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Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

High Fives! April 2019's five faves

Ambi Sitham

APRIL High Fives 2.05.03 PM.png

Hello and happy Full Moon!

I hope this finds you well and riding out these cosmic waves….yep today is the second consecutive Libra Full Moon!

As always, if you want to know more on this Full Moon, please feel free to check out my Soulstrology blogs which have all the details, customized rituals, mantras, channeled messages and of course Soundbaths to enjoy.

I have a new podcast episode up which is an Alchemy of Relationships x Empath diaries episode all about energy vampires….you can listen here or on iTunes or Spotify, just search Alchemy with Ambi.

Onward here are my high fives from the last lunar cycle….


I admire Michelle Obama so much and have devoured her autobiography which has made me weep, smile, at times cringe/shudder and struck such a chord in my heart. I am sure you have all heard about it and I have to say it lives up to the hype. It is SUCH a good read and has just made me admire, and indeed now adore, this wonderful woman even more. It’s been a true highlight of this last month and I am sad I have finished it as I will miss ‘hearing’ her voice and energy through her words. What a wonderful woman!

2.Being a whole person

My former student/mentor now friend and Soulstrology colleague Lexie Rollet, launched a podcast called Being a whole person and when she asked me to be a guest I readily accepted. My episode is called ‘Living in alignment’ and perhaps because I trust and respect Lexie so much and am so comfortable around her, I was truly myself, more vulnerable and open than perhaps I usually am and it felt really good. She is such a gem, a total old soul, and her astrology is a wonderful mix of practical wisdom and deep spiritual intuitiveness. I am always so happy to see others rise and follow their passion and purpose and proud to in some way play a small part in their process and it was an absolute highlight of my month to be on her and her co-host Rebecca’s podcast. I hope you will check it out!

3.Flowing not forcing…

In my last podcast episode the Alchemy of Authenticity, I talked about how I had stopped strategizing so much with my brand and business. Like most of you, I am ambitious and have many goals which require growth and expansion, but I have intuitively felt that strategizing and pushing wasn’t for me. Trying began to feel like forcing. And given my 2019 mantra was joyful abundant flow I didn’t want to try too hard as that felt like forcing and the opposite of my mantra! So I haven’t. In the meantime, well, let’s just say that it seems people have noticed little ole me plugging away and there are lots of exciting things that have come my way, none of which I have sought out (literally people have come knocking!) which I will share in time to come. This high has translated as me trusting the universe more and feeling validated by my decision not to push so hard! Aligning not hustling. Flowing not forcing. And still diligently working away. It all pays off!


4.Santa Barbara get away

The hubs and I love to get away for a long weekend every three months. There is something about getting out of the city which just does our souls good. The last time we went away was just after Christmas so it has been almost four months and I was feeling it! #firstworldproblems I know ;) Last weekend we went to Santa Barbara and had the most glorious few days. We stayed in the cutest little hotel with an ocean view room and enjoyed daily long walks on the beach, soaking in that salty sea air and really grounded and celebrated after what has been an eventful few months (more on that in time to come). Good food, fun times with friends and a total reset for us both. Plus we now know that we ought not to let our weekend trips slide to every four months…we are already planning our next mini getaway!

5.Our tree is back!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I post a bit more of my home/personal life in my stories rather than as posts and that I have been delighted that the gorgeous tree outside our place has blossomed over the last month. The greenery surrounding our place is one of the reasons we moved here last September. I was pretty upset when a month later it was tree trimming time. More like tree butchering time! I was reassured that the tree would blossom again in Spring and so it has. It reminded me (kinda silly I needed the reminder given the work I do with Soulstrology, but ya know, we all need reminders!) of the importance and power of seasons. Of accepting each season for what it is and being in it, trusting that seasons are finite and trees and life blossoms once again. It makes me so happy that this is a ‘high’ from this month as it reminds me that in spite of multiple businesses, big personal shifts and living in this crazy town called La La land, I am still enjoying and indeed thrilled by the simple pleasures in life…in the end the little things end up being the big things..

Anyway, that’s my high fives from the last month!

As always I hope you enjoy them and I hope they inspire you to take note of what your highs are.

The more ‘highs’ we notice, the more ‘highs’ we will get to celebrate!

Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon and weekend.


Ambi x