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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

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Full Moon in Capricorn July 8 2017: Rebirth: Every end is a new beginning

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon in Capricorn!

This Full Moon falls at 17 degrees of the earth sign Capricorn and takes place at 8.06pm PST on Saturday 8th July 2017 (adjust for your timezone).

The Capricorn ruled areas of each of our lives has been subjected to a powerful Pluto transit since 2008 when the planet of power, destruction, transformation and rebirth entered into Capricorn.

With Pluto (power, destruction, transformation, rebirth) at only one degree away from the moon it is likely that this Full Moon will be emotionally intense, perhaps more so than usual, as Pluto dives deep underneath the surface to uncover hidden emotions and issues.

Mars (energy, ambition, drive but also war, conflict, aggression) is dancing alongside the Sun in Cancer opposing Pluto and the Full Moon adding to the intensity.

Soulstrology says that this is one of the most challenging Full Moons of the year yet it has the ability to be a great catalyst for alchemy.

In the natural zodiac, Capricorn is the ruler of the tenth house, governing ambition, our careers, success and status.

Success and status means different things to people so whilst this house is traditionally associated with our careers, Soulstrology says it is ultimately about our soul's greatest legacy in this lifetime (which isn't necessarily about traditional 'success' or career achievements)

With the Sun in Cancer (ruling our domestic life, family and home) opposing the moon in Capricorn, regardless of our zodiac sign Soulstrology says that each of us need to think carefully about these two opposing areas of life which are highlighted in the natural zodiac at this Full Moon.

If you know your chart (please be patient with me, my new chart calculator is coming in the next few months and in the meantime you can cast one for free fairly easily online!) then you can find out which houses (and therefore life areas) are ruled by Capricorn in the natural zodiac as well as see if you have any planets in Capricorn.

This will tell you the life areas which have been subjected to Pluto's powerful transit since 2008 and which are highlighted by the lunar spotlight at this Full Moon.

Turning now to this Full Moon and how best Soulstrology suggests each of us can work with the lunar energies, regardless of our zodiac sign.

The Soulstrology theme for this Full Moon is transformation and rebirth with a focus on the energies of new beginnings which result from endings.

Since 2008 and Pluto's transit of Capricorn each of us will have experienced great changes in what we consider success and status to be, as a result impacting upon our careers and goals.

Similarly we would each have felt the impact of this upon our domestic lives, who, what and where we consider home and family.

Added to this the two houses (and therefore life areas) ruled by Capricorn and Cancer in our unique natal charts (as well as any planets) have experienced the Pluto themes of creative destruction, transformation and rebirth.

We are just over halfway through this intense Pluto transit which ends in 2024.

With this Full Moon so closely blended with Pluto and with the opposition of Mars and the Sun we are each being asked to answer the following questions which are like a Plutonic cosmic call to action.

What do we need to accept is decaying and needs to die?

What chapters of our lives do we need to firmly turn the page on so that we can start fresh ones?

How can we be soulfully powerful in the face of the winds of change by surrendering rather than trying to control and/or force the outcome?

Where are we experiencing power struggles, either with ourselves, the universe, and/or others and how can we transform these to be truly powerful by not engaging in such low vibrational energies?

How can we channel our emotions (whatever they are - 'negative' or 'positive') as a constructive catalyst for change?

What goals do we need to let go of or adapt with graceful acceptance that they may not be manifesting because they are either not truly in our best interests and/or aligned with our true soul purpose?

How can we infuse our career ambitions with soulful consciousness of how us achieving our goals can also assist others/help the world at large?

How can we transform our desires for external power into a desire for internal power over our consciousness, knowing that in truth, this is the only real power?

What 'death' or ending can we embrace knowing that every act of creation is at first an act of destruction?

These are all the questions we need to ask ourselves at this Full Moon and answer with honesty.

The kind of deep, delving underneath the surface honesty that can be difficult and/or embarrassing to deal with but is ultimately so powerful and transformative.

With Pluto (destruction, control) conjoining the Moon (emotions) it is likely that our seemingly 'negative' emotions will prove a useful guide to what is going on underneath the surface in our psyche and how best we need to transform that (see my New Moon in Cancer blog post for tips on emotions).

With Mars (anger, conflict) joining with the Sun (consciousness, desire) it is possible that we or others may feel deep anger and/or get entangled into conflict.

Whatever comes up at this Full Moon for you personally is showing you what needs to die, end, transform so there can be a rebirth or a new beginning.

Many of us would have felt the emotional intensity of Cancer season and it will hit a peak at this Full Moon.

Some people will be experiencing somewhat painful endings at this time.

Others transformation and rebirths.

Some will enjoy new beginnings.

What we experience depends on which stage of the Pluto in Capricorn transit each of us finds ourselves but we must all be striving for the transformation that allows for rebirth and new beginnings.

Soulstrology says that the only thing that is constant is change.

Those of us who can be adaptable to change and surrender to the universe, seeking to work on the internal, rather than trying to control the external, will ultimately prevail with soulful success and the sweet taste of new beginnings.

Mantra of the Full Moon: I embrace all change and endings, even those I find painful, trusting that ultimately all is unfolding for my highest good.

I wish for each of you what I wish for myself, the courage to change, the grace to surrender to the unknown and the faith to fuel our continued journeys of alchemy.

Wishing you a peaceful, transformative and soulfully powerful Full Moon.


Ambi x

New moon in Gemini: June 2016: Growth through grace



Hello lovely ones and happy new moon in Gemini! Here we are in the middle of 2016 (how did that happen?!) and a powerful new moon at 14 degrees of the mutable air sign Gemini on June 4th.

It's a tense time with the formation of a Grand Cross bringing back memories of the Grand Cardinal Cross in April 2014.

That 2014 Grand Cross is likely to have been a pivotal turning point for many of us (and certainly anyone with natal planets in the mid degrees 12-16 or so degrees of the cardinal signs, so Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer) and a powerful time of rebirth, but not without some bloodshed, destruction and tears.

But this new moon's Grand Cross is very different because all the signs at play now are mutable signs which are all about flexibility and movement and adjusting to the flow rather than being fixed or rigid. So even though this planetary configuration is intense amidst it is the ability for miraculous movement!

Back to the specifics of this cosmic window. It's a beauty in ways. With Venus (love, abundance, beauty) side by side with the sun at this new moon we have the assistance from one of the great benefics of the zodiac in terms of manifesting in the Gemini ruled part of our chart.

The Sun in Gemini (so look for where you have Gemini at 14 degrees in your chart as that is where the cosmic spotlight is currently focused) is opposing Saturn (lessons, karma, delays, doing things by the book) in Sagittarius (look at where you have Sagittarius on the house cusp and specifically any planets at 13/14 degrees of Sagittarius).

Remember to engage Saturn's positive energies of showing us what we need to get done or be real about or karmically deal with so that we can achieve our heart's desires. Don't go down the road of the Saturn shadow of feeling heavy or depressed or being glass half empty.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in Virgo is squaring Saturn in Sagittarius creating a tension between the two life areas ruled by the Virgo and Sagittarius in our natal charts and asking us to find a balance between these two areas to allow us the expansion and miracles in the house of Virgo (Jupiter) whilst being realistic, responsible about our duties and therefore fulfilling our karma in the house of Sagittarius (Saturn).

In addition Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune in Pisces - meaning the two houses ruled by Sagittarius and Pisces in our natal charts are facing a square off with opposing energies of boundaries and oneness, creativity and dreaminess and reality (yikes) and are ALSO being subjected to this tense energy asking for alignment and balance of the two very differing energies.

The Sun's position in Gemini means that this new moon squares Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces so the added parts of the cross/square is now in place completing the three legged cross that's been in the loose formation in the heavens.

The solar spotlight on Gemini (and where this is in your natal chart) is the missing piece of the puzzle and where this month Soulstrology says we need to focus our intentions to bring the energies of this Grand Cross to practical fulfillment.

There's a whole lot of planetary friction but ultimately  it is to bring the energies of each of the planets to the different life areas experiencing this transit.  And who doesn't want Jupiter's expansion and miracles, Saturn's karmic rewards of success, Neptune's lovely dreamy spiritual creativeness and to harness the full flow of the solar spotlight in the house Gemini rules?!

But given that many of these planetary energies are contradictory there is a push pull going on, a tension which can feel like it's bubbling to a boiling point which is where grace comes in as you read on.

As this Cross can be hard to get one's head around I will explain as to how this is playing out in my chart as I hope it will help you understand how you can apply this to your own chart.

I have Jupiter in Virgo transiting my rising sign/first house of self, identity, my place in the world.

The Sun/solar spotlight is in my midheaven - the 10th house of success, status and our soul's legacy  (*NB. I actually have Taurus on my midheaven which is why with the Soulstrology I practice it is so important to use the exact degrees of planetary transits as even though I have Taurus on the cusp of my midheaven it is at 23 degrees, there are only 30 degrees in each sign so it follows that some of my midheaven is also governed by Gemini)

I have Saturn in Sagittarius (conjunct my Sun for over six months - lord give me mercy, it's amazing but so much grind!) transiting my 4th house (the house of the private self, home, family).

I have Neptune in Pisces transiting my 7th house of serious relationships - romantic and professional.

So this Grand Mutable Cross is created between my 1st/7th houses and my 4th/10th houses. The 'square' or 'cross' is completed by the Sun in Gemini in my 10th squaring Jupiter in Virgo in my 1st, squaring Saturn in Sagittarius in my 4th squaring Neptune in Pisces in my 7th, squaring the Sun in Gemini in my 10th.

The themes coming up for me are  forcing me to find equilibrium between - my identity in the world, my purpose/passion, my autonomy (1st house), my family life, and private self (4th house), my partnerships (personal and professional) (7th house) and my soul's legacy/status/ ambition (10th house).

Ouchy. Yes. Very much so. Also, wonderful. And the potential for all dreams coming true type of amazing. We shall see...

Back to you all reading, you can try and use the above formula to look at where and how the Grand Cross is playing out in your unique chart. It will give you an idea of change that the cosmos is trying to help you create in your life and also where you may be feeling tension.

Which brings me back nicely to the title of this post. Grace. There is amazing potential for growth through applying grace to the square that is playing out in the heavens and in our lives. Grace is being flexible when our plans don't go quite as expected. Grace is holding our heads up high when we are 'rejected' in some way and continuing on our path. It is stopping ourselves (or rather our egos) from pushing ahead with something that the universe keeps putting the brakes on for a good reason (we are not ready, it isn't for us, one day we will be grateful our prayers weren't answered - you get the picture).

Grace means understanding that we cannot possibly see the bigger picture at play and that we cannot fall into the shadow of darkness due to frustrations over the pieces of the puzzle not fitting or chapters of the book of our lives not playing out as we desire.

Grace means that whatever your beliefs, religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist - that ultimately we believe in something that is bigger than us that is at play, that is orchestrating every moment of our lives for our highest good and that our only job is to be our best selves. And that the rest will take care of itself in ways better than we can possibly imagine.

I wish for you what I wish for myself at this lunar window and for the outcome of this square transit this year - grace, growth and miracles.

Happy new moon


Ambi x



Full moon in Scorpio April 2016: Sweeping the shadows from our souls



Hello lovely ones and happy full moon in Scorpio which takes place at around 10pm PST/Los Angeles on Thursday 21st April (adjust accordingly for your timezone). As usual the full moon involves a cosmic duel between two opposing signs and this month's players are in fixed signs with the moon in watery Scorpio opposing the sun in earthy Taurus.

Scorpio is one of the most intense and controversial zodiac signs and often get a (justified!) bad rap but they are actually also capable of being one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac with the greatest depth and character.

However this sign is all about extremes and its shadow side is pretty dark; secrecy, control issues, possessiveness, jealousy, aggressiveness with a true sting in their tail.  But the thing is (and before any angry Scorpio/Scorpio risings start to hiss in my direction!) the reason why Scorpios have this shadow side is that they (arguably along with Cancer but Cancer has a mothering nurturing side to their nature which softens this emo side into a cry fest, more on that another time!) truly feel everything and are super intuitive. And if you think about it, if we can zone in on what everyone else is thinking (and feeling) and are so in tune with our own feelings then it is easy to spiral into darkness and be sucked into the shadows.

At the end of the day these rather dark emotions and qualities which Scorpios are often associated with are those that if we are honest, most of us have, can or will succumb to at some point. Scorpios are just a little more honest and therefore in your face and dramatic about it all.

This intensity of this sign is  understandable when you think it is co-ruled by Pluto (death, destruction, rebirth) and Mars (energy, ambition, autonomy, desire but also conflict/war).  But the spiritual path (and true destiny according to Soulstrology) is that a Scorpio will dive into the depths of the darkness to not only seek the truth, but also to transform that darkness, create alchemy and shine great light. A conscious or transformed Scorpio is probably one of the most spiritual, soulful, honest beings there is!

It is interesting that this full moon in Scorpio comes days after its co-rulers Mars and Pluto turned retrograde. Planetary retrogrades result in a physical repression and therefore internalizing of the traits of that planet - basically asking us to look within so that once the planet is back in direct forward motion we can receive the benefit of its highest qualities. Scorpio and it's rulers will occupy a different part of each of our natal charts and also be transiting different areas of our charts and therefore our lives. So for those reading I advise looking at your natal chart to see which house has Scorpio on the cusp and where Mars and Pluto are found to see where you may experience these themes ongoing in your life and where you can transform Scorpio shadow into spiritual light.

Also, look at where Mars and Pluto are in transit to your natal chart as it is these houses (and therefore life areas) which for the next few months are seeking a cosmic naval gazing and an internal transformation so that you can manifest the leadership (Mars) and rebirth (Pluto) of these areas of life for your highest good.

Remember that in the natural zodiac Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house - the house of transformation/death and rebirth and merging - how we share and merge with others and how we must allow ourselves to 'die' and be reborn through necessary transformation when we merge with another (whether romantic, platonic or professional partnerships). So all these themes are also at play for all of us at this powerful cosmic window offering us the opportunity to see, heal and release that which does not serve us (the shadow of Scorpio) so that we can have more harmony and balance in relation to these 8th house issues.

Going back to the specifics of this full moon which is at 2 degrees of Scorpio and conjunct (essentially on top of - so the two cosmic energies are blended) Juno - the asteroid governing partnership and commitment, and making a trine (harmonious easy flowing energy) to Neptune in Pisces. Venus (in Aries) is squaring (a harder, tougher aspect causing friction and requiring change) Pluto in Capricorn.

Soulstrology says that these aspects require us to look carefully within at any shadow Scorpio traits we may have in relation to love, commitment, money and power and to dig deep to understand the dynamics that have been at play for us in all these hugely important and emotive life areas. By sweeping away the shadows we can experience soulful success and happiness in relation to all of the above.

Diving deep into the depths of your shadows and transformation is the name of the game of this full moon. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, don't fight it, be brave and see it for what it is. Choose to shift your consciousness, create a new paradigm and more soulful structure for all the life areas which this cosmic window raises for you. Sweep the shadows from your soul so that your true self can shine. This is alchemy. And this is what will make you a magnet for the miracles you desire.

I am wishing you all a powerful, transformative and soulful full moon.


Ambi x