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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

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Member Blog: Soulstrology Zodiac guide to Cancer season and Summer Soulstice

Ambi Sitham

Unfiltered magic at Lummi Island May 2016

Unfiltered magic at Lummi Island May 2016

Hello lovely ones and happy Monday!

In cosmic news it's almost the end of airy Gemini season and the start of Cancer season.

This Wednesday June 21st is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, with the most light, which officially marks the start of Summer.

The Solstice, or SOULSTICE as I like to call it, is a wonderful time for us to connect to the energetic light available and infuse that into our lives.

I suggest a simple ritual to connect to the energies of the Soulstice.

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February 2017 Leo Lunar Eclipse Soulstrology Scopes

Ambi Sitham

*Read both your sun and rising sign*


The cosmic spotlight is on your 5th and 11th houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 5th house.

This eclipse is the perfect cosmic window to purge and heal all wounds in relation to matters of the heart.

It’s also time to heal any sadness around children whether that is your own (or your desire to have your own), the children of the world, or your inner child.

Let go of any blocks and barriers that stop you from having FUN, pursuing your hobbies, enjoying down time and embracing your inner child and expressing yourself creatively, just for the pure pleasure of creating.

The eclipse also asks you to look at your 11th house in which the sun is shining and to consideryour friendships/your tribe and your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

Do your friendships and tribe support/serve the manifestation of your hopes, wishes and dreams?

It is said that we are the sum total of the five people we spend the most time with.

If you are feeling stuck in the pursuit of your most cherished goals then Soulstrology says you need to ask yourself if your friendships are truly aligned with your higher self and serving your highest good.

Find a balance between embracing your unique voice and creativity as well as being part of group endeavors.

Aim for balance between your romantic life and friendships. Check how the scales are tilted and adjust them where necessary.

Having solid friendships/an active social life and a thriving love life are not mutually exclusive goals!

The next two years will see many of your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams coming true and big positive changes in your love life but you need to make space for those blessings.

Use this lunar eclipse to release and reset and pave the cosmic path for you to receive.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 4th and 10th houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 4th house.

The cosmos is stirring up big changes which will require a balancing of the scales between your home life and your career ambitions.

With this lunar eclipse falling in your 4th house of home and family it is time to ask yourself if you are truly happy with your home and if not to make changes (move if necessary!)

This 4th house also refers to our childhood and the family we were born into as well as the family we will have. Do you need to let go of attachments or wounds from your childhood that may be blocking you in having your own domestic bliss?

Are your career ambitions and desire for success in some way infringing upon your home and family life (or desire for a family life?)

Soulstrology says that we can have it all in a soulful, balanced, healthy way.

We can be ambitious and pursue our passions and enjoy success whilst also enjoying a private life, family and domesticity.

Use this lunar eclipse to release any wounds, blocks or barriers around your home, family and childhood.

Aim to find balance between your public self and your private life.

Purge and release that which doesn’t serve you so you can enjoy the domestic bliss that the cosmos is setting up for you.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 3rd and 9th houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 3rd house of your mind and voice.

The next two years are a fated time for you in terms of all projects that relate to your voice and how you communicate.

This can range from your actual voice (performing, singing, podcasts, lecturing) to books, blogging, an app or a show that you are producing.

Use this cosmic window to heal and release any blocks and barriers around your voice and communication, including any related projects.

Allow the moon to shine the cosmic spotlight on your mind and its inner workings.

It is said that at any given point our minds are either or greatest allies or our greatest foes.

Ask yourself if your mind is your friend, or frenemy?

Soulstrology says that you need to embrace the qualities of the 9th house (where the sun is shining at this eclipse) in relation to your mind and thought processes as well as your voice.

As well as healing any negative thought and communication patterns try and embrace a more spiritual, measured approach in how you think and speak.

Aim to dig deep and to learn more about the subjects you wish to express your ‘voice’ in, whatever format that takes.

Soulstrology says that the degree to which you can slow down and go deep with your mind and voice is the degree to which you will receive cosmic rewards which may be as simple (and yet priceless) as peace of mind or projects relating to your mind/voice coming to fruition.

At this powerful cosmic window reset your mind, free yourself from mental slavery and emancipate your voice.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 2nd and 8th houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 2nd house.

The cosmos is asking you to purge and release around your income, personal finances and your values, including your self esteem.

It is said that people can be funny about money. And not necessarily in a good way.

What is your relationship with money? Do you undervalue or overvalue the energy of money?

Because money is just that, energy. It is energy that allows us to obtain the things we desire.

It is energy that we receive according to how we value its purpose in our life and also how we value ourselves.

If we do not truly value ourselves, we cannot be valued and we cannot receive.

At this eclipse the sun is shining in your 8th house which relates to joint finances and projects and there is a rebalancing required here.

Whether it is joint bank accounts with a partner (marriage/romantic or professional) or finances that in some way conjoins you to another party (an investor or bank) it is time to balance the scales taking into account what and who you truly value, and ensuring that any such arrangements reflect both your value and values.

You are entering into a fated time over the next two years regarding your personal finances, possessions and your self esteem, all of which will receive a huge boost.

As always you need to make space to gracefully accept your dues.

Release, heal, purge and reset so you can receive your cosmic (and financial) rewards.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 1st and 7th houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your first house.

The next two years will see huge changes in both your personal identity and your closest relationships.

Many of you will see your personal identity transform as a result of your closest relationships, as you become part of a double act of sorts (whether that is romantic or professional).

For others disentangling yourself from a double act will be necessary to allow you to have a better relationship with yourself, which is arguably the most important relationship of all.

Soulstrology says that this lunar eclipse requires you to look within to understand the depths of your psyche better and its impact upon all your serious relationships.

Our wounds act as blocks and barriers to us having healthy close relationships of all sorts.

Use this cosmic window to explore old wounds and limiting beliefs.

Take a look at your current close relationships and those from the past. What patterns can you see? What is being repeated that reflects your relationship with yourself which impacts upon your relationship with others?

Nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

Take time at this lunar eclipse to heal, release and purge what does not serve you so that you can enjoy a better relationship with yourself.

Reset your relationship with yourself so that over the next two years you can flourish as a truly empowered individual.

In turn this will pave the path for better relationships with others.  It’s a win/win!



The cosmic spotlight is on your 12th and 6th houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 12th house.

The 12th house is a deeply spiritual house and shows us where we have great spiritual potential but also how we can be our own worst enemy.

At this eclipse you need to look carefully at what is hidden or submerged (12th house themes) and how it can hinder, or worse, harm you.

What do you do without credit or what do you keep secret from others? What are the ways in which you come undone in life? How are you your own worst enemy and/or do you have frenemies that need purging from your life?

How does self sabotaging behavior perhaps prevent you from being your highest most spiritual self?

Over the next two years you will experience a push pull between the 12th house and 6th house matters such as your daily routine, workload, health and your mind/body/soul.

You may need periods of isolation and retreat and to place yourself in a protective bubble as such (all 12th house themes) so that you can manage your daily lifestyle and maintain good health and mind/body/soul alignment.

Your nature is to serve others but at this lunar eclipse you are required to release all the self sabotaging subconscious behaviors which stop you from truly serving yourself.

Soulstrology says that by facing your self saboteur demons and banishing them, embracing periods of isolation and retreat so you can recharge, the cosmos will reward you with a much better lifestyle,  good health and the all important mind/body/soul alignment.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 11th and 5th houses axis with the lunar eclipse falling in your 11th house.

Your friendships, associations and your tribe are being highlighted at this cosmic window as well as your goals and hopes for the future.

Ruled by Venus you modus operandi is that of a congenial social butterfly.

However at this eclipse the cosmos is asking you to take a good look at your friendships.

Does your tribe truly serve your vibe? And equally importantly, does your vibe truly serve your tribe?

Rather than fluttering like a butterfly from one group to another, the emphasis over the next two years is on finding your true soul tribe, the beings who are more than just part of a fun and frothy social life but who also enrich your soul growth.

Also in the lunar spotlight are your most cherished hopes and dreams for your future.

Now is the perfect time to review your progress in relation to these goals.

Release and purge any resentment, frustration or fears you may have and look within to see what may need healing and aligning so your dreams are able to manifest.

With the sun shining in your 5th house of love, fun and creativity Soulstrology says you must balance the scales between your love life and tribe time,  between your dreams for the future and your current enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life.

You are the sign of the scales and harmony. If you can truly release that which does not serve you and re-balance the scales in the two life areas highlighted, then this lunar event will pave the way for your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams to come to fruition with both your tribe and beloved cheering you on.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 10th and 4th houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 10th house.

The 10th house or midheaven is the highest point of the natal chart and represents success, ambition, status and fame.

Soulstrology says that this house also represents our legacy in this lifetime which is essentially our soul’s purpose.

At this lunar eclipse the cosmos is asking you to be honest about what success truly means to you.

It asks you to align your earthly ambitions with your heart’s deepest desires.

It asks you to seek soulful success knowing that this is true success and the fulfillment of your soul’s legacy.

Over the next two years you are destined to make great leaps and bounds in your career and public image, however you need to create a vessel to receive these blessings.

Use the intensity of the eclipse to release any limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviors.

Ask the cosmos to release any blocks and barriers (energetic and physical) that may be preventing you from manifesting your worldly soulful ambitions.

With the sun shining in your 4th house you are also required to find the balance between the domestic, private you and the ambitious, public you.

The two personas can co-exist and you can enjoy both areas of life.

Meditate and ask your soul to lead the way in purging what does not serve you so you can receive what is yours both at home and out in the world.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 9th and 3rd houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 9th house.

In the natural zodiac you are the ruler of this house, governing spirituality, philosophy, higher learning, travel (in the mind and in the physical realm), justice/legal matters and publishing.

With stern Saturn in your sign since 2014 and here until the end of the year you are still being tutored by the cosmic life coach.

As a result you may have felt stuck in some of your goals in areas which usually come so naturally to you.

Over the next two years your cosmic destiny is to make great strides in the life areas ruled by this house.

Soulstrology says you must identify and release any blocks or barriers which may be preventing you from manifesting in your cosmic domain.

With the sun shining in your 3rd house of your mind and communication you also need to take the soul temperature of your mind and voice at this eclipse.

Are you expressing yourself fully? Is your mind helping or hindering your ‘voice’ and your 9th house ambitions?

Purge, process, heal, release, balance and reset to make space for your natural cosmic gifts to shine.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 8th and 2nd houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 8th house.

This house governs joint resources and finances, whether this is joint investments/projects, marital monies, debts, loans.

This house is also considered to be the house of transformation (and sex) as when we merge with another (whether financially or physically!) there is a degree of transformation and evolution involved.

Ruled by Saturn you can be quite practical about such matters, allowing your head, logic and facts to prevail.

However, this is often at the expense of your heart and soul and allowing yourself to hear and feel their whispers.

Soulstrology says this eclipse requires you to dig deep and allow yourself to get emo around these areas so you can process and purge anything that is preventing you from the true transformation which comes when you re-emerge after you merge.

At this cosmic window take some time to look at your 2nd house where the sun is shining and consider how you may balance your personal finances, your values and self esteem with what (and how) you share with others.

Over the next two years joint projects and resources are being highlighted by the cosmos as areas where you will make great leaps and bounds.

Allow this eclipse to reset you in relation to all joint ventures so you are able to receive the cosmic (and financial) rewards that come from merging and transforming.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 7th and 1st houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 7th house.

With the light of the moon the cosmos is asking you to focus on your closest relationships, platonic, romantic, professional. Which of these relationships needs healing? Do any of these relationships need releasing? Are you holding onto wounds from previous close relationships that are negatively impacting upon your current close partnerships? Or worse, preventing you from having and enjoying partnerships?

Over the next two years you are entering into a fated time where your cosmic destiny is to enter into partnerships or to make great strides in current partnerships.

As one of the most independent signs of the cosmos your modus operandi is to be autonomous or to find intimacy in groups (you are the ruler of the 11th house of friendships), however the cosmos is pushing you to experience the deeper intimacy which comes from one to one partnerships.

Use this eclipse to release old wounds, subconscious self sabotaging patterns and behaviors and limiting beliefs that block you from receiving and enjoying close relationships.

Find the balance between embracing your autonomy and being in a partnership.

If you can harness the energies of this eclipse fully to process, purge and reset then you can expect the cosmic rewards of better relationships of all sorts going forward.



The cosmic spotlight is on your 6th and 12th houses with the lunar eclipse falling in your 6th house.

Over the next two years the cosmic spotlight is on your 6th house and your day to day lifestyle/work and your health.

Soulstrology says it is a fated time when you will experience big (positive) changes in how (and where) you work, your daily routine and your health.

The full moon will shine a light to make you ask yourself the right questions that help you create the space for these cosmic rewards.

How does your daily lifestyle and workload impact upon your health? Does your lifestyle serve mind, body, soul alignment? How can you have a better daily lifestyle and manageable workload that means you are serving yourself as well as others?

At the eclipse the sun is shining in your 12th house which your sign rules in the natural zodiac, governing the hidden and submerged, dreams, the subconscious, isolation and retreat.

It is also known as the house of self undoing and self sabotaging behaviors.

How can you maintain a balance between your need for retreat and isolation in order to energetically reset, refuel and maintain good health, whilst going about your daily routine and service?

What self sabotaging behaviors are preventing you from experiencing a harmonious daily routine?

By setting some clear boundaries you can ensure you receive what is destined to come your way for your highest good and the service of your soul.

January 2017: Sowing the seeds for soulful success

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and welcome to January 2017!

A brand new year, a clean slate and the opportunity to be, do and have all that you desire.

Yes, really!

What does Soulstrology say this first month of this sparkling new year has in store and how can each of us work with this to experience our best year yet?

As I mentioned in my Capricorn new moon post, in numerology this year ahead is a 1 year, meaning that in contrast to 2016 (which was very much about cleaning house, shedding skin, endings and purging) 2017 is all about beginnings, creativity, hope, optimism and miracles.

However, as always, we cannot sit on our bums (or butts as my lovely Yankies like to say) and expect that this year will simply deliver the goodies.

We have to create space, on both the metaphysical and physical planes, and work with the cosmos to receive the miracles available to us.

This first month of this new year may feel as though it is getting off to a sluggish start due to mercurial Mercury still in retrograde motion.

Mercury stations direct on January 8th in Sagittarius and will then move back into Capricorn as it travels through its post retrograde shadow period which finally ends on 27th January.

With the sun in goal orientated Capricorn for most of the month highlighting our ambitions, our status and what we consider success it is a great time for each of us to be thinking about this year ahead and what we truly want and how we can get it.

Although we may think what we want is obvious, it rarely is.

In my private coaching work I more often than not find that when people first come to work with me they think they want X, Y and Z and are very clear about their goals.

However when we delve deep into the work of alchemy and Soulstrology their goals often dramatically change and their lives transform in a way that they couldn’t really contemplate at the outset, yet results in them being much happier and fulfilled mind/body/soul, both spiritually and in terms of their physical/earthly life.

Soulstrology says that the seeming sluggish nature to the start of this new year is actually an incredible opportunity for each of us to sow the seeds for the year ahead and for mind/body/soul aligned soulful success.

The kind of success that fills you with genuine happiness and truly serves you.

If this new year is feeling sluggish to you, or if you feel stuck (or worse dread) about the year ahead, then do not allow this to overcome you.

Use this time to do a little naval gazing and to really think about your values and whether your goals are a true reflection of those values. Think about the kind of lifestyle you enjoy and whether the achievement of your goals will truly allow you to live the day to day life you genuinely desire.

Consider the roles you play in life and which of these roles are the most important to you. Do your goals really reflect both your values and your most cherished roles (either current or a role you wish to play in life)?

The seeds of consciousness we plant this month, the resetting of goals, the steps we take to make space both internally and externally to receive our blessings, all the work we do in the next month is setting up our year ahead.

Do not underestimate how much can happen in a year, intend to make it your best year yet!

Below are the key cosmic dates for your diary.

January 1 -19th- Sun in Capricorn

January 1-29th – Mars in Pisces

January 4th Venus moves into Pisces where she remains for rest of month

January 8th – Mercury stations direct at 28 degrees Sagittarius

January 12th – Full moon in Cancer (INTENSE, will post detailed blog on this)

January 12th – Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces (romantic/creative/spiritual aspect)

January 20th – Sun moves into Aquarius

January 27th – New moon in Aquarius (will write detailed blog on this)

January 27th – Mercury out of retrograde shadow (woohoo!)

January 27th – Chinese New Year (year of the Rooster)

I will write more on the new moon and full moon on this blog and post other snippets on Facebook and Instagram.

In the meantime I am wishing you all a very happy start to 2017!



Ambi x

Happy New Year and 2017 Soulstrology scopes!

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly new year!

I am so excited that in 2017 I will be providing much more detailed Soulstrology scopes, Soulstrology courses and content on all things mind/body/soul and wellness.

I have been wanting to do this for a long time…but as we know there is divine timing for everything and 2017 seems to be the year for my intentions to finally manifest into action!

I am currently updating my website to house all this information (to be launched after mercury retrograde shadow of course!) and preparing lots of other content which you can all access in due course.

My desire is to share my teachings and services on a wider scale to help each of you to help yourselves create alchemy in your lives, as well as for me to enjoy creative self expression in different formats.

Watch this space post mercury retrograde shadow…

In the meantime I wanted to share with you all some short Soulstrology scopes for the year ahead which I contributed for a beautiful magazine called TwentySix for the gorgeous luxury watch brand Larsson and Jennings.

These are short summary Soulstrology scopes giving you a taster of what the cosmos has in store for you over the year ahead.

For more detailed information for your sign you can read, listen and watch comprehensive content on the site from February onwards which will help you to be your own Soulstrologer and alchemist!

But for now check out the Soulstrology Scopes for 2017 below.

Do make sure to read for both your sun sign and your rising sign.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year!


Ambi x




Aries 2017 brings you luck in partnerships of all sorts with Jupiter in your opposite sign of Libra.

This is the year for coupling up, whether romantically or professionally.

With your ruler Mars in your sign from January 30th to March 11th you will be in your element so use this period to sow the seeds for the year ahead.

From 21st April to 4th May you may feel some push back with your plans and activities due to Mercury retrograde in your sign. Aries born at April 14-20th will feel this transit most.

Go against your fiery nature and don’t try and force things into happening. Instead use this time to rest, reflect, renew and reconcile.

By harnessing the two powerful new moons in Leo in your house of true love, children and creativity (July 23rdand August 21st) you can expect a glorious summer in all of these areas.

Saturn continues his tour of the zone of your chart governing legal matters, foreign places/people, publishing and higher education.

By the end of 2017 you can expect closure or completion on matters regarding any of these matters which may have felt somewhat stuck in the last two years.



2017 is a year in which you can manifest positive changes with regards to your health and daily lifestyle.

This year you can also experience seeming out of the blue luck with work thanks to Jupiter’s influence in the zone of your chart governing your health and day to day work/lifestyle.

Harness the energy of Mars between March 9th and April 20th to push forwards with all of your plans and ambitions as this sparks a two year cycle of manifesting with February 2019 being the next time you enjoy Mars in your sign again.

Mercury retrograde motion over your birthday season will affect bulls born between April 20th and 25th most.

However all of you can benefit by using this time for reflection, rest and renewal, preparing you for your next year around the sun.

Saturn in your joint money zone/joint projects since end 2014 could have brought some harsh realities or issues with others over finances and projects.

This year focus on taking care of your personal responsibility with regards to these areas.

This paves the way for you to receive a reward in terms of financial gain and/or joint projects when the cosmic life coach leaves this area of your chart in December.



Since December 2014 stern Saturn has been in your partnership zone raking up any karmic issues that need healing in your closest relationships.

Luckily in 2017 matters of the heart get a boost with benefic Jupiter in the zone of your chart governing true love, children, creativity and fun.

Many Geminis will fall in love this year and enjoy starting or adding to their families.

With Jupiter in your house of creativity making a harmonious aspect to Saturn in your partnership zone some Geminis will enjoy formalizing creative and business partnerships.

This aspect is strongest as the year starts throughout the month of January and once again in the month of August. Use both these periods to make progress in partnerships of all sorts.

Neptune and Chiron continue their dreamy dance in the zone of your chart relating to success and status. Consider what it takes for your ambitions to become a reality and implement plans that give structure to your dreams.

At the year’s end Saturn finally departs your partnership zone offering you closure where necessary and rewarding you with better partnerships of all sorts moving forward.



In 2017 Jupiter brings you luck and expansion with matters closest to every Cancerian’s heart; your home and family.

This will be a stellar year for all domestic matters with home moves or renovations coming to fruition.

Get your house in order (literally) before October 10 when Jupiter moves into the zone of your chart governing true love and children for the remainder of 2017 and most of 2018.

February is a good time to make career related moves with energetic Mars touring this part of your chart assisting your ambitions.

Make any big moves now as in March/April things will slow down and you may experience u turns due to Venus and Mercury retrograding in your career zone.

In 2017 Uranus is in his final stages of his transit of your career and status zone whilst Saturn continues to plough his way through your work, health and daily routine zone.

Understand the importance of the symbiotic relationship between these two areas so that by the year’s close you can create a revolution in your daily working life and career which allows you to fulfill your true potential and have a lifestyle that best serves your mind, body and soul.



Leo the world will hear your roar this year. With lucky Jupiter in your solar third house of communication until October 10 2017 this is the year for you to express your voice in all forms.

This year the lunar and solar eclipses move into the Leo/Aquarius axis where they will remain for two years. These eclipses create powerful windows of opportunity for you to overhaul your life.

The February 10th lunar eclipse in your sign offers an opportunity for some to bring close partnerships to fruition and a new chapter and for others will provide closure and healing.

Your birthday season is powerful this year with both Mars and TWO new moons in your sign, the first on July 23rdand the second a powerful solar eclipse in your sign on August 21st.

Harness the potent manifesting energies of this period to sow the seeds of lasting change to take place by your 2018 birthday.

Saturn is in his final transit of the zone of your chart governing true love, children, creativity and fun. At times you may feel he is stalling your progress but patience and diligence will be rewarded in all these life areas by end of the year.



In 2017 your income and personal finances will improve thanks to Jupiter’s influence in this area of your chart until mid-October.

Be mindful that you may also experience an increase in personal expenditure during this period and try to strike a healthy balance between spending and earning.

The solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26th falls in the partnership zone of your chart and opens a six month lunation for manifesting better partnerships of all sorts.

At the full moon in your sign on March 12th you can expect plans seeded in early September last year to come to fruition. Virgos born between 26th August and 6th September will feel the effect of this full moon the most.

Your family, home and domestic situation continues to be at the forefront of your mind in 2017.

With Saturn transiting this area of life since December 2014 you have probably felt the weight of responsibility around family/your home and the delicate balancing act between domestic life and career ambitions.

This theme continues in 2017 but you can expect some type of closure, completion and reward with domestic matters by the end of the year when Saturn departs this zone of your chart.



Libra, 2017 will be a year of positive shifts, transformations and miracles.

With cosmic giant Jupiter in your sign until mid-October you can expect this year ahead to be one where you experience positive progress in your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams with long term goals coming to fruition.

At the New Year your identity will be very much at the forefront of your mind making it a perfect time for a Jupiter inspired makeover. Think about an internal and external makeover which restores your soul as well as spruces up your image and wardrobe.

From early March to mid-April your ruler Venus goes retrograde meaning you should proceed with caution regarding matters of the heart and finances.

With change agent Uranus in his final transit of the partnership section of your chart some Librans (particularly those born 11-22nd October) may experience dramatic changes in their close relationships this year but even any seemingly unwelcome changes will allow you to create the shifts you truly deserve and desire.

As 2017 comes to a close you will receive some sort of reward or see a project come to fruition with regards to your voice, whether written or spoken.



Scorpio 2017 is a year of regeneration and renewal.

Until October 10 Jupiter’s powerful energies assist you with matters of healing, restoration, and work you do behind the scenes.

For some of you this may mean assistance with medical issues, therapy and psychological matters whereas for others it is about secret projects or what is hidden or submerged.

Either way come Jupiter’s move into your sign in October you will be presenting the world with a new and improved you.

The Pisces solar eclipse on February 26th opens a powerful six month portal for manifesting in matters of the heart, children, creativity and fun.

In March Venus turns retrograde in the same zone of your chart followed by Mercury retrograding in your partnership zone so be patient with any seeming delays knowing you have a six month lunation in which to create big shifts in these areas of life.

Saturn is in the final stretch of his transit of your money and finance zone.  The cosmic taskmaster requires you to get organized, take responsibility and clear up any financial issues so that you can receive a financial gift when he departs this zone of your chart at the end of the year.



The year starts with mercury retrograde in the zone of your chart relating to your personal finances.

Pluto entered this zone of your chart in 2008 and is now halfway through a transit which initially causes destruction in order to create a new foundation.

Use the first few weeks of 2017 and Mercury’s retrograde motion in this area of your chart to review your personal finances and establish a new way of handling your personal finances and income.

Allow until the third week of January for any overdue payments to be made to you and for financial matters to flow once again.

Sagittarians of all ages have felt the pressure of Saturn in your sign since December 2014.

The cosmic task master has been putting you through your paces, requiring you to get serious, be responsible and work incredibly hard towards your goals.  Albeit arduous, this transit is actually very rewarding.

Throughout 2017 remind yourself that you are in the final stretch of this marathon and keep your eye on the prize as you will achieve a long term goal, receive some type of reward or recognition at the close of the year.



Your luck and gift from the cosmos this year comes in terms of your public ambitions and status with Jupiter’s benefic influence upon those areas of your chart.

2017 starts with Mercury retrograde in your sign which may make you feel like the year gets off to a sluggish start.

Utilize the first few weeks of January to review, reconsider and revise your goals and to formulate a solid plan for the year ahead in terms of your identity, ambitions and status.

The last two years have seen Saturn transiting the zone of your chart relating to private matters, healing and self-sabotage.

Over this period any secretive self-sabotaging behavior that holds you back may have come to light.

Use this final year of Saturn’s transit to allow what has been brought to the surface to be purged so you can heal and transform.

Jupiter in your success zone will make some great aspects to Saturn in your house of healing in January and August.

Both these months are powerful windows to facilitate your personal healing and transformation which in turn will manifest your ambitions and cement your status.



2017 is a fortunate year for study, travel, publishing and legal matters with Jupiter transiting those areas of your chart.

Your progress with these areas in the first part of the year will set you up for success in terms of your career and status when the cosmic benefic moves into Scorpio in October and assists your career ambitions.

The February 26th solar eclipse falls in your house of income and earnings.

Use this new moon’s six month lunation to manifest positive changes in these areas and improve your personal finances.

Since December 2014 Saturn’s influence on your friendships, groups, your tribe and causes close to your heart may have caused some tensions or strife and/or stifled some of your most cherished dreams.

Any pressures on group dynamics or issues around your personal goals will lift come mid-December when Saturn departs this area of your chart.

This year the eclipses move into the Leo/Aquarius axis and the summer offers a powerful window to make changes in your closest partnerships of all sorts with two new moons falling in the partnership zone of your chart.

The steps you take at this time mark a new chapter in partnerships which will manifest over the next two years.



The New Year kicks off with Mars in your sign, an event which will not happen for another two years so harness this energy to start the year off as you mean to go on.

The eclipses in the Pisces/Virgo axis since 2015 have offered you the chance to create some big shifts in terms of your closest relationships and your identity.

Use the final Pisces solar eclipse on February 26th to create positive changes in your personal identity over this six month lunation.

Jupiter in your house of joint finances provides a welcome financial boost this year.

This comes following the cosmic giant’s transit of your 7th house of partnerships and indicates this financial gift will manifest via joint projects or from partnerships with others (including loans and investors).

Since the end of 2014 you have had to work incredibly hard and been tested with delays in terms of your worldly ambitions, career and status.

2017 is the final leg of this three year stint of creating long lasting change in terms of your public image and ambitions. Expect some type of public recognition or reward at the end of the year.