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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

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New Moon in Leo July 23 2017: Let your light shine

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly New Moon in Leo!

On Sunday July 23 2017 at 1.46am PST (adjust for your timezone) is the first of two consecutive New Moons in Leo, the second of which will be a solar eclipse on August 21.

More on the Leo solar eclipse next month but for now let's turn our attention to Sunday's lunar event.

This New Moon falls at 0 degrees of Leo.

When a cosmic event falls at 0 degrees, Soulstrology considers this to be the most powerful, fresh, undiluted quality of the sign in question.

That makes Sunday's Leo New Moon a very potent cosmic window which creates a powerful lunar cycle which is followed up by a solar eclipse in Leo at what is known as the 'critical degree' - namely the end of the sign.

Mars (action, energy, ambition but also conflict and aggression) is closely blended with this New Moon, having moved into Leo just days before.

The New Moon, alongside Mars, makes a tense square aspect to change agent Uranus in Aries, making this an innovative, game changer of a New Moon.

With two consecutive New Moons in Leo, one of which is an eclipse, each of us are being asked to think carefully about the Leo ruled parts of our charts (house (s) and any planets and the life themes these govern) and to focus on what we wish to create.

As always we must think about the natural zodiac themes of Leo and how we can infuse these energies into our lives and manifest in the Leo ruled areas of life.

In the natural zodiac Leo is the ruler of the 5th house.

This house governs love/romance, dating, self-expression, creativity, hobbies, fun and children - whether yours (or ones you wish to have) others, or your inner child.

Soulstrology says that this New Moon is asking each of us to not only connect to our inner light but also to allow it to shine externally.

On this spiritual path we are asked to connect to the light of any situation, to find the blessing in the curse, the silver lining in the cloud, the glimmer of light in the darkness.

In order to connect to the light in any given situation we are asked to first connect to the light within in order to then infuse it into the situation at hand.

However, we often forget on this spiritual path to let our unique light shine brightly.

To own our unique creativity, express ourselves fully and to bask in the glory of the spotlight that was meant for our soul.

We can feel uncomfortable about this, as though by doing so we are being arrogant and/or self centered and ultimately egotistic.

But there is no reward in false humility or low self-esteem, or playing small so as not to ruffle too many feathers or because we don't want to be too pushy or heaven forbid, truly confident.

This too is ego, just with a different wrapping.

Often on this spiritual path we are asked to look at our shadows but as a result we tend to forget to look at our light.

We can be too serious in our spiritual path and forget that being joyful is the ultimate spiritual goal.

Yes, we may encounter bumps on the road and hardships but ultimately we are meant to travel through our lives with a sense of happiness and lightness.

Soulstrology says the purpose of our existence is not only to transform any darkness into light but also to allow our unique light to shine brightly and to have fun doing so!

When you look at any Leos in your life you may see the common traits that sum up this sign.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and just as the sun shines bright so too is there a sunny disposition about most Leos.

They are usually very generous, playful, fun, loving, have huge hearts and love being the center of attention!

Their childlike joy and enthusiasm is what makes them so charismatic and it is contagious!

We could all do with learning from the Leos in our lives.

We could all benefit with infusing the positive traits of Leo and the light of this sign into the life areas highlighted (in our solar, natal chart and the natural zodiac) at Sunday's potent lunar event.

With Mars closely conjunct this New Moon we can harness the leadership, passion, energy and ambition of the fiery red planet to kick start a sweet new beginning in the Leo ruled areas of our lives.

With Uranus making a strong aspect to this New Moon (and Mars) we can expect that our efforts will be rewarded with the freedom that comes from making much needed changes.

At this New Moon unshackle yourself from any false narratives, false spiritual premises or limiting beliefs that cause you to dim your light and know that you allowing your light to shine is what the cosmos is asking of you.

Take steps over the next lunation to infuse lightness and joy into all areas of life, to be sunny and joyful.

Allow yourself to shine brightly knowing that in doing so you are not only fulfilling your soul's purpose but also inspiring others to do the same.

Let your light shine so bright that it illuminates the path for the next stage of your soul's journey.

Mantra of the month: I joyfully embrace my unique light and allow myself to shine brightly in the spotlight destined for my soul.

I am wishing you all a sunny, joyful, light infused New Moon.

May each of us shine brightly this next month and may our light illuminate our world.

Happy New Moon!


Ambi x



July 2017: Courage, dear heart.

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and welcome to July 2017!

With the Sun in watery emotional Cancer for most of July the cosmos will be encouraging each of us to feel all the feels this month.

Feeling (and I mean truly feeling) all the feels can be challenging.

It's great to feel all the feels when everything is peachy perfect but not so much when life is more full of thorns than roses.

But feeling is healing.

And feeling allows us to truly heal.

When we heal and release that which does not serve us we create space to receive what we both desire and deserve.

Truly feeling is therefore one of the most powerful methods of alchemy.

But it takes courage to truly allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of our emotions and to process them.

In Cancer season we must be wary of either withdrawing into our shells, drowning in our emotions, or scuttling from side to side and never really facing what we need to.

Instead we need to be courageous and trust that by honouring our feelings we can use them as not only as a catalyst for alchemy but also as a guide or map of sorts.

If you haven't already read the New Moon Cancer blog then I suggest you do so as it gives some tips as to how best to deal with low vibrational and/or
'negative' feelings and to understand the desires which often lie beneath these emotions.

Whatever your emotional status is this month (and for many it may well be fantastic!) listen carefully to your feelings as they echo the whisper of your soul so if you honour them you can be guided to the next stage of your journey.

It takes courage to feel, to listen, and to act.

This month we all must be bold and do all of the above in order to benefit from the cosmos.

The key cosmic dates for your diary are below and as usual I will post detailed blogs for the New and Full Moon.

Members can expect detailed weekly posts on all the other planetary transits.

July 2nd: Mars (in Cancer) opposes Pluto (in Capricorn) tense aspect, can lead to conflict and/or constructive change.

July 4th: Mercury (in Cancer) square Uranus (in Aries) intense for communication, can be productive

July 5th: Sun (in Cancer) trines Neptune (in Pisces) dreamy, romantic aspect.

July 5th: Sun (in Cancer) squares Jupiter (in Libra) powerful aspect for relationships

July 7th: Mercury (in Leo) sextiles Venus (in Gemini) positive for creativity and romance

July 8th: Full moon in Capricorn (will write post a blog on this)

July 10th: Sun (in Cancer) opposes Pluto (in Capricorn) intense aspect, watch out for power struggles, can also be powerfully productive

July 14th: Mercury (in Leo) sextiles Jupiter (in Libra) positive for creativity and romance

July 17th: Venus (in Gemini) squares Neptune (in Pisces) powerful aspect for creativity, contracts and romance

July 17th: Mars (in Cancer) squares Uranus (in Aries) powerful aspect, can lead to sudden change, watch for conflict

July 19-20th: Mercury (in Leo) trines Saturn (in Sagittarius) positive, flowing, harmonious aspect for creativity

July 23rd: New Moon in Leo (will post a blog on this)

July 24th: Venus (in Gemini) opposes Saturn (in Sagittarius) intense aspect for love and finances, can have a productive outcome

July 24th: Mercury retrograde shadow begins!

July 26th: Sun (in Leo) conjuncts Mercury (in Leo) powerful aspect for creativity, communication, self expression and romantic discussions

July 30th: Venus (in Gemini) sextiles Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect can lead to productive change

I am wishing you all a wonderful month of courage, clarity and cosmic rewards.


Ambi x