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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Capricorn January 2018: Sowing the seeds of success

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy nearly New Moon in Capricorn!

The first New Moon of 2018 takes place on Tuesday 16th January 2018 at 26 (almost 27 if we are being super precise!) degrees of Capricorn.

This New Moon sees a collection of celestial bodies gather together in the Capricorn ruled part of the zodiac.

This rare astrological alignment is known as a stellium and significantly boosts the power of this New Moon.

As many of you I am sure know by now, Saturn is in Capricorn where he will stay until March 2020, meaning that the Capricorn ruled part of each of our charts is very much in focus for the next two years of our lives.

Each of us are being asked to rethink our career ambitions, life goals and our definitions of success.

We are asked to look at the structures we have in our lives and to ensure that these are based on a firm foundation.

Soulstrology says that Saturn is the lord of time and that he takes his good old time to reward us.

Usually it is towards the end of Saturn's transit that we receive his reward.

Unlike Jupiter who can bring us all kinds of miracles and opportunities quickly during his transit, stern Saturn is all about hard work, commitment and maturity.

With Saturn, we truly reap what we sow.

It is no cosmic coincidence that at the outset of this transit we are being given the celestial gift of such a powerful New Moon in Capricorn.

This stellar New Moon offers us the opportunity to sow seeds, the harvest of which we will reap over the next lunar cycle, the next six months (by the corresponding Capricorn Full Moon) and by March 2020/the end of the Saturn in Capricorn transit.

Turning now to each of the celestial bodies and their role at this New Moon.

Powerful Pluto helps us to dig beneath the surface and uncover what needs to brought to the light to either decay, or transform.

Mercury helps us to focus and to think carefully about the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our lives (both in the natural zodiac and in our unique charts) and to clarify our goals and ambitions.

Saturn (as always gives!) us tough love and helps us see clearly what needs fixing or what is unrealistic, or not based upon a firm foundation, and the steps we need to take and the seeds we need to sow in order for us to experience lasting success.

Venus aligns with the Sun and the Moon (at just two degrees away) and brings her energies of creativity, love, abundance and harmony, encouraging us to infuse each of our goals with these themes.

This New Moon makes a strong aspect to cosmic change agent and disruptor Uranus in Aries which means that something out of the blue may happen at this time to help propel us into the next chapter of our lives.

Try not to judge whatever happens at this time as good, or bad.

Uranus is a disruptor, but ultimately does so to liberate us and to help us to move forwards to the future we desire.

For those who have already been working with the energies of Pluto (who has been in the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts since 2008 bringing destruction but ultimately for transformation and rebirth) this New Moon's energies may bring you changes you've been working towards since 2008, and indeed the realization of some of your dreams!

Soulstrology tells us that with such a powerful celestial configuration at this New Moon and zero planets in retrograde motion, it is truly a fortuitous time for us to all get manifesting, for 2018 and beyond!

Turning now to the title of this blog and the quote by Robert Louis Stevenson which is so fitting for the Soulstrology theme for this New Moon.

When we wish to manifest something all our energies are focused on seeing the physical manifestation of that desire and until such point as it manifests we are focused on its absence.

As a result, Soulstrology warns us that we can adopt lack consciousness.

Lack consciousness is where we overly focus on our desires and the fact that they have not yet manifested.

It is where we feel a sense of lack in our lives and can feel 'less than'.

It is where we can fall into the trap of comparison or the blame game.

And this is when our energetic vibration can start to dip and have a detrimental effect on our feelings.

This has a knock on effect on our behavior and actions which in turn creates a reality far different than what we actually desire.

And this is what we need to watch out for both at this Capricorn New Moon and over the Saturn in Capricorn transit.

The energies of Saturn and Capricorn are all about hard work, patience and timing.

Planting seeds in faith knowing that they are growing (even if such growth is not yet visible) and that our only job is to tend to them, to water them and know that they will flower in divine timing.

As the quote accompanying this blog says, we cannot judge each day based on the harvest, but rather, by the seeds we plant.

We need to make the effort to plant the right seeds and water them with trust, patience and faith that they will deliver a bountiful harvest at the right time.

We must be wary of comparing our progress with others, or indeed our own self-imposed and often unrealistic (case in point me thinking I could get my first podcast episode out this week! Ha!) timelines.

We have no idea what seeds others planted (or when) and for how long they have been patiently tending and watering them with all the right tools which has resulted in them reaping a harvest of the manifestation of their desires.

We must respect the process of manifestation and accept that we can have goals and timelines but that sometimes things happen when they are supposed to, not when we would like them to.

Maturity comes when we surrender to divine timing.

And maturity and surrendering are both as important manifestation tools as are hustling and goal setting.

New Moon Mantra:

Knowing that success starts within, I first sow the seeds of success within my mind

I embrace the process of manifestation with a focus on the seeds I am planting each day

I know that patience and faith are powerful manifestation tools and practice these daily

I trust that my efforts will be rewarded and I will reap the rewards in divine timing

May each of us focus on our efforts each day and the tiny victories we experience as we sow the seeds of success, knowing that happiness is in the journey and not just in reaching our destination...

I am wishing you all a happy New Moon of sowing soulful seeds of success.


Ambi x