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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

January 2018: Starting as we mean to go on, with a little push from the cosmos.

Ambi Sitham

Bring it on 2018!

Bring it on 2018!

Hello lovely ones and happy almost New Year!

Confession, I am writing this a week in advance so that I can enjoy the holidays and a week offline....

I personally find switching off from the online world and gadgets is SO good for my mind, body, soul and make time to do this daily, weekly (often switching off at weekends) or periodically for longer periods of time such as the holidays or vacations.

At this time of year I also think one of the greatest gifts I think you can give your loved ones is your presence, aka being present is the best present!

Moving on to January 2018 which is a month packed with cosmic activity with two Full Moons bookending the month, with the New Year starting with a Super Full Moon and ending with a total Lunar eclipse!

This is known as a blue moon when there are two Full Moons in a calendar month and it is where the expression 'once in a blue moon' comes from.

Given we are talking about two extra potent Full Moons too there is no way that January  is going to be a quiet month!

However as some of you will be aware the year starts with Mercury still maneuvering his way out of his retrograde, which is known as the post retrograde shadow.

As a result 2018 may have a slightly sluggish feel to it with a cosmic hangover of sorts from 2017.

But by the time we reach the middle of the month, it is likely that things will pick up pace, helped greatly by the incredibly potent cosmic activity around the days that Mercury's shadow finally ends as well as the New Moon on the 16/17th.

The days before Mercury his finally out of post retrograde shadow (January 10th) are among some of the most powerful days of the year as they contain such strong astrological aspects (see the cosmic dates for your calendar below!)

Turning now to the title of this blog and the Soulstrology theme for January 2018.

The first three weeks of the month sees Capricorn season in full flow and as you are hopefully aware, cosmic life coach Saturn is now in Capricorn, where he will be until March 2020.

Interestingly he entered Capricorn at the Winter Solstice (the darkest day of the year) and departs at the Spring Equinox (equal parts day and night, a balancing between darkness and light).

Soulstrology says this is no cosmic coincidence but is indicative of the fact that wherever we may feel darkness currently in our lives or the world (ahem, Capricorn rules the patriarchy) is where we will see huge shifts and a turn in the tide to more light and balance come March 2020 where a new chapter will be birthed for all.

In the natural zodiac Capricorn rules structure, status, ambition, career and success.

It is a serious, grounded earth sign which climbs the mountain like its goat symbol.

This sign likes to identify in black and white what steps need to be taken in order to manifest its goals and will then work diligently to achieve them.

It loves tangible markers of success and indeed the power that accompanies such success (ahem, the patriarchy...more on this in the New Year).

Soulstrology says that in January 2018 with so many powerful aspects taking place in the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts we have the opportunity to not only plant the seeds which we wish to fruition in 2018 but also in two plus years time in March 2020.

Regardless of our zodiac sign, each of can tap into the grounded, mature energies of Capricorn to identify our goals, our career (and life) ambitions and what would constitute success and status for us - both personally and professionally.

We can plant the seeds energetically within our consciousness, and tangibly on the physical plane by setting intentions and goals for the year ahead and beyond.

Soulstrology tells us that more than ever, due to stern Saturn's presence in Capricorn, we need to start this year as we intend to go on.

With the knowledge that the cosmic headmaster is watching us and taking notes, and taking responsibility that how we start Saturn's transit of Capricorn will indicate how we fare over this transit and what we reap both this year, and also in Spring 2020 (and indeed for the rest of 2020 when Saturn strides back into Capricorn for a retrograde before settling fully into Aquarius).

Starting as we mean to go on, energetically, spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally; mind, body and soul.

It doesn't matter what has passed or failed, for it is in the past.

All that matters is the now.

Starting anew, planting the right seeds and starting as we mean to go on.

Mantra of the month:

I choose to start this year with a clean slate and have hope and faith that this year ahead can be everything I want it to be and more.

I embrace the energy of a fresh start knowing that that no matter what has come before, the past has passed and my only focus now is the gift of the present.

I infuse each area of my life and mind, body and soul with the energy of newness and excitement of what I can co-create with the Universe.

As always I will write detailed blogs for both the New and Full Moons.

Members can expect weekly cosmic updates and more detailed information for their zodiac sign for both the Full and New Moons.

In the meantime here are the key dates for your cosmic diary for January 2018.

January 1st/2nd: (depending on your timezone) Full Moon in Cancer (will write detailed blog on this)

January 2nd: Sun (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces) positive aspect good for making creative goals manifest

January 2nd: Uranus stations direct

January 3rd: Venus (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces) positive aspect for creativity and romance

January 6th: Mercury (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) powerful aspect for creative thinking, ideas and communications

January 6th: Mars (in Scorpio) conjuncts Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful aspect for manifesting but has a shadow side of excess and being power hungry.

January 8th: Sun (in Capricorn) sextiles Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful, positive aspect

January 8th: Mars (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful, positive aspect

January 8th: Venus (in Capricorn) sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio powerful, positive aspect

January 9th: Sun (in Capricorn) conjuncts Venus (in Capricorn) very powerful aspect particularly for love, creativity, socializing and business

January 9th: Venus (in Capricorn) conjuncts Pluto (in Capricorn) another very powerful aspect, particularly for love and with Mercury ending it's retrograde shadow the next day expect some transformation in certain love situations and a shift in 'power'

January 9th: Venus (in Capricorn) sextiles Mars (in Scorpio) powerful, positive aspect especially for passionate matters of the heart and masculine/feminine energies

January 10th: Sun (in Capricorn) sextiles Mars (in Scorpio) powerful positive aspect

January 11th: Mercury enters Capricorn (will write Members blog on this)

January 13th: Mercury (in Capricorn) conjuncts Saturn (in Capricorn) can feel heavy, intense on the mind but also a productive time to think about things practically (without depressing yourselves!)

January 13th: Venus (in Capricorn) squares Uranus (in Aries) intense aspect, can lead to lasting change in certain romantic situations or creative endeavors

January 14th: Sun (in Capricorn) squares Uranus (in Aries) powerful aspect, can be intense and bring about sudden change/a bolt from the blue

January 15: Jupiter (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn) a powerful, positive aspect

January 16/17: (depending on your timezone) New Moon in Capricorn (will write detailed blog on this) 

January 19th: Venus goes into Aquarius (will write Members blog on this)

January 19th: Mercury (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces) a great aspect for combining creativity and vision with practicality

January 24th: Mercury (in Capricorn) conjunct Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful aspect can be very productive but be mindful around communications (power struggles)

January 25th: Mercury (in Capricorn) sextiles Jupiter (in Pluto) positive aspect

January 27th: Mars moves into Sagittarius (will write Members blog on this)

January 28th: Mercury (in Capricorn) squares Uranus (in Aries) can be an unsettling aspect for communications so be mindful

January 31st: Total lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Leo (will write detailed blog on this)

I am wishing you all a very happy start to the New Year.

May we all start this year off as we mean to go on and may our efforts be rewarded for our highest good and the greater good of all.

So may it be.


Ambi x

New Moon in Sagittarius December 2017: Faith will fulfill your desires

Ambi Sitham

Seriously. Did you guys know I got granted my green card a few years ago (after such a hoo haa) with just a week left on my visa? Pure faith that the right thing would happen and total surrender to the process (after trying to micromanage it and failing!)

Seriously. Did you guys know I got granted my green card a few years ago (after such a hoo haa) with just a week left on my visa? Pure faith that the right thing would happen and total surrender to the process (after trying to micromanage it and failing!)

Hello lovely ones and happy almost New Moon in Sagittarius!

This New Moon takes place at 10.30pm PST Sunday 17th December 2017 (adjust for your timezone) and falls at 26 degrees of Sagittarius (as always, use the chart calculator on the site to work out where this New Moon falls in your chart).

This is a powerful and poignant New Moon for each of us as the Sagittarius ruled parts of each of our lives has been subjected to trials and tribulations since December 2014 when stern cosmic life coach Saturn entered Sagittarius.

As those of you who closely follow cosmic activity probably know, Saturn is due to leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn on December 20th 2017, literally three days after this New Moon.

And I am sure you are all aware that Mercury is currently retrograde in Sagittarius and his retrograde started at almost the exact same degree as Saturn stands at this New Moon.

Saturn is also conjunct this New Moon, which sits in a cosmic sandwich of Venus on one side and Saturn literally sat on top of the New Moon.

Soulstrology says this is no cosmic coincidence and that this New Moon is set up for each of us to make significant progress and move into a new chapter in the Sagittarius ruled parts of each of our charts.

Saturn's transits are notoriously challenging with the shadow of Saturn coming into play -  feeling stuck, delayed, heavy, restricted and being shown in no nonsense black and white terms where we have not created proper structures in our lives, or where we have failed to do things by the book and need to take action to correct this.

The shadow of Saturn can feel like a ginormous cosmic bitch slap with a dose of depression added in.

It can be really rough but Soulstrology reminds us that we are not being punished by Saturn but rather that we are being pushed.

Pushed to be a better, more grown up, version of ourselves which in turn pushes us into the next stage and chapter of our lives.

The light of Saturn is success.

Plain and simple, it is about achievement (whatever that means for each of us).

Soulstrology says that whilst Saturn may put us through the wringer, when he leaves an area of our charts he rewards us according to our efforts.

We are rewarded with a change in status, 'power' and the manifestation of our most cherished ambitions.

We reap what we sow and the better we have integrated the lessons of Saturn's transit the better we can tap into his rewards.

Saturn in Sagittarius have been uncomfortable bedfellows.

Whilst Saturn looks at the glass as half empty and what needs to be done, focusing on the logical and practical, Sagittarius looks at the glass as half full and and often bypasses logic and rationality using faith as their fuel for manifestation.

As a Sagittarius I can hold my hands up and say that operating off pure faith alone isn't ideal and does not lead to the manifestation of all your desires!

You have to get your hands dirty and get real about the nitty gritty which is needed to achieve your goals.

Optimism alone cannot take you to where you want to go.

However, optimism and faith are both essential to navigating this crazy human existence of life and sometimes pure faith alone, ignoring facts and figures, is what manifests miracles in people's lives.

Think of the people that are given an awful medical diagnosis.

Who are told they are terminally ill, will never walk again, can never conceive a child, etc.

And think of those that defy these odds and the 'facts' totally defying science!

They have faith over fear. They believe in a miracle and so they experience one.

The shadow of Saturn is fear, and faith is the antidote to fear.

Turning now to the exact aspects of this New Moon.

At this lunar event with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, we are asked to review where we have experienced struggles, delays, karmic lessons and more since December 2014 and we are asked to RESET ourselves and our goals in these areas of life.

We can do this with confidence which comes from the comfort that the harsher energies of Saturn will soon lift and the energy that we experience in this area of our lives will soften, allowing life to flow better.

With Venus on one side and Saturn on the other, this New Moon opens us up to abundance, love and harmony (Venus) which has structure and status (Saturn).

The intentions we set at this time can be both dreamy and creative (Venus) and be a tangible reality (Saturn).

Change agent Uranus makes a powerful aspect to this New Moon indicating that we may experience a seemingly sudden breakthrough in an area of life in which we have felt stuck or stifled, or experienced disappointments, delays or loss in (Saturn).

The energies of this New Moon are truly about liberation, a lightening of the pressure, freedom, creativity, love, abundance - all of which have lasting power.

It truly is a beautiful New Moon but Soulstrology tells us that the most important element of this New Moon is faith.

Faith that all is unfolding as it ought to, for our highest good.

Faith that a delay is not a denial.

Faith in ourselves.

Faith in others.

Faith in the bigger picture.

Faith in the universe.

Our faith is the fuel that will get us through the darkest days in our lives and the world.

Our faith will fulfill our desires.

Perhaps not how we expected, or in our timing, but for the highest good of all in perfect divine timing.

New Moon Mantra

I trust that all I have experienced, 'good' or 'bad' has been necessary for my soul's journey and my ultimate evolution.

I have faith in myself and my ability to overcome challenges and to achieve my goals

I believe in my ability to co-create with the Universe

I have faith that the Universe is benefic and wants my highest good

I choose faith over fear

I choose faith as my fuel

I know faith will fulfill my desires in divine timing

And with that, this Sagittarius who has been put through the wringer with Saturn, signs off to you all with so much love and faith that a sweet new beginning is beckoning for each of us.

So may it be.

With love and faith,

Ambi x

Full Moon in Gemini December 3 2017: Saying what you mean and meaning what you say

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy Full Moon in Gemini!

The last Full Moon of 2017 is a SUPER Full Moon and takes place just hours after Mercury turns officially retrograde for the last time this year....

This is a powerful cosmic combination and alongside other celestial aspects at this time makes for a very intense final Full Moon of 2017.

The Full Moon takes place on Sunday December 3rd at 7.46am PST (adjust for your timezone) at 11 degrees of Gemini (check the chart calculator on my site to see where you have 11 degrees Gemini and therefore the life areas which are being highlighted by La Luna).

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini turns retrograde hours before the Full Moon and Soulstrology says that this makes the focus of this Full Moon even more internal than usual as Mercury retrograde makes us look inward and focus on resolving internal issues so that we can not only move forward but also manifest on the physical plane.

Turning now to the specific aspects of this Full Moon.

The day before the Full Moon, Jupiter (in Scorpio) makes a beautiful harmonious aspect to Neptune (in Pisces).

This aspect is very much still in force at the time of the Full Moon and brings spiritual, creative, romantic and magical energies into play at this lunar event.

This somewhat helps balance the energy of Mercury's retrograde (which is always at its most potent on the day it stations retrograde and direct) as well as the very harsh square aspect made by Neptune (in Pisces) to the Full Moon.

A square aspect is a tense aspect which tends to bring out more of the shadow of that sign or planet and in this case Neptune is right at home in Pisces (Neptune is ruler of Pisces) and the shadow here is of deception, self-delusion, addictions and victim syndrome.

This is the energy being pinged cosmically from the Pisces ruled parts of each of our charts to both the Sagittarius ruled parts of our charts (the Sun is in Sagittarius) and the Gemini zone of our charts which hosts this Full Moon.

This aspect in addition to Mercury's retrograde motion bringing the usual muddles messages and mayhem means that events around this Full Moon may be like a mirage and not as they appear.

Soulstrology consciousness is to take everything with a pinch of salt at this Full Moon.

To try hard not to REact (one of the only RE's that is a Mercury retrograde no and is a general Soulstrology no no!) and instead to sit back and allow the cosmic clouds to pass (or at least for the Full Moon to start to wane a little) and allow for clarity.

We are each encouraged to stay clear headed at this Full Moon (think avoiding escapism and over indulging) in order to navigate it mindfully.

We are also asked to not believe everything we think at this time (because sometimes trickster Mercury can make our minds are biggest foes) and to be very careful with our words and communications (even more so than at usual Full Moons).

Which leads me nicely onto the title of this blog.

Gemini in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the third house of our mind and communication, our 'voice' in all formats.

The shadow of Gemini, which each of us can fall foul to and may be illuminated in the lunar spotlight, is to talk the talk, but not walk the talk.

It is also to gossip and even if not to outright bitch, to unnecessarily talk of others and their business.

It is to be superficial in what we say and do, with our words and actions not matching each other.

I think each of us, if we are honest, are guilty of all or a combo of the above at some point...

The Soulstrology theme of this Full Moon is for us to truly walk our talk.

To say what we mean, and to mean what we say.

I always tell people I coach and mentor that words have energy and so much power.

What we say to ourselves and others and put out into the universe is reflected back to us.

Yet so many of us are poisoning our existences each and everyday.

Ranting and bitching about someone may feel momentarily good (and perhaps even morally justified) but comes with a karmic boomerang that bitch slaps us and leaves us with a bruise and a nasty taste in our mouths!

Superficial conversations may be seemingly harmless but often stop us from experiencing the depth and richness which can come from a real conversation where we are truly focused on the person in front of us (regardless of whether we know them or they are a stranger).

What we say to ourselves daily is the most important conversation we will ever have and many of us are our own worst critic and foe.

We think bad thoughts about ourselves, our lives, the world and this energy reflects back at us!

Some of us may be overly confident, arrogant even, having a daily conversation that frankly feeds the every hungry ego but causes separation from the soul and from others, which over time results in a tough love lesson - sometimes bringing people to their knees so they can be humbled so they become humble.

And probably every single one of us often says what we do not mean and do not mean what we say.

I know I used to be (still am sometimes but I am getting SO much better at it) terrible at not meaning what I said and not saying what I meant, even though it came from a sort of good place.

Let me explain this to you further in case it helps you (I am fine with being the cosmic guinea pig, I have probably made every mistake under the sun so if it helps others for me to share, it was worth it!).

For pretty much all of my life I was a blunt Sagittarius.

I said what I meant, meant what I said but often it was mean.

Not that I meant to be mean but it just came out mean as I was more often than not brutally blunt (hey the truth often hurts and people often aren't ready to hear things but also it wasn't my place to be telling people certain things, even if they were truths!)

Then in 2008 I had my awakening and started some deep spiritual ego work and became a egg shell walking people pleaser totally overcompensating for my prior bluntness and creating a whole new set of issues to deal with.

This all happened until circa 2013.

During those years (and it still happens occasionally but I would say rarely) I would not say what I really meant to people and it would end up biting me on the arse as we say in England (or ass as you all say).

For example, I would not tell someone how I really felt, what I really wanted (or didn't want) and instead would people please in my communications which would end up displeasing me and usually end up with me having a meltdown at some point and causing friction with said person (s).

Then I would not mean what I would say.

'Yes, we should totally have lunch/dinner/get drinks'  = words.

'I like you but I have no real desire or intention to meet up again' = true thoughts/feelings.

I would also not walk my talk.

`I am going to write a book!'

Two years later. No book writing done. Or so little, it was shameful.

Lesson learned = books don't write themselves.

'I am going to get fit and healthy! I am going to stop over indulging, partying so much and being hedonistic'

Still partied. Didn't exercise. Overindulged. Wondered why I looked and felt like shit.

Lesson learned = you need to STFU and take action and stop yabbering on about what you are going to do and actually DO IT!

These are some small examples but since 2013 I have truly (for the most part, hey I am still a work in progress) said what I mean and meant what I have said.

I have also walked my talk.

I became healthy, dropped bad habits, started taking care of my health - mind, body and soul and stopped talking as much and started doing (in all areas, so for example, I knew I wanted to write as a way of helping people and expressing myself and I have done this consistently and diligently even when it hasn't been easy or I have been tired. And in case you are wondering, yes, I did write a book, but it needs editing/rewrites!)

I stopped being fake nice and making arrangements which I knew I would never keep (or would keep and not enjoy and then feel resentful) and started to be honest and ultimately kinder to myself and others at the outset.

I became accountable to myself and that's when life - after having bitch slapped and sucker punched me for almost two years straight - started to respond lovingly and magically and the blessings started to flow...

I slip now and then as my old people pleaser raises her head and sometimes my actions don't match my words but for the most part, I have changed and life has changed magically too.

Life isn't perfect.

But I am very happy and it is imperfectly perfect and I have no doubt that strengthening my personal integrity by aligning my consciousness, words and actions had a lot to do with that.

So enough about me and now turning to you.

Think carefully about all of the Gemini shadow and be honest with yourself about what shadow you may find yourself slipping into.

How often do you let the shadow of Neptune which rears its head at this Full Moon (self delusion, deception of others) impact your words and communications?

Then ask yourself the following questions.

1) Where and to whom do I not say what I truly mean and why? How does this impact me and my relationships?

2) In what areas of life am I all talk but little, or no walk? Why do I do this and what is the outcome for me?

3) How can I be more honest and soulful with myself and others in my communications?

4) Where am I deceiving myself, even in my own thoughts and conversations with myself, about a person or situation and how is this impacting my life?

5) With whom do I need to have a difficult conversation and why am I putting it off?

6) Am I and if so, how am I, superficial in a less than soulful way in my communications and how does this impact me and others?

7) How can I speak more mindfully with more consciousness so that even lighthearted, fun conversations are healthy and soulful for me and the person I am conversing with?

Answer these questions honestly and you will have the content for your burn and release list....write your list and indulge in a little burn and release ceremony (under the moonlight if you can) and watch the words burn and visualize the energy leaving you and making space for mindful magic.

Full Moon Mantra:

I observe what happens at this Full Moon rather than judging it

I choose my thoughts carefully knowing they form my reality

I respect the energy and power of words and I am mindful and soulful in what I say, to whom and when

I trust myself to think thoughts and speak words which are truthful and serve the highest good of all

I walk my talk knowing that actions speak louder than words

May each of our words align with our consciousness and our actions and may this bring us into alignment with ourselves and the cosmos and help us manifest more what truly serves our highest good and the greater good of all.

And so it is.

Wishing you all a mindful, healing and aligning Full Moon.


Ambi x

December 2017: Looking backwards to move forward

Ambi Sitham



Hello lovely ones and welcome to December 2017!

The last month of 2017 is set to be an intense one with Mercury already in retrograde shadow and the official retrograde starting hours before the last Full Moon of 2017 which will be a Super Full Moon at that!

Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius and Saturn is in his final stages of transiting Sagittarius as he will depart the Sagittarius zone of the zodiac on December 20th and move into Capricorn.

This Mercury retrograde will dominate the last month of the year as will the Sagittarius ruled part of each of our charts with the Sun shining brightly in Sagittarius for the first three weeks of the month.

The Saturn in Sagittarius transit started in December 2014 and apart from a few months in the summer of 2015 when Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio, Saturn has been putting each of us through the mill when it comes to the Sagittarius ruled parts of lives in our unique charts.

Use the chart calculator on this website to see which areas of life Sagittarius governs in your life to understand where this transit has played out for you in terms of life areas.

As a Sagittarius sun sign, with a total of four planets in Sagittarius, I can tell you that this transit has been extremely challenging, and not escaping the deep sorrow that Saturn often brings  (with my Dad passing away) but has also seen me mature and grow and create new strong foundations in my life.

I am grateful for the lessons and the blessings but also ready to wave Saturn goodbye for another 28 years!

Turning now to the title of this blog and the Soulstrology theme for December 2017.

It is no cosmic coincidence that Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius during the final weeks of Saturn's transit of Sagittarius.

Mercury retrogrades as I think you all know by now, are a great opportunity to do all things RE. RE view, REconcile, RE think, RE consider, RE start, REunite and so on.

This particular Mercury retrograde is asking us to look back over the last year but also over the last few years of Saturn's transit and the personal challenges, delays, or fear we may have experienced (all of these are Saturn's shadow).

We are being asked by the cosmos to look backwards but only insofar as to learn and integrate the lessons so that we can truly move forwards.

As the quote in the image accompanying this blog wisely says, we learn from our mistakes or we go backwards in life.

Soulstrology says that if we keep repeating the same mistakes we cannot point the finger of blame at the cosmos, the moon and stars, we need to take responsibility and turn the finger around and point it at ourselves.

We are continually co-creating our existences with the cosmos so we need to do our bit to tap into the energies and blessings which are available.

Soulstrology reminds us that mistakes are powerful, valuable lessons and that we will always be making mistakes in life and this is part of the human existence.

However, we know we are growing when we stop making the same mistakes and start making new ones!

That's when we know we have shed old karma and have new opportunities for growth and new blessings to tap into.

Some people get sensitive or defensive around the idea of making a mistake and taking responsibility for it but this over sensitivity and defensiveness is usually just an ego reaction.

It's easier to adopt victim consciousness but it is more rewarding to adopt victor consciousness and alchemize our mistakes into mastery and miracles.

Whilst Saturn's tough love is often focused upon it is easy to forget that this is the planet that rewards hard work over time.

Saturn transits may test you, but they will also reward you!

When the cosmic taskmaster departs a zone of your chart it's as though he gives you a star based on your efforts.

In each of our lives this star equates to reaping what we have sown.

But the transit is not over yet and Mercury's retrograde can bring back past issues for final healing and closure so we can move forwards and receive our cosmic dues from Saturn.

Gold stars all around please!

Over the next month when many of us are in holiday mode and focusing on festivities and gifts, give yourself the gift of time and effort into reviewing your life over the last year and the Sagittarius ruled part of your life over the last three years.

It truly is the greatest gift you can give yourself so that you can move forwards to have the 2018 you desire...

Mantra of the month:

I practice patience with myself and others knowing any seeming delays or mistakes are in cosmic order and will unravel themselves for the highest good in divine timing

I look backwards with courage and faith knowing that by healing the past I can transform my future

I embrace my mistakes as MUST TAKES and willingly integrate the lessons trusting that doing so will create the space for me to receive

As always I will write detailed blogs for both the New and Full Moons.

Members can expect weekly cosmic updates and more detailed information for their zodiac sign for both the Full and New Moons.

In the meantime here are the key dates for your cosmic diary for December 2017.

December 1: Mars (in Libra) opposes Uranus (in Aries) - tense aspect, can lead to conflict and power struggles, positive outcome is sudden change manifesting

December 2: Jupiter (in Scorpio) trines Neptune (in Pisces) harmonious, romantic, creative, spiritual aspect

December 2: Venus moves into Sagittarius (will write Member's blog on this)

December 3: Mercury turns retrograde at 28 degrees Sagittarius

December 3: Full Moon Gemini (will write detailed blog on this and Members will get a guide for their zodiac sign)

December 6: Mercury (in Sagittarius) conjuncts Saturn (in Sagittarius) a heavy aspect for the mind. The past may come knocking. Information may come to light regarding challenges or tests from the past

December 10: Mercury (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) Unexpected communication or information. Positive aspect.

December 11: Mars moves into Scorpio (will write detailed blog for Members on this)

December 12: Sun (in Sagittarius) conjunct Mercury (in Sagittarius) a powerful aspect which may tell you what this Mercury retrograde represents for you

December 15: Mercury (in Sagittarius) conjuncts Venus (in Sagittarius) a powerful positive aspect for love and creativity

December 16: Sun (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect

December 17: New Moon (PT) in Sagittarius (will write detailed blog on this)

December 20: Venus (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect

December 21: Winter Solstice

December 21: Saturn moves into Capricorn

December 22: Sun (in Capricorn) conjuncts Saturn (in Capricorn) powerful aspect, can be very productive, can also feel heavy

December 23: Mercury stations direct at 13 degrees of Sagittarius (it's not over though! Now it's the post retrograde shadow!)

December 25: Venus moves into Capricorn (will write detailed blog on this for Members)

December 25: Venus (in Capricorn) conjuncts Saturn (in Capricorn) I predict LOTS of Christmas Day proposals in 2017 (more than usual!) as Venus governs love, Saturn governs commitment and status!

December 28: Mars (in Scorpio) trines Neptune (in Pisces) positive powerful aspect for creativity, romance/sex and spirituality

I am wishing you all a wonderful last month of 2017.

May we all have the courage to look backwards and heal and clear so we can finally move forward.


Ambi x