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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Pisces September 5 2017: Signs and synchronicities, the reality of dreams and the illusion of reality

Ambi Sitham

Let's all try be the latter!

Let's all try be the latter!

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon in Pisces!

Tomorrow, Tuesday September 5 2017 at 11.03pm PST (adjust for your timezone, for many of you this cosmic event will take place on Wednesday September 6 2017) will be a Full Moon at 13 degrees of the watery sign of Pisces.

On the same day Mercury will station direct from his retrograde at 29 degrees of Leo.

This is the same degree as the August 21 solar eclipse in Leo and will activate that cosmic event.

To add to this, Neptune (the ruler of Pisces and therefore this Full Moon) is conjunct the Full Moon (both are at the same sign and degree of the zodiac so their energies are blended) and just a degree away from the point in the zodiac that he stationed retrograde at on June 16 2017.

Whenever a planet stations retrograde or direct its energies are at its most potent and offers us cosmic clues as to what the retrograde is trying to teach us and shift in our lives.

Soulstrology says that there is a cosmic connection between the above dates and the zodiac life areas ruled by Leo, Pisces and Virgo in your chart.

Signs and synchronicities are the theme of this Full Moon. 

Each of us must take note of occurrences on the day prior to, the day of, and the day after the Full Moon as well as events mid June, around the solar eclipse and throughout this Mercury retrograde, as there is some link between them all.

But turning now to the details of the Pisces Full Moon itself.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune and is also the last sign of the natural zodiac.

The highest vibrations of this sign is great compassion, spirituality, unconditional love and creativity.

The lower vibrations are self delusion, deceit, secrecy, lack of boundaries, victim syndrome and addictions.

This is a sign capable of great creativity and achievement but equally capable of complete self-delusion and self-destruction.

For each of us the Pisces ruled areas of our lives in our unique natal and solar charts, are areas of life in which we can experience either end of the spectrum of vibration for this sign.

These are life areas where we can deceive ourselves, be deceived by others and be a victim or live in fantasy land, OR, can experience soulful success and turn our most heartfelt dreams into reality.

With Neptune's close placement to this Full Moon each of us is asked to look carefully at the Pisces ruled areas of our lives and to consider carefully whether we are embracing the light or falling into the shadow of this sign and its ruler.

One person's dream, or fantasy, is another person's reality.

Yet sometimes what we consider our reality is actually an illusion.

Each of us has our most cherished goals and dreams which we want to manifest in our lives and it is possible that each of us can each achieve these, but the reality is that not all of us will.

Equally, some of us may be living in realities that are less that desirable but are actually an illusion and the lives of our dreams is a cosmic stroke away!

Others will be living in realities which are seemingly desirable but are actually also illusions and involve a degree of self-delusion and/or deception.

I think it is safe to say that what each of us wants is for our reality to be where our dreams come true.

Soulstrology says that the reality of the present and the promise of the future co-exist at the same time.

However we only experience what we are capable of conceiving in our consciousness, therefore allowing us to enjoy it in the physical plane.

At this Full Moon we will each get messages and signs from the Universe but the filter through which we read those messages and signs (so, essentially our consciousness) is as important as the sign itself.

Sometimes we want something to happen so badly, we are overly attached to the outcome and interpret signs and seeming synchronicities according to what we want, not what is reality.

At other times we are so set on a certain path that we fail to read quite obvious messages and signs which are nudges from the universe.

We may not want to hear or see what doesn't fit into our plan of how things should go/look.

In both instances it is our ego that gets in the way.

At this Full Moon we have the opportunity to be not only guided by the universe but also to receive messages from our higher selves, helping us align with our soul's journey and navigate the new season of life which is upon each of us.

We can be guided our dreams (watch for your dreams over the next few days which are likely to contain important clues) and signs and synchronicities.

However, we need to be totally clear channels to not only receive the messages, but also be able to understand what they truly mean, without the fog of self-deception.

At this Full Moon, as well as the usual burn and release ritual, I encourage each of you to take some time to think about what areas of life you are cloudy about and need clarity on (regardless of your timezone I encourage each of you to do this on the night of September 5)

Think about the cherished dreams you have for the future.

Think about your current reality.

Then take some time to write down what guidance you would like from the universe/your higher self, G-d, your angels - whoever, whatever you believe in and resonates most.

Do this before bed and leave the paper or notebook you have written on next to your bed with a pen.

If you wake up in the night write down whatever you can remember from any dreams.

Upon waking in the morning, do the same.

If you can't remember your dreams, fear not, just allow yourself to write for a few minutes and see what flows through you.

Try not to interpret your dreams or control your writing.

Try to free flow write without intention or attachment or analysis.

It may not make sense now, but it may in time.

If you've asked for a crystal clear sign from the universe (like a number or a symbol) then don't look for it or force it, just intend that you will see if, when, and as you are meant to.

Each of us can live the life of our dreams and be part of making our world a better place and indeed the world of our dreams.

But we need to shatter the illusions of self-delusion or deception by others, be prepared to see things (and people) exactly as they are, whilst also holding space that the essence of our dreams can become our reality.

Perhaps not exactly as we intended, but in some form better than we can have anticipated.

Dreams can become reality.

And reality can be better than you could have dreamed.

Get clear, connect to the divine force that is guiding you and your higher self and ask for help for the next steps in manifesting your dreams into reality.

I am wishing you all a healing and transformative Full Moon which takes you one step closer to your dreams, for your highest good and the greater good of all.


Ambi x