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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Capricorn July 8 2017: Rebirth: Every end is a new beginning

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon in Capricorn!

This Full Moon falls at 17 degrees of the earth sign Capricorn and takes place at 8.06pm PST on Saturday 8th July 2017 (adjust for your timezone).

The Capricorn ruled areas of each of our lives has been subjected to a powerful Pluto transit since 2008 when the planet of power, destruction, transformation and rebirth entered into Capricorn.

With Pluto (power, destruction, transformation, rebirth) at only one degree away from the moon it is likely that this Full Moon will be emotionally intense, perhaps more so than usual, as Pluto dives deep underneath the surface to uncover hidden emotions and issues.

Mars (energy, ambition, drive but also war, conflict, aggression) is dancing alongside the Sun in Cancer opposing Pluto and the Full Moon adding to the intensity.

Soulstrology says that this is one of the most challenging Full Moons of the year yet it has the ability to be a great catalyst for alchemy.

In the natural zodiac, Capricorn is the ruler of the tenth house, governing ambition, our careers, success and status.

Success and status means different things to people so whilst this house is traditionally associated with our careers, Soulstrology says it is ultimately about our soul's greatest legacy in this lifetime (which isn't necessarily about traditional 'success' or career achievements)

With the Sun in Cancer (ruling our domestic life, family and home) opposing the moon in Capricorn, regardless of our zodiac sign Soulstrology says that each of us need to think carefully about these two opposing areas of life which are highlighted in the natural zodiac at this Full Moon.

If you know your chart (please be patient with me, my new chart calculator is coming in the next few months and in the meantime you can cast one for free fairly easily online!) then you can find out which houses (and therefore life areas) are ruled by Capricorn in the natural zodiac as well as see if you have any planets in Capricorn.

This will tell you the life areas which have been subjected to Pluto's powerful transit since 2008 and which are highlighted by the lunar spotlight at this Full Moon.

Turning now to this Full Moon and how best Soulstrology suggests each of us can work with the lunar energies, regardless of our zodiac sign.

The Soulstrology theme for this Full Moon is transformation and rebirth with a focus on the energies of new beginnings which result from endings.

Since 2008 and Pluto's transit of Capricorn each of us will have experienced great changes in what we consider success and status to be, as a result impacting upon our careers and goals.

Similarly we would each have felt the impact of this upon our domestic lives, who, what and where we consider home and family.

Added to this the two houses (and therefore life areas) ruled by Capricorn and Cancer in our unique natal charts (as well as any planets) have experienced the Pluto themes of creative destruction, transformation and rebirth.

We are just over halfway through this intense Pluto transit which ends in 2024.

With this Full Moon so closely blended with Pluto and with the opposition of Mars and the Sun we are each being asked to answer the following questions which are like a Plutonic cosmic call to action.

What do we need to accept is decaying and needs to die?

What chapters of our lives do we need to firmly turn the page on so that we can start fresh ones?

How can we be soulfully powerful in the face of the winds of change by surrendering rather than trying to control and/or force the outcome?

Where are we experiencing power struggles, either with ourselves, the universe, and/or others and how can we transform these to be truly powerful by not engaging in such low vibrational energies?

How can we channel our emotions (whatever they are - 'negative' or 'positive') as a constructive catalyst for change?

What goals do we need to let go of or adapt with graceful acceptance that they may not be manifesting because they are either not truly in our best interests and/or aligned with our true soul purpose?

How can we infuse our career ambitions with soulful consciousness of how us achieving our goals can also assist others/help the world at large?

How can we transform our desires for external power into a desire for internal power over our consciousness, knowing that in truth, this is the only real power?

What 'death' or ending can we embrace knowing that every act of creation is at first an act of destruction?

These are all the questions we need to ask ourselves at this Full Moon and answer with honesty.

The kind of deep, delving underneath the surface honesty that can be difficult and/or embarrassing to deal with but is ultimately so powerful and transformative.

With Pluto (destruction, control) conjoining the Moon (emotions) it is likely that our seemingly 'negative' emotions will prove a useful guide to what is going on underneath the surface in our psyche and how best we need to transform that (see my New Moon in Cancer blog post for tips on emotions).

With Mars (anger, conflict) joining with the Sun (consciousness, desire) it is possible that we or others may feel deep anger and/or get entangled into conflict.

Whatever comes up at this Full Moon for you personally is showing you what needs to die, end, transform so there can be a rebirth or a new beginning.

Many of us would have felt the emotional intensity of Cancer season and it will hit a peak at this Full Moon.

Some people will be experiencing somewhat painful endings at this time.

Others transformation and rebirths.

Some will enjoy new beginnings.

What we experience depends on which stage of the Pluto in Capricorn transit each of us finds ourselves but we must all be striving for the transformation that allows for rebirth and new beginnings.

Soulstrology says that the only thing that is constant is change.

Those of us who can be adaptable to change and surrender to the universe, seeking to work on the internal, rather than trying to control the external, will ultimately prevail with soulful success and the sweet taste of new beginnings.

Mantra of the Full Moon: I embrace all change and endings, even those I find painful, trusting that ultimately all is unfolding for my highest good.

I wish for each of you what I wish for myself, the courage to change, the grace to surrender to the unknown and the faith to fuel our continued journeys of alchemy.

Wishing you a peaceful, transformative and soulfully powerful Full Moon.


Ambi x

Venus in Gemini: July 6th - August 1st 2017: The mind is the way to the heart

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy Thursday!

Today, Thursday 6th July 2017, Venus planet of love, peace, harmony, beauty, abundance and socializing moves into mutable air sign Gemini where she will stay until August 1st.

Look at where you have Gemini ruling houses in your natal chart as well as any planets you have in Taurus as this will give you an idea of the areas of life which will be infused with Venusian energies.

As always, Soulstrology reminds us that there is shadow and light and duality to each planet and sign.

Here are the Soulstrology do's and don'ts for this Venus in Gemini transit.

To continue reading and to find out what Venus in Gemini means for your sign click here and enjoy a free month trial of the Soulstrology general membership.

July 2017: Courage, dear heart.

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and welcome to July 2017!

With the Sun in watery emotional Cancer for most of July the cosmos will be encouraging each of us to feel all the feels this month.

Feeling (and I mean truly feeling) all the feels can be challenging.

It's great to feel all the feels when everything is peachy perfect but not so much when life is more full of thorns than roses.

But feeling is healing.

And feeling allows us to truly heal.

When we heal and release that which does not serve us we create space to receive what we both desire and deserve.

Truly feeling is therefore one of the most powerful methods of alchemy.

But it takes courage to truly allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of our emotions and to process them.

In Cancer season we must be wary of either withdrawing into our shells, drowning in our emotions, or scuttling from side to side and never really facing what we need to.

Instead we need to be courageous and trust that by honouring our feelings we can use them as not only as a catalyst for alchemy but also as a guide or map of sorts.

If you haven't already read the New Moon Cancer blog then I suggest you do so as it gives some tips as to how best to deal with low vibrational and/or
'negative' feelings and to understand the desires which often lie beneath these emotions.

Whatever your emotional status is this month (and for many it may well be fantastic!) listen carefully to your feelings as they echo the whisper of your soul so if you honour them you can be guided to the next stage of your journey.

It takes courage to feel, to listen, and to act.

This month we all must be bold and do all of the above in order to benefit from the cosmos.

The key cosmic dates for your diary are below and as usual I will post detailed blogs for the New and Full Moon.

Members can expect detailed weekly posts on all the other planetary transits.

July 2nd: Mars (in Cancer) opposes Pluto (in Capricorn) tense aspect, can lead to conflict and/or constructive change.

July 4th: Mercury (in Cancer) square Uranus (in Aries) intense for communication, can be productive

July 5th: Sun (in Cancer) trines Neptune (in Pisces) dreamy, romantic aspect.

July 5th: Sun (in Cancer) squares Jupiter (in Libra) powerful aspect for relationships

July 7th: Mercury (in Leo) sextiles Venus (in Gemini) positive for creativity and romance

July 8th: Full moon in Capricorn (will write post a blog on this)

July 10th: Sun (in Cancer) opposes Pluto (in Capricorn) intense aspect, watch out for power struggles, can also be powerfully productive

July 14th: Mercury (in Leo) sextiles Jupiter (in Libra) positive for creativity and romance

July 17th: Venus (in Gemini) squares Neptune (in Pisces) powerful aspect for creativity, contracts and romance

July 17th: Mars (in Cancer) squares Uranus (in Aries) powerful aspect, can lead to sudden change, watch for conflict

July 19-20th: Mercury (in Leo) trines Saturn (in Sagittarius) positive, flowing, harmonious aspect for creativity

July 23rd: New Moon in Leo (will post a blog on this)

July 24th: Venus (in Gemini) opposes Saturn (in Sagittarius) intense aspect for love and finances, can have a productive outcome

July 24th: Mercury retrograde shadow begins!

July 26th: Sun (in Leo) conjuncts Mercury (in Leo) powerful aspect for creativity, communication, self expression and romantic discussions

July 30th: Venus (in Gemini) sextiles Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect can lead to productive change

I am wishing you all a wonderful month of courage, clarity and cosmic rewards.


Ambi x

New Moon in Cancer June 23 2017: You've got to feel good to receive

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly New Moon in Cancer which takes place at 7.30pm PST on Friday 23rd June 2017 (adjust for your timezone).

This new moon falls at 2 degrees of Cancer and is part of a Cancer stellium with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all in the Cancer part of the zodiac.

In the natural zodiac Cancer is the ruler of the fourth house of our childhood, home, our family, domestic life and the private us - including our innermost emotions.

Each of us regardless of our zodiac sign should be thinking about the Cancer natural zodiac themes but we should also look at where we have Cancer ruling our natal charts (plus any planets we have in Cancer) to understand the themes at play for us at this New Moon and over the next lunar cycle.

The watery sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon and just as the moon waxes and wanes our domestic life can have peaks and troughs, ebbs and flows as do our emotions.

With this New Moon's close placement to Mercury, Soulstrology says our focus at this New Moon should be on our minds, emotions and our communications (all ruled by Mercury).

Most of us know what our most heartfelt goals and desires are and what it is that we want to manifest.

And at this time with the Cancer stellium it is likely that we will have very strong feelings about our goals.

However, if we are not careful, we can go into what Soulstrology calls 'lack syndrome'.

Lack syndrome occurs when we are so pertinently aware of what it is that we want that we tend to focus on the lack of that thing in our life.

We want abundance. But we focus on the lack of abundance or our poverty.

We want love. But we focus on the lack of love in our life (in the format that we require it in so often the lack of a certain relationship)

We want success. But we focus on on what we have not achieved rather than our achievements and/or negatively compare ourselves to others.

We want to feel beautiful. But instead we focus on our flaws.

You get the picture.

Lack syndrome is dangerous.

It is shrouded in resentment, comparison, envy and jealousy and fundamentally stems from a lack of love.

Lack of love for oneself (self-love) and lack of love for all that is.

Love is the antidote to lack.

With love comes gratitude and appreciation.

And we all know that an attitude of gratitude is one of the key ingredients to manifesting our desires.

Everything is energy. 

Energy is creation.

It starts with our thoughts and is amplified by our emotions which in turn determines what actions we take, which determines what we manifest.

So we have to be very careful as to what we choose to think about and the emotions we choose to attach to our thoughts!

The most important conversation we ever have is the conversation we have with ourselves.

We talk to ourselves more than we talk to anyone else, so we must ensure that we have the most high vibrational conversation with ourselves!

At this watery Cancer New Moon and over this next lunation it is likely that we will all be feeling all the feels.

Some of these feels may be low vibrational feelings accompanied by low vibrational thoughts.

The truth is that sometimes each of us feels bad or has crappy thoughts and we cannot simply feel good the whole time.

That would be inauthentic.

The trick is to dive deep like the Cancer crab and feel whatever it is that comes up and go deep to transform that feeling from a low to high vibration.

Our 'negative' feelings act as such an important guide to what we really desire.

Feel anger? Underneath the anger you want to feel joy and happiness.

Feel hate? In truth you want to feel love.

Feel insecure? Your whole being wants to feel and radiate confidence.

And so on, and so forth.

This New Moon comes shortly after the Summer Solstice or rather the Summer Soulstice as Soulstrology refers to it.

This is a time when we want to connect to the maximum amount of physical and energetic light and infuse this light into our beings and our lives in order for us to receive.

But as we know we need to feel good so that we can receive.

Some of us may need to fake it until we make it. And don't knock it, it works!

Others will be unable to fake it and will need to flounder in feelings, having a meltdown if necessary.

But fear not, we breakdown to break through!

Some lucky few will already be enjoying that high vibration of feelings and thoughts and just need to maintain that.

At this New Moon and over this next lunar cycle Soulstrology says we can forget about our manifesting lists and instead focus on what we want to feel.

What would the manifestation of X, Y and Z result in us feeling?

That's what needs to go on your manifesting list.

Focus on manifesting high vibrational feelings and energies this next lunar cycle and the rest will flow.

Think less of how you will manifest your desires and feel the manifestation of them as though they've already occurred.

Align yourself energetically with the highest vibration of your desires and let the cosmos perform magic.

Mantra of the month: I focus on feeling good in order to receive.

I am wishing you all a very happy New Moon.

May each of us feel our way into manifesting what is for our highest good and the greater good of all.

May each of us raising our vibration have a positive impact upon all those around us and the world at large.

So may it be.


Ambi x