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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Leo January 2018: The courage to be yourself, for you and others

Ambi Sitham

Wise words from the wonderful Debbie Ford

Wise words from the wonderful Debbie Ford

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Leo!

This Full Moon takes place on Wednesday January 31st 2018 at 5.27am PT (adjust for your timezone).

This is the second Full Moon of this month, a rare occurrence which is why it is referred to as a Blue Moon (it is so rare, hence the saying, once in a blue moon!)

This Full Moon is also a Super Moon (meaning it is closer to earth than usual) and it is a total Lunar Eclipse.

As you may recall, Soulstrology tells us that lunar eclipses are amped up extra potent Full Moons.

As a blue moon, Super Moon, total Lunar eclipse which takes place when all the main planets are in direct motion, this particular Leo Full Moon is about as powerful a Full Moon as you can get!

Generally speaking with Full Moons the energy builds as the moon waxes to her fullness and with this particular Lunar eclipse the energy is more intense than usual.

With Leo being a fire sign there is a very intense, fiery energy building in the cosmos which if we do not handle correctly can leave us burnt, so be mindful of that in the lead up to Wednesday's Full Moon.

Turning now to the specifics of this Lunar eclipse which takes place at 11 degrees of Leo (check where this falls in your chart and also any planets you have between 8 and 14 degrees of Leo as these may be triggered by the eclipse).

Firstly, this eclipse marks the beginning of eclipse season 2018 and with it ushers in a new chapter of each of our lives as it wraps up the chapter of the previous eclipses of last summer.

Think back to August 2017 eclipse season and what was occurring in your life at that time.

You can expect February 2018 to bring closure and completion to matters which were surfacing at that time and to the energetic chapter of the last six months.

Remember closure doesn't have to be sad endings.

It can also be celebratory completion with matters coming to fruition with the fullness of the moon!

Aside from the usual Sun/Moon opposition (the Sun is in Aquarius, Full Moon in Leo) the other major celestial aspect of this Full Moon involve Venus and Ceres.

Venus sits by the Sun at this Full Moon in Aquarius, sharing in the solar spotlight and bringing her energies to the Aquarius ruled parts of each of our charts.

Ceres is a 'dwarf' planet (whom Soulstrology actually considers to be a key cosmic player) and sits alongside the Moon in Leo opposing Venus and the Sun.

Both Ceres and Venus are both feminine archetypes (albeit with differing energies and roles) so it is no surprise, but rather cosmic sychronicity that they are playing such a significant role in this Leo eclipse.

Soulstrology says that we are at the time of the awakening of the divine feminine which is an unstoppable force rising into power to bring much needed harmony, balance and equality to this chaotic world and will also ultimately birth a new order; a new social infrastructure which replaces the outdated patriarchal systems and balances the masculine and feminine energies.

The rising of this divine feminine force has required a great deal of courage from those who have put their heads above the parapets and stuck their necks out to speak their truth, expose wrongdoing and seek justice for all.

However Soulstrology reminds us that each of us, regardless of our gender (and irrespective of whether we can add our names to #metoo and/or are victims of any wrongdoing), have ownership in this movement, if we choose to step up to the challenge.

The placement of Ceres in Leo and Venus in Aquarius asks us to look at how much we are part of the solution by taking on a role in the healing of our world and the development of a new order which is based on equality and is fair to all.

The emphasis on women (Ceres) and feminine energy and peace (Venus) also asks us to look at the most important female/mother of all - mother nature/earth and the environment.

We each have a role to play in the next chapter of the evolution of humanity and society and the protection of earth which will take us through to the next eclipse season in the summer and beyond.

But first we need courage. Lots of courage.

Which leads me nicely to the title of this blog and the Soulstrology theme of this lunar eclipse.

Those of you who read the blogs regularly may recall that the August Leo Solar Eclipse also had a theme of courage and self-actualization which manifests as self-expression.

This January 2018 Leo Lunar eclipse now brings bubbling into the lunar spotlight the work we have been doing over the last six months and showing us where we are at with regards to the themes of courage, self-actualization and self-expression.

At this time each of us are asked to be honest with ourselves and look back over the last six months and see how our relationship with courage has evolved and how much we have self-actualized (and as a result self-expressed) and therefore stepped further into being our true selves.

Do we own and express our true authentic selves, without censorship and/or indeed, shame?

Do we claim our uniqueness, the traits we were born with and gifts we were bestowed, so that we not only fulfill our soul purpose for our highest good, but also to play our unique role in the world, for the greater good?

Do we step into the specific spotlight destined for us in this lifetime or do we shy away from it  because of fear and limiting beliefs?

It takes great courage to step out of your comfort zone and be who you really are.

Something most Leos do not struggle with as it comes to them naturally.

Each of us needs to take a leaf out of the books of our regal zodiac Lions and Lionesses and follow suit!

Not just so that we can benefit from being who we really are and enjoy the utter freedom (and indeed joy) which comes from that, but also so that we can play our unique role in being part of the literal sunshine and light (Leo is ruled by the sun) in our world.

Like all signs Leo has its shadow and that is one of pride and egotism.

The Leo ego often can manifest as being overly proud, attention seeking and egoistic, needing to be the center of attention.

But ego isn't always about being big (or pig!) headed.

Ego can also be that subtle, yet powerful voice of the 'devil' which says, 'who am I to be brilliant and to shine?'

But as Marianne Williamson says, 'who are you not to be brilliant'?

For some of us it is our light rather than our darkness which scares us.

We are terrified of being in our power and light, yet this is each of our soul purpose!

To take off the mask, ignore the voice of self-doubt and to unashamedly be who we are and share our gifts with the world.

How it actually manifests and what it looks like on the physical plane will be different for each of us because we are each so unique and came into this earth plane with a unique cosmic blueprint and DNA so we can be (and indeed enjoy being!) our best selves.

Not only do we benefit by allowing our true selves to shine but there is a ripple effect which benefits others too.

As always a Full Moon/Lunar eclipse brings a time of healing, releasing and completion.

This may be a time when you want to look carefully at your shadow self which is being exposed by the fullness of the moon.

But it is also a time to celebrate how far you have come on your unique journey of courage, self-realization and self-expression.

To take pride and joy (Leo!) in your achievements to date and celebrate the end of an eclipse season.

But at the same time to allow the moonlight to illuminate what is next for you on your journey of self-actualization and to harness whatever comes up energetically and to alchemize it into the courage to stride forwards like a powerful lion/lioness on your path.

One of my favorite signs from the Women's March was one that read something along the lines of, 'It's so bad that even introverts are here'.

That message of that sign is on point for this Leo eclipse and beyond, regardless of whether you are an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert (I didn't make the latter term up but my goodness it is ME!!!)

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are the ones who will save ourselves and the world.

All we have to do is summon the courage and strength to step up to the next level and version of ourselves in order to navigate this next chapter, for our highest good and the greater good.

We can do it.

We will do it.

We are doing it.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affirmations:

I take off any masks knowing that the first step in being my true self is to be naked

I dig deep to find the courage to allow myself to shine in my unique soul purpose knowing that doing so is not only for my good but also helps others

I use courage as the fuel in the journey of becoming the next version of my true self

I embrace self-actualization as an ongoing process knowing this is a journey not a destination.

May each of us have courage and conviction.

I am wishing you all a healing, aligning, courageous and celebratory Full Moon/Lunar eclipse.


Ambi x