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Cosmic Update: Full Moon in Virgo 22nd February 2016


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Cosmic Update: Full Moon in Virgo 22nd February 2016



Hello lovely ones! I must confess it feels a little uncomfortable to be posting a public blog for my cosmic update rather than bashing out a long email at my computer (which, as many of you know, is what I have been doing for the last few years). But here we are, a full moon in Virgo, conjunct my ascendant, (I am a Virgo rising) and my site is finally up and ready. Talk about the stars aligning! In line with the expansion one experiences when Jupiter is transiting one's first house of 'self' in the world, I have been eager to have a more formal platform for my cosmic updates and share them with more people, in the hope that by this expansion (which by the way is out of my comfort zone) I help more people! Here's hoping...

Onwards to the second full moon of 2016 which is at at 3 degrees Virgo.

I will write a detailed Soulstrology guide to full moons in due course but as many of you are no doubt aware full moons are often an intense time. As above, so below, and as the moon grows full and bright in the sky she shines a spotlight on an area of our lives. Emotions or situations that have been bubbling can come to the surface. As a result full moons are often times of either conflict or great release, and sometimes endings. But they are also times of things coming to fruition, with the fullness of the moon comes fulfillment and accomplishment. I guess the stars aligning (it certainly wasn't planned, rather, cosmic synchronicity) for me to finally be able to publish my site live on a full moon that is exactly on my rising sign is a good example of a full moon offering completion or fulfillment.

But back to you all (and new readers - hi!) what does the Full Moon in Virgo mean for you, and how you can work with it?

In the natural zodiac each astrological sign is assigned to a different ‘house’ and therefore area of life. Virgo in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the 6th house, which is the house of health, our mind/body/soul relationship, our day to day work and routine, service/duty. In many ways whether we have traditional jobs or not, we have 'duties' to perform on a day to day basis and it is those duties this house refers to. Staff and pets also come within the realm of this house.

Virgo is an industrious, organized, hard working sign and is considered to be the sign of 'service'. Virgos typically have excellent attention to detail and apply this skill to their work or to being of service to others. However,whilst being of service and working hard are undoubtedly positive attributes, often in that service Virgos forget themselves. Virgo also has a tendency to overthink and over analyze and worry about what has been, what is and what will be. Worry wart is a term that I often use to describe my own Virgo rising nature as well as that of various other Virgoans! Whilst attention to detail and organizational skill is a great Virgoan trait, the pursuit or perfectionism is dangerous and can result in a dangerous critique of both self and others. Perfection doesn’t exist. I had to tell myself this to put my site live! If I kept waiting to develop other aspects of it (which will come in good time), I would never have a site as I would be waiting for a perfect site which would never arrive! Perfection in imperfection has become my mantra in recent years...

In summary, for all their great qualities, Virgos sometimes unnecessarily  sacrifice themselves in service, are overly anally retentive (can you tell I am a Virgo rising which is why I think being anally retentive is acceptable but draw the line at overly?! Ha!), worry themselves sick (and drive their loved ones crazy in the process) and, at times allow their overly critical nature to be a nit picking negative Nancy about themselves or others.

Every sign has a shadow side, just as each sign contains glimmering light. On this full moon the lunar spotlight happens to be on Virgo so we need to look at how we may release some of the shadow traits of Virgo that we may have so that we can embrace more of the positive attributes of this sign.  This lunar cycle may impact upon Virgo/Virgo rising more than others, but in truth every full moon is  a powerful time for each of us as each month as the moon grows full we are offered a cosmic window for healing, completion and fulfillment. How it manifests for us each full moon is dependent on what exactly is going on with us spiritually, and how best we work with the cosmic energies.

For all of you this full moon will fall in a different house in your unique natal charts and therefore will be touching upon a different area of life. In future posts I plan to write about how each sign can work with both new and full moons and you will need to know both your sun sign and your rising sign to best work with the Soulstrology guides. But for now, everyone reading, whatever your sign, consider the positive and shadow side of Virgo and how you can perhaps embody more of the positive and where you can release the shadow elements in yourself and your life. If you happen to know your natal chart and therefore which house this full moon falls in, you can see more clearly as to which area of life may be experiencing intensity and needing closer examination.

As always, a full moon opposes the Sun, so at every full moon we have a balancing of the energies of two opposing signs. Virgo’s opposite partner is watery Pisces who is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Whereas Virgo is wrapped up in the detail and practicalities of service, Pisces is often swept away in spiritual and creative seas. Pisces is the sign of selfless service, of compassion, spirituality and creativity but often with little form or order.

At this full moon we also have Jupiter (good fortune, expansion, spirituality) in Virgo (order, detail, service, health, balance) opposing Chiron (known as the wounded healer so suggesting our wounds but also how we can become mavericks by healing our wounds) in Pisces (selflessness, creativity, spirituality).

These specific cosmic energies indicate that this full moon is offering us all the opportunity for good fortune and expansion to the degree that we can heal our wounds. Again, the interplay of the two houses in which the full moon falls in and opposes the sun (so wherever you have Virgo and Pisces in your natal chart) will show you clearly which areas of life are being illuminated by the fullness of this moon and the cosmic window of opportunity for healing, endings, completion or achievement.

Below are some questions to ponder and ask yourself: -

1) Where do I need, and how can I have, more balance in my day to day life?

2) How can I improve my health and mind/body/soul relationship?

3) How can I heal my wounds (Chiron) and use them in order to have the miracles and expansion and good fortune for myself and others (Jupiter) that I desire?

4) Where can I release nitpicking, critical behavior? Either of myself or others?

5) How can I achieve balance between my dreams and practical obligations? How can I maintain my creativity whilst giving it some structure and form so it actually manifests?

6) How well do I serve myself and how can I serve myself better? Am I of service to others? How can I be of service to others? Remember the more you live in alignment with your true self and serve your soul, the better you can be of service to others in your own unique way.

I am wishing you all a healing, fulfilling, full moon in Virgo.


Ambi x