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Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

High Fives! December 2018's five faves!

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones!

I hope December is treating you all well so far…I can’t believe that we are almost at the of the year…

It’s feeling very festive in my household as our Christmas tree is up and twinkling and that beautiful fir tree scent is infusing our home…..happy days!

Speaking of happy days, here are my high fives from the last lunar cycle…..

  1. Screentime I finally said yes to the updates on my iphone and among all the new icons I noticed something called Screentime. So I decided to see start monitoring how much time I spent a day on my phone, and specifically how that time was spent. I was shocked to find that I spend five to six hours a day on my phone and that much of that is swallowed by random internet browsing and social media. So, I decided to set myself some boundaries as with screentime you can limit the time for certain apps. I limited the time for all social media and decided I wanted to try and aim for my phone screentime to get down to four hours a day (eventually three)….the latter is still a work in progress but the former has been a game changer. Yep, I know I probably sound like an old grandma but I honestly feel as though we human beings are spending way, way too much time on our phones and I don’t think it is healthy. I know I feel sooo much better when I spend less time on my phone and more time being present and this last week or so has just proved that less equals more for me. Plus, now I have a limited time for social media it makes me use it more effectively = less scrolling and more purposeful use. It has brought me back to why I use social media in the first place. To connect and to share. And these new boundaries via my new bestie screentime have helped me to enjoy it more. I highly recommend reviewing your use of your phone and checking in to see if it truly serves you. We are all different and what works for me may not work for you, but it is worth doing a review and checking in with yourself (and screentime!)

  2. Not all news needs to be read Another joyous feature I discovered on my newly updated iphone was that you can control which sites are accessible on your phone. Now I am gonna confess (not spilling all the beans as yet because I am saving the full details for a podcast episode) that there is a particular news website which I (as I suspect like many others) have had a strange fascination/hate relationship with but ultimately have had an addiction to. Whereas others may find their phone issues are with social media, my biggest foe was this website. I would find myself scrolling it far far too often, when in stuck in traffic (my bad, I know), waiting in line, and more. I knew with my rational mind that it was toxic and how I would feel when browsing this site and afterwards was enough of a sign, however addictions are such that they keep you, well - addicted! So, I banned the site from my iPhone and iPad and now I can only look at it when I am on my computer. The result? I look at it at most for ten minutes a day now, if that. I’ve realized that I wasn’t even that interested in it in the first place, I don’t miss it after all and it was just a bad habit that I needed to break. Yes by putting in a seemingly dramatic boundary like banning it from my phone, but hey, it worked! And the result? A much happier, energetically lighter and brighter, higher vibing moi!

  3. Celery juicing and bone broth Yep, I jumped on the celery juice bandwagon and nope, I haven’t been totally consistent with it but I have to say I like how it makes me feel. I am listening to my body much more carefully these days and honoring what it tells me and it told me to try this celery juicing out. And so far, so good. My body has also been craving hot broths and specifically bone broth and whilst I usually buy mine from Erewhon, this month I started making my own. My body is happy. I am happy. And when I eat a Kobe burger (with the most delicious toasted brioche bun, yep, sometimes I do cheat and eat gluten!), sip on a delicious cocktail, or a glass of my favorite red wine, or munch on donuts and homemade banana bread I am also honoring my body. I’m all about eating healthy but I also feel balance is KEY to a truly healthy life (and I am talking mind, body, soul healthy). And for those of you who follow me on Instagram where I post my daily alchemy on my stories, I have heard you - recipes are coming in the New Year!

  4. Supplement shout outs. In my ongoing journey to be healthier I have found that no matter how well I eat I need supplements to maintain certain mineral levels in my body and be in optimum health. I highly recommend these calcium and magnesium tablets which I take at nightime with a cup of steaming reishi cacao. I also take these fish oils (usually late afternoon, I like to give certain supplements time to be digested properly before consuming others). I also love this immune boosting selenium.

  5. Congestion free zone I love oil diffusing and at this time of year when colds and lurgies are a plenty, I am loving this eucalyptus oil which I diffuse every morning and evening using my fave Bamboo oil diffuser. It has certainly helped clear the air and keep me fairly congestion free (along of course with my fave homeopathic cold and flu medicine which is a winter MUST!)

So that’s some of my highlights from this last lunar cycle.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading about my high fives and I hope they help inspire you to check in on your highlights from the last month and keep track of your own alchemy journey.


Ambi x