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Full Moon in Cancer January 12th 2017: Breaking down to break through


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Cancer January 12th 2017: Breaking down to break through

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy full moon in Cancer!

On January 12th at 3.33am PST (adjust for your timezone) we will experience the first major lunar event of 2017 with a VERY intense full moon in the emotional and intuitive sign of Cancer.

Cancer full moons tend to be even more intense and emotional as Cancer is ruled by the moon, resulting in an extra helping of full moon ITIS.

After a full on 2016 with so many endings, purging and processing, there is no doubt that 2017 has started off for many with a bit of an emotional hangover, not helped by mischievous Mercury being in retrograde motion creating a cosmic cloudiness in communications and more.

Mercury is now direct and slowly moving out of his post retro shadow and at this full moon Mercury will actually be back in Capricorn where his pre retro shadow started back in early December.

As always at a full moon, there is a sun/moon opposition. Here we have the moon in watery, emotional Cancer opposing the sun in earthy, practical Capricorn.

Mercury, in his post shadow dance, will join the sun, meaning our consciousness (the Sun) and thoughts (Mercury) will be focused on the Capricorn ruled area of our lives, both in the natural zodiac and in our unique natal charts.

Soulstrology says that at this full moon we may feel an enormous tug between our hearts (Cancer/Moon) and our heads (Capricorn/Sun).

Mercury retracing his steps over the Capricorn ruled part of our chart may have us re-thinking and re-considering some of our plans in these areas.

Soulstrology advises that Mercury can help us to avoid drowning in our emotions (Cancer) and assist us to rationally see things for what they are and to take action accordingly, and where necessary, to RElease (in theme with doing all things RE a la mercury retro shadow) what does not serve us.

Cancer in the natural zodiac rules our private selves and governs our home, families, roots and childhood.

It rules the part of us that is nostalgic, nurturing and domesticated and the people and places we consider home, even if they are not related to us through birth or blood.

Just as the moon affects the ocean’s tides, the sign of Cancer tends to experience much deeper emotional highs and lows than most other signs, with lots of emotional fluctuations.

Sometimes just as the waves crash and wipe out a swimmer, an emotional wave can wipe out a Cancerian and or send them into an emotional whirlpool in which they can drown…

Soulstrology says that Cancer sun signs, Cancer risings and those with their moon in Cancer will feel this full moon the most, but ALL of us, no matter what our zodiac sign, will feel this full moon and the tug between the two life areas ruled by Cancer and Capricorn in both the natural zodiac and our unique natal charts.

To add to the intensity is powerful Pluto who opposes this full moon and will unearth any emotions we may be suppressing and to bring them to the surface to be purged and processed.

And as if that isn’t intense enough there is what is known as a Grand Cross formed as Jupiter and Uranus oppose each other too!

So what does this intense cosmic configuration mean for all of us?

Soulstrology says that whatever is lit up by the cosmos for each of us at this full moon is showing us the tensions and polarities that need healing and aligning before we can enjoy the breakthroughs that await us this year.

At this time there is no avoiding the tug between our conscious will versus our feelings and intuition or the tests and challenges that may arise but any breakdowns that occur at this time are simply paving the way for a major breakthrough!

Despite the dramatic edge to this full moon if we can swim with the tides (and not drown) we will be able to sense the sweet taste of freedom and the future that awaits each of us in 2017.

Watch out for confrontations with others, particularly in close relationships of all sorts (platonic, professional, family, romantic).

Do not try and suppress the emotions or issues that may arise (either yours or others) but instead use them as the catalyst for change, for your highest good and the greater good of all concerned.

See any breakdowns as cathartic and necessary for breakthroughs and apply this consciousness to all and any events occurring at this time.

Dive into the depth of any emotions that arise (or any internal struggles you may experience) knowing that feeling is healing but use Mercury’s forward motion in practical Capricorn to engage the process of alchemy to heal and transform both your internal self and external situations.

The Grand Cross Full Moon in Cancer may be intense but if we can work with the energies then freedom (Uranus), miracles (Jupiter) and soulful success (Sun and Pluto in Capricorn) awaits us as the year unfolds.

I am wishing you all a healing and transformative Full Moon.

May you feel what you need to heal and find the silver linings in any cosmic clouds.


Ambi x