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Full Moon in Aquarius August 2016: Your vibe, your vision and your tribe


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Aquarius August 2016: Your vibe, your vision and your tribe



Hello lovely ones and happy Full Moon in Aquarius! This full moon falls at 25 degrees of Aquarius in the early hours of Thursday 18th August at 2.26am PST (adjust accordingly for your timezone).

Aquarius in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the 11th house of our friendships, groups and associations we belong to - essentially our tribe. This house also rules our hopes, wishes and dreams and the future.

Uranus is the modern day ruler of Aquarius and with his zany, electrical energy (he is associated with lightning and electrical storms) the fixed air sign of Aquarius is considered to be a little 'out there'.

This is the sign of the future associated with genius, innovative technological and scientific discoveries and group causes that progress the future of humanity.

Each of us will have Aquarius and its ruler Uranus in a different part of our natal chart and it is these life areas which will be subject to the Uranian and Aquarian energies of innovation and genius and also sudden change.

Uranus is known for turning the 'world' upside down, albeit it in the pursuit of liberation and the future but nonetheless certain Uranus transits can feel a little like the rug being pulled from underneath you so where Aquarius/Uranus is found in your natal chart can also be where you may experience sudden changes in life areas governed by those houses.

The sign of Aquarius is considered to be very logical and 'in their heads' which fits with the genius inventor theme.

Aquarians tend to be very smart, rational and capable of learning, assimilating and utilizing large amounts of information. With all this cerebral activity they are not known for being particularly well connected to their emotions or hearts and in fact are often viewed as being detached and sometimes accused of being cold and unemotional.

If you are an Aquarian sun sign and are reading this and thinking this doesn't sound like me then it is likely that you have significant other planetary influences that make you different!

But back to this full moon and all of us and how we can work with its energies.

As always at a full moon there is a sun/moon opposition so as well as the above we are dealing with balancing the energies of Leo and Aquarius.

In addition this full moon is arguably a partial penumbral lunar eclipse. There is some debate about this as to whether or not there is enough 'shadow' for it to be considered a fully fledged eclipse but for our purposes let's put it like this; this full moon has eclipse energies and is therefore more intense than your average full moon.

It's almost as though this full moon is setting us up for eclipse season next month and with the moon making a sextile aspect to the planet Uranus in Aries (governing our autonomy and us as individuals) it is quite likely that we may experience or sense a hint of the changes due to come at eclipse season.

Soulstrology says that as always at full moons there is a degree of naval gazing to be done and this particular lunar window requires us to think back to the Aquarian new moon earlier this year on February 8th.

What were our hopes, wishes and dreams at that time? What was our vision for the future? What was going on with our friends, groups and associations we belong to - our tribe? And what happened in the months following that full moon with regards to all these areas given that the planets decided to perform a mass retrograde with no less than five planets in retrograde all at the same time!

It is likely that many of us experienced a one step forwards two steps back kind of dance with many of our plans (and therefore our hopes, wishes and dreams) and perhaps in friendships and groups we belong to.

The saying goes that our vibe attracts our tribe but what few people like to acknowledge is that as our vibe changes, so can our tribe.

Our hopes and dreams, our vision for our future is intertwined and impacted by our closest relationships  because we are influenced by the energies we surround ourselves with.

Our soul vibration is ever evolving but at certain stages of life it evolves more dramatically leading us to review not only our vision for our future but also our tribe.

It's not about disloyalty and ditching our most cherished people and visions.  Rather, it is about allowing natural soulful evolution to allow our visions for the future to transform and in that process to allow certain dreams and people that no longer really reflect your true essence to fall away.

Both our goals and our tribe will invariably change with time and personal evolution.

As long as we are being truthful, soulful and kind to ourselves and others all the rest is simply part of the journey of life and all our souls.

With all of the above in mind take some time at this cosmic window to journal about your current vision for your future.

What are your specific hopes, wishes and dreams? What progress or changes in relation to these have you experienced over the last six months since the Aquarian new moon?

Are you holding onto certain goals  simply because they are on your list even though in truth they are not aligned with your higher self? Are you holding onto certain ambitions stubbornly when perhaps them not manifesting is the universe protecting you because they do not serve you? Either at this particular juncture of life or perhaps even because those visions are not aligned with your soul's journey.

What about your friendships your groups/organizations you belong to? Are these aligned with your truth and your vibration? Do they truly serve you in creating the future you desire? Where are you being loyal to a fault? Either to a vision, a goal, a relationship or a group?

And most important of all, as always at a full moon, where do you need to let go?

In answering all of these questions and taking the time to energetically release that which does not serve you, also take the time to balance out between the logical mind (Aquarian) and the heart/intuition (Leo).

There is a always balance to be drawn between logic and rationality and our emotions and heart's desires but at this particular full moon it is of crucial importance.

It isn't easy but when we can find this balance and not be fixed (Aquarius is a fixed sign) to a particular attachment of the ego (whether this is to a goal, vision, person or group) this is when our soul and higher self can take charge and our lives can align so that we can have a future far better than we could have hoped for.

I am wishing you all a healing and transformative full moon which allows you to align further with your truth, taking you closer to the future of your soul's destiny.


Ambi x