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Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

HIGH FIVES! September 2018's five faves

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy New Moon!

What a lunar cycle this has been.....I am truly ready for the seasons to change and for a new season of life to begin....

Here are my high fives from the last lunar cycle...

1. New home, new adventure, new memories....

You guessed it, we moved! That was our solar eclipse gift/change that I alluded to last month. And I have to say I couldn't be happier. Our new home is only two miles away from our old place, yet couldn't be more different. It's the upstairs of a quaint 1920's style duplex. It's huge, with tons of character, amazing light and we have our own private patio which is officially our love corner. Insert heart emoji and visualize a cute little french cafe bistro style set up. Lots of sunsets, moon gazing and balmy al fresco dining. We are so happy! Now I say the patio is 'officially' our love corner because I discovered this via the amazing Meghan Wallace James, a modern feng shui expert and all round special soul who shui'd our place before we moved in and boy am I glad I did that! I am sure I will be writing about my feng shui experience with Meghan in detail in time to come, but in the meantime check her out, whether you've moved home or are just in need of an energetic shift in your current home (or office).

2. Cosy caffeine free cuppas

With the seasons changing soon and overcast cloudy mornings and the temperatures slowly dropping (although, let's see if we have that crazy late 'Indian summer' Fall heatwave like last year, I am praying not, but who knows with the insane global weather patterns!) I have been craving cosy drinks. I am obsessed with this delicious cacao reishi which makes for the most yummy hot caffeine free cuppa. Sometimes I like it espresso style, other times with a dash of vanilla hemp milk. It's low in sugar (only 2 grams per serving) and the reishi cacao mix really helps me relax (noticeably more so than just cacao and hot water or hot milk). It's  an alternative, healthy, yet delicious hot choccie. I can't wait for proper Autumn, or Fall as my Americans say. Cosy hot reishi cacao hot choccies, wrapping up in big sweaters and cardis, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Bring it on!

3. Silver linings and sweet memories

Every cloud has its silver lining and as much as packing was my low of the month (I find the packing part and physical move part of a new home sooo stressful) whilst packing and decluttering I came across many sweet memories. One of these was rediscovering an old journal the contents of which inspired a now defunct blog called 'From London to LA with Love' and re-reading and re-living some of the crazy journey I went on which resulted in the life I am now leading here in LA. I am republishing the blog in installments and the first installment 'London - stuck in a rut with you' is now up. So if you want to know how I found myself moving to LA then you can read all about it in weekly installments!

4. Natural white teeth!

When I first moved to LA I was dazzled by everyone's pearly smiles and so I had my teeth professionally whitened and I think they took it a little too far. With my dark complexion I looked like Ross from Friends when he his teeth whitening went somewhat wrong... but even worse. So I have steered clear of teeth whitening since. In the years that have passed my teeth have slowly become stained (my love of strong English breakfast black tea and red wine!) and I have been wanting to whiten them but I have also become a lot more conscious about what products I use/consume. I love this all natural charcoal whitening toothpaste which has really helped shift that tannin tea stain but is also all natural/good for you.

5. Virgo season feels. Turn wonder into worry.

Ah Virgo season. How I love it. If you follow any of my Soulstrology blogs or Instagram posts you will know how much I love to talk about my #virgorising ha! So I am reveling in Virgo season. But the shadow of Virgo is worry and with multiple things happening professionally and personally I will be honest I have been worrying more than usual, wondering how I am going to juggle everything, how things are going to work out and indeed IF they are going to work out. Step in my wise, beautiful friend Amber Rae who I met on a life changing weekend workshop over a year ago (I will be talking about this more in time to come). She wrote this wonderful book about turning wonder into worry and reading it and following her story has really helped me.

So that's my high fives from this last lunar month.

I hope you've enjoyed them and perhaps they can help you in some way.

As always I love to hear your highlights, whether it's trips you've been taking, life changes, or products you've been using- it's all alchemy!

Wishing you all a beautiful month ahead.


Ambi x