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April 2016: Awakening and aligning

Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

April 2016: Awakening and aligning



Hello lovely ones and welcome to April 2016! After March's eclipses and the welcoming of a new season here we are at the start of the fourth month of the year.

How quickly time flies...

After so much activity in the heavens last month one could expect April to be full of change and forward motion in resonance with the new season.

In fact, the sun's move into Aries at the Spring Equinox marked not only a new season, but also the start of the new astrological year.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the first house of the self; ruling our identity, how we interact with the world and our sense of autonomy and leadership.

With the sun in Aries for most of the month one can expect the spotlight of consciousness to be shining firmly on ourselves, who we are, how we operate with the rest of the world, our process of individuation and our own unique way of being 'leaders'.

However this spotlight may feel more internalized this month as April starts with two planets in retrograde - Saturn (lessons, reality, responsibility, time, karma) and Jupiter (spirituality, compassion, faith, expansion, abundance and good fortune).

Over the course of the month three more planets turn retrograde, meaning April ends with five planets in reverse motion. When planets are retrograde it isn't by any means all doom, gloom and disaster - however it does often mean that the energies of that planet are suppressed or internalized which can lead to frustration when people are trying to manifest on the external plane.

Mars (action, energy, drive, ambition) and Pluto (power, control, destruction for rebirth) both turn retrograde within two days of each other (17th and 18th April respectively). And the month's end sees Mercury (communication, technology, contracts, travel) begin its next retrograde (there are four mercury retrogrades this year instead of the usual three!) on April 28th.

It is ironic that Mars decided upon his backward dance at this specific time when this month is all about Mars energy. With the sun in Aries for most of the month, a supermoon new moon in Mars ruled Aries and a full moon in Scorpio (who is considered to be ruled by both Mars and Pluto) Mars is undoubtedly the main player on the cosmic stage of this month, yet his retrograde motion (which will see him travel through both Sagittarius and Scorpio) will means his energies will not be expressed at their highest capacity.

Please note that this doesn't mean that April will not see any achievement and manifestation. There are aspects (notably Mars conjunct Saturn for most of the month) that combined with the Aries 'do, do, do' energy will make us feel motivated to 'do' a lot. But in terms of taking action and actually manifesting I would recommend using the first two weeks of April, particularly between the 7th and the 17th (the powerful ten days after the Aries new moon which also happens to be a supermoon!) to do. After that, allow yourself to slow down a little and 'be'.

By taking time to just be we can truly awaken to changes the eclipses may have sprung on us in March. Whenever there are external changes (and particularly when they are unexpected as is so often the case with eclipses) it is to awaken us internally. Equally, whenever we proactively awaken and change internally, we can create the changes we desire externally. As most of us know there is a time and season for everything in life and as a general theme for April (and certainly in the latter half) our focus would be best served inwards. By exploring the awakenings on a soul level and understanding what the eclipses and new season have brought for us in terms of our identity, we can awaken and align the inner leader within all of us, (Pluto, Saturn) which in time will allow us the autonomy and drive, (Mars) for the expansion, (Jupiter) of what it is we wish to communicate (Mercury) to the world at large.

Of course everyone reading will have a different natal chart and unique transits, so this process and these retrogrades will play out differently according to your unique chart and your soul's journey. But remember the cosmic weather affects all of us (even if it doesn't affect us directly, it affects those in our lives and therefore impacts us by association) so I doubt anyone will be immune to April's mass retrograde. As always, we want to understand the cosmos so we can work with it. In April a sure fire way of telling if you are working against the flow of the cosmos is if you find yourself frustrated and trying to force things that don't seem to be coming together. Take the cosmic hint and stop trying to push and instead pause and go within.

I will write more on each of the major astrological themes in due course (both on this site, Facebook and Instagram) but for now I am wishing you all a very happy start to April.

Like the yogi in the picture above (clearly not me haha!) may we all find our aim and ground ourselves firmly so we can balance, awaken and align allowing us to be leaders in our unique way and have more of what we want in our lives.

Sending you all a ton of good cosmic juju


Ambi x