous Pluto/Square Uranus aspects, caused a lot of the social and political upheaval which took place around the world, from the Arab springs, to middle eastern wars, to the political upheaval in Western democracies which has seen a frightening lurch to the right and days we all hoped were long gone.

Many of you who read my emails when I didn't have a website (and used to send them out old school style manually to a select bunch) will remember me talking about how these cosmic conditions reflected the astrology of the 1960's and how the social and civil rights unrest was necessary for old patriarchal structures to be destroyed so that humanity could be liberated and there could be equality and freedom for all beings.

Although technically the final of the seven squares between destructive Pluto and change agent Uranus was in March 2015, other astrological aspects have reignited this aspect over the last year or so.

Since having a public website I have largely (albeit not entirely) steered away from detailed political commentary. 

Not because I don't care (because believe me I do!) but because I feel my unique service is being a catalyst for positive individual change.

My heartfelt hope is that by each of us transforming our shadow into light, and connecting to our higher self and soul purpose, we can not only enjoy the benefits in our own lives, but can also share our good fortune in some way and be a source of light and goodness for all those around us. 

It's a win/win!

And this consciousness is the foundation of everything I do which birthed Soulstrology and Alchemy with Ambi...

With that in mind, turning now to this Leo Solar Eclipse.

Leo is the sign that is associated with regality and indeed with Kings (actual Kings or 'leaders' of states as such).

Solar eclipses in the ancient times were seen as times when Kings (or leaders) would be usurped in some way.

They would indeed be 'eclipsed', either by being deposed of in some way, or because of the birth of a new King.

Unlike normal New Moons which are traditionally seen as times of beginnings, solar eclipses are all about endings for a new beginning.

Something or someone gets eclipsed at this time, forcing an ending for a new beginning.

But just as the light of the Sun is obscured from the earth plane, so too at an eclipse, we do not see everything as it is.

Some important facts may be concealed from us, either deliberately or unintentionally.

Mercury in retrograde motion adds to the fog or veil that is clouding our perception.

Not everything is as it appears and we may not see the true picture for another month and the unfolding of this lunar cycle, the next New Moon in Virgo and the change of seasons with the Autumn Equinox.

A lot will happen over this eclipse.

Both in the world and in our own lives.

But we may not come to know or be in a position to truly understand matters and be able to see the bigger picture until Fall comes.

It's important to stay grounded and to try not to react to events (easier said than done I know!) but rather to try to sit it out and let the cosmos reveal the truth of a situation over the next lunation.

Turning now to the specific aspects of this Solar Eclipse New Moon.

With the eclipse taking place at the very end degree of Leo (29 degrees on the cusp of Virgo) Soulstrology says that at this cosmic event (and indeed over the next six months) we are not only asked to look at Leo themes, but also Virgo themes, especially with this current Mercury retrograde taking place in Virgo.

Leo and Virgo could not be more different!

Leo the gregarious, fun loving, lime light lover and Virgo the introverted, slightly subservient, nit picking worry wart!

As an aside, I am a Virgo rising who also has Saturn in Leo (meaning I struggle with owning the light of Leo) and I am laughing/cringing as I type this!

The Solar Eclipse is making what is known as a trine aspect to Uranus, planet of freedom, sudden change, innovation and genius.

Soulstrology says that this Solar Eclipse is creating a six month window of opportunity (to come to fruition by the next set of eclipses January/February 2018) for each of us to create dramatic change and in some cases a complete overhaul (Uranus) in both in the Leo ruled areas of life per the natural zodiac and in the Leo ruled areas of life per our unique natal AND solar chart (the former is based on your exact time of birth and the latter is based on your sun sign).

But what do we need to do in order to manifest this change and be liberated to be our true selves?

We need to be brave.

Really brave.

We need to have the courage to listen to our hearts and follow them.

We need to have the courage to change our lives (our careers, personal lives, where we live, how we live, whatever is relevant to you which will be unique for each of us).

We need to have the courage to feel the fear of this change and do it anyway.

And we need to do this not only for ourselves, but also for our beloved world.

There is undoubtedly a battle between dark and light, good and evil, that is taking place all around us, in every corner of the globe.

But that battle is not always straightforward or black and white.

There are several shades of grey and a blurring of the lines.

No, this is not me saying there are fine people on each side of good and evil..

Clearly there are some scenarios in which it is very simple to identify what is wrong and right.

But there are also complicated scenarios of 'good' people doing evil things and 'evil' people doing good things.

That is the complexity of this human existence which is ying and yang, shadow and light.

But for each of us there is an internal battle between our shadow and light which takes place in our hearts, minds and souls.

A battle between what we know we need to do, what our soul is urging us to do ('good') and the force of our ego ('evil') which keeps us stuck and small.

Yes, we help our world by speaking up against what is wrong, by defending what is right.

By helping those who are needy and vulnerable.

By donating, volunteering, or marching.

But we also help our world immeasurably by stepping up to become who we really are.

By being courageous enough to follow our true path.

Amongst us are the next generation of political leaders, innovators, business icons, parents who change the face of parenting creating a conscious generation from birth, charity start ups who conduct themselves with the utmost integrity, scientists with cures saving millions of lives, writers who inspire, heal and entertain with their words.

And so on, and so forth.

Not each of us will be famous or on the world stage for our unique light.

It's not about the ego gratification of 'fame', it is about the unique role and unique soul spotlight destined for each of us to shine in.

Not each of our roles will necessarily be as dramatic as some of the examples referred to above.

But they are all equally important.

In that sense, each of us is a leader, a healer, an innovator, a change agent for good!

Whether local, national or global, we each have the ability to channel the regality of Leo and to shine a light in our corner of the world.

But not all of us are stepping up to be who we really are, fulfilling our destiny (which in turn showers us in rewards) and playing our crucial role in the healing of our world.

Soulstrology says that this critical degree of the Leo Solar Eclipse asks us to look carefully at both our light and leadership, our unique voice and self-expression (Leo) and service (Virgo).

This Mercury retrograde in Virgo offers us the opportunity to think carefully about the natural zodiac themes ruled by Virgo of service, our daily routine/lifestyle and health - mind/body/soul and of the themes ruled by Virgo in our unique natal and solar charts.

How does our daily lifestyle and our mind/body/soul connection truly serve us and others?

We are asked to think about this and make adjustments accordingly.

We are also asked to marry the contrasting energies of Leo and Virgo in order to be of service to ourselves and others by following our hearts, having courage in the face of the fear of change, and owning the unique gift we were born to share with the world.

There is ego in blowing your own trumpet and being an attention seeker (Leo shadow) but there is also ego in false humility and being subservient (Virgo).

One of my teachers (who passed away some years ago now) would appear in my dreams with a recurring message over the years saying 'don't be afraid of your own greatness'.

For me, that was about finding my voice, helping others, and being a guide and teacher of sorts, despite not being perfect and 'having it all'.

It was initially very difficult to do so and can still sometimes be challenging (Saturn in Leo again! But hey, I chose to be born at that time!)

For you the meaning of 'don't be afraid of your own greatness' may mean something else.

But I wanted to share my teacher's message with each of you today along with the below.

Don't be afraid of the seeming state of this world.

Everything is unfolding in divine order for ultimate progression of humanity and there is method to the madness of the chaos.

You can and will make a positive difference.

Don't be afraid of following your heart.

It is what we don't do in life that we regret.

Never try, never know.

Don't be afraid of change.

Change is the only constant.

Be courageous enough to not only listen to your heart but also to follow it.

Be courageous enough to try something new, knowing that failure is not the opposite of success but actually part of success.

Be courageous in the face of personal and/or global fear because courage is love and the war that is being waged may take different forms but it is ultimately between love and fear.

Choose love.

Choose courage in spite of fear.

And know that so many others (including yours truly typing this in her pajamas on a Saturday morning) are doing the same in their unique way.

Let your light shine bright like a regal Leo with the humility of Virgo protecting your blessings (humility is a great protector!) allowing you to serve yourself and the world.

I am wishing for each of you what I wish for myself - the courage to be who we really are and the courage to be the love we wish to see in our world.

May this next lunation and the next six months shower each of us with the rewards of soulful success for being courageous.

May our world be infused with love and soulful courage and may these energies prevail.

Happy courageous New Moon Solar Eclipse.


Ambi x