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Full Moon in Aries October 2016: Love is me, you and us


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Aries October 2016: Love is me, you and us



Hello lovely ones and happy Full Moon in Aries! This full moon (which takes place at 23 degrees of the fire sign of Aries) is actually a supermoon (meaning the moon is closer to earth than at a normal full moon resulting in it being more potent than usual) and is conjunct Uranus (planet of innovation, change, future and freedom) in Aries (the self, autonomy, individuation, me versus we).

Uranus is associated with explosions, both literal and metaphorical. His close placement to this super full moon is likely to amp up the lunar intensity creating a somewhat explosive quality about it.

As this full moon is one month post the lunar eclipse it is also possible that eclipse surprises which did not visibly manifest last month will now be activated.

If I were to sum up this full moon in one sentence it would be 'expect the unexpected'!

Soulstrology says that this full moon is one where we may experience some type of upheaval in order to experience liberation, harmony and balance. In other words, that any disruption or explosion that occurs around this lunar event will force the scales to be balanced and therefore is ultimately for our highest good.

As many of you will know at every full moon there is an opposition between two opposing signs of the zodiac.

Soulstrology says that this requires us to find  harmony and balance between the themes governed by those two signs in the natural zodiac as well as to the life areas covered by these two opposing signs of the zodiac in our unique natal charts.

Turning to Aries and Libra who are the main players of this cosmic window.

Aries in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the 1st house, of our identity, our ambition, our autonomy, our individuation. Aries is all about ME. My needs, my wants, my desires and the energy I expend to get what it is that I want.  The light of Aries is a a healthy ego which we all ought to have! A healthy ego is a sign of independence, self-love, self-awareness and self-respect and is a good thing!

But the the shadow of Aries is narcissism and selfishness. It's the ego gone horribly wrong. It's being aggressive in our pursuit of we want at the cost of conflict with others.

With the moon full in Aries it is likely that the themes of independence and autonomy come up but we must be mindful that it does not come up in a way that is narcissistic, aggressive or at the expense of others needs.

The sun (and so the spotlight of our consciousness) is in Libra and we are very much in Libra season which is all about we, us, ours. The light of Libra is peace, harmony, love, togetherness. The shadow is co-dependency, neediness and people pleasing.

With Jupiter planet of luck and blessings now in Libra until next October we are being brought the opportunity to have better relationships of all sorts.

So this timely super full moon in Aries offers us the perfect opportunity to release and heal what does not serve us in terms of our relationship with ourselves which is THE most important relationship of all.

Because whether we realize it or not, our relationship with ourselves directly impacts every other relationship we have.

The balancing that is required at this full moon is the fine line between freedom, autonomy and independence with commitment, partnership and togetherness.

This full moon is squaring, and therefore reactivating, the infamous Pluto/Uranus square  (2011- March 2016) which caused many of the structures in our lives to be destroyed so that new, healthier, more solid foundations could be established.

To understand exactly how this full moon is playing out for you look at where you have Aries and Libra on the cusp of your natal chart and the life areas governed by these two houses. Then look at where you have Capricorn on the cusp of your natal chart as the life areas governed by that house will also be impacted by this supermoon. You can apply the concepts in this post to those relationships governed by those life areas.

Full moons usually bring things to the surface, to the boil, or to culmination and with Uranus playing such a big part at this full moon it is likely that some people will experience sudden, but welcome, changes whereas others may experience turbulence and perhaps seemingly unwelcome changes.

Either way, this full moon WILL shake things up!

For some of us this full moon will highlight the need for us to be more independent and less co-dependent. For others the lunar spotlight will illuminate how we perhaps need to embrace learning how to share our lives and to be more equal partners in all of our relationships.

How can we be truly loving and committed in all our relationships (Libra) whilst still maintaining our personal identity, our personal ambition and our personal space?

How can we allow those we have relationships with the freedom to be themselves and to love them and enjoy them without needing to possess or control them?

Remember this is not just about our romantic relationships but about all of our relationships, this can apply to our bosses, co-workers, friends, family members, mentors and guides.

ALL of these relationships require a fine balancing act so that they are healthy and thriving.

At this full moon we need to balance the scales and make sure that our relationships are a healthy balance of me, you and us.

A balanced me and a balanced you, makes a balanced us.

I am wishing all of you a healing full moon.

May we all have a better relationship with ourselves so we can have better relationships (of all sorts) with others.

And may the love and light that comes from such harmonious relationships help illuminate our beloved world.


Ambi x