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High Fives! February 2019's five faves!

Ambi Sitham

February High Fives.png

Happy almost Full Moon!

I am changing up the publishing of my monthly high fives to align with the Full Moon.

As the Full Moon is the highest point of the lunar cycle with la luna at her biggest and brightest, it is also a point at which we can reflect on the highs of the last lunar cycle since the last Full Moon.

So here are February 2019’s high fives….

1. Proud teacher…tribe vibes

As many of you may know, much of my work has been (and indeed still is, albeit in a different way) that of a teacher/mentor/coach and guide of sorts. As well as life coaching and mentoring, I have had a few reiki and astrology students. It is a humbling and heartening journey to be that of a teacher and one which has given me immense satisfaction over the years and even more so in the last few months. One of my former astrology students Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology has flourished in a way that I always knew she would but is nonetheless delightful to witness. She has really stepped into being a teacher and guide herself, with her astrology offerings and now a podcast which explores what it is to be self-employed. Lexie was in full time employment when our mentorship started and a year later is very much self-employed and embracing the entrepreneurial path. For me, as a teacher, it is pure joy to see former students and mentees flourish and step into their light, their power and their true path. And what is even better in the case of Lexie is that she is contributing to my Soulstrology subscription with insightful posts. As Soulstrology grows I am feeling definite tribe vibes and am now having the vision of some of those I have taught and mentored over the years becoming part of Soulstrology. It’s amazing how life unfolds and I feel a deep sense of gratitude and awe for the burgeoning relationship with Lexie and for the vision of how things may play out with her and other students. A true high in all senses!

2. Non toxic nails

In my ongoing quest to live a cleaner, healthier, non-toxic life, I have been trying to clean up every aspect of life, to what I eat, as well as the products I use on my body. I absolutely love this seven free nail polish which has a lovely subtle sheen (add two coats if you want a deeper pinkish color) and this five free non toxic uber glossy top coat which gives you the look of gel nails, without any of those nasty toxins! Looking good and groomed is great, but not at the cost of putting toxins into your body and thanks to these polishes you can enjoy pretty, healthy, toxin free nails!

3. The life changing magic of not giving a f***

A few years ago whilst recovering from foot surgery I read this book and it CHANGED MY LIFE. It made me realize how much of a people pleaser I was and how poisonous that was to my life - both personal and professional. I recently felt the need to re-read it and it really made me re-think how I spend my time and energy. It made me really stop and take stock before agreeing to do something, or blindly following up on a get together. It stopped me from bending over backwards and contorting myself in the process. It also made me appreciate the people I love the most and redirect my time, my love, my energy towards them. I cannot recommend this book highly enough and if you excuse the continual profanity which I know turns some people off, the message is powerful and indeed life changing. A great one for those of you who like me perhaps have struggled with boundaries and saying NO.

4. Getting my vitamins on…

A lot of the time I have rushed to take supplements with the best intention that they will improve my health without actually looking carefully at what exactly is in them and where they come from. I recently switched out my daily multivitamin to these whole raw food vitamins and have felt a real difference ever since. It just feels cleaner and more ‘right’ that I am getting my vitamins from whole foods without any nasty additives or more in them. With LA experiencing unusually inclement weather (raining cats and dogs as we say in England) and a lack of sunshine, I have also been making sure to get my daily dose of vitamin D through these drops. So many of us are unwittingly deficient in Vitamin D as we cover up and/or avoid the sun (or don’t live in a sunny climate) and so too, many of us simply do not get all the vitamins and minerals we need for optimum health. Getting cleaner with my vitamins and making sure my Vitamin D levels do not drop in winter have proved key to me avoiding getting run down or overly sick (I did have the sniffles for a few days there) which has been an unexpected and pleasant high of this last month.

5. Our one year podcast anniversary and we are on Spotify!

It’s been a year since we started our podcast. I say we, because Jon is an integral part of this podcast and we truly are a team on it and other ventures. One year in I feel as though I have grown so much as a result of this podcast and as well as opening my heart, it has proved such an expander personally and professionally and brought me so many new opportunities which I am excited to explore. It seems fitting that on our one year anniversary we are now hosted on Spotify as well as of course, Soundcloud and iTunes. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to tune into the latest episode!

So these are some of my high fives from the last lunar cycle.

I hope some of my highs can help you to create more highs and alchemy in your own life!


Ambi x