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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Libra April 2017: Peace, love and luck comes when you and me become we

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy full moon in Libra!

This full moon falls at 21 degrees of Libra on Monday 10th April at 10.08pm PST (please adjust for your timezone).

You can use the chart calculator on my site to check exactly which house, and therefore which life areas, are being highlighted by the lunar spotlight.

As always, at a full moon there is a Sun/Moon opposition and at this lunar event the Sun is in Aries.

Soulstrology says that regardless of our zodiac sign relationship themes will arise for each of us leading up to this full moon.

This is because in the natural zodiac Aries is the ruler of the 1st house of self and Libra is the ruler of the 7th house of partnerships.

Whether romantic, platonic or professional, our relations with others are highlighted at this cosmic window and any imbalances or disharmony are likely to bubble up to the surface and potentially boil over.

Soulstrology reminds us that the rulers of this cosmic window are Mars (ruler of Aries) and Venus (ruler of Libra) and that it is the traits and themes of these two planets which need balancing at this time.

Mars/Aries at the highest octave is autonomy, leadership, ambition and drive.

The shadow of Mars/Aries is bullish aggression and arrogance leading to conflict and war of sorts.

Venus/Libra at the highest octave is love, peace, balance, harmony.

The shadow of Venus/Libra is superficiality, materialism, self indulgence, people pleasing and co-dependency/neediness.

When it comes to relationships, Soulstrology says that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves, which ultimately determines the nature of the rest of our relationships.

Regardless of our zodiac sign we all ought to take a moment to be honest with ourselves about the shadow themes at play at this full moon, to what extent they reside within us and how we can release those energies to make space for the higher vibrational qualities of Mars/Aries and Venus/Libra.

Turning now to the other planetary aspects of this full moon.

The moon is conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter is currently retrograde in Libra and will be for another two months.

With Jupiter’s energies blending with this full moon it is very possible that we can experience good fortune at this time but Soulstrology says that due to Jupiter’s retrograde the degree to which we can receive blessings at this time is the degree to which we have made space for them internally and the degree to which we share our blessings.

In other words that any good luck is utilized not only for our highest good, but also for the greater good.

To the degree that we can be spiritual and generous (Jupiter) is the degree to which we can experience good luck.

This full moon/Jupiter opposes Uranus (sudden change, volatility) which is conjunct the sun in Aries.

This is a powerful aspect which can go two ways.

Sudden change (Uranus) and miracles (Jupiter) in relationships (Libra) of all sorts and with our finances (Jupiter rules abundance).

However, there is also the very real potential for sudden conflict boiling over into war of sorts.

Only time and our soul’s unique journey will tell if this aspect is good explosive energy akin to celebratory fireworks, or bad explosive in the form of conflict and battle.

But turning now to the title of this blog.

I think it is fair to say that we all want peace, love, abundance and harmony.

It is human nature to desire such energies in our lives.

However we are often selfish in our quest for these.

We want to live a peaceful life or have peace of mind, but what about all those other people, either those we know and relate with or those we don’t know, who don’t enjoy peace and harmony? Do we do anything to bring the peace of mind we seek, to others?

We all want to experience love, to receive it and to thrive as a result of it, but how much are we truly prepared to give love?

How much do we truly unconditionally love those in our lives? Do we show love and compassion to strangers?

To those who seemingly do nothing for us but in truth give us the gift of truly BEING love, by allowing us to share our love with them.

We seek abundance and miracles, but do we receive abundance and miracles simply for our own use or do we share our good fortune with others?

Are we in any way a channel for others?

If we are, we open the gates to receiving more as there is a flow to the energies we are channeling.

In all of the above we can see that in simple truth, when you and me become we, miracles happen.

Peace and harmony reigns and abundance and miracles are the norm when love overflows.

We must remember that love is infinite and that we cannot care or love enough.

Yet our selfishness (Aries) and our superficiality (Libra) complicate matters and at times stop us from truly loving ALL others.

Yet this only hurts all of us.

Those who work with me one to one or attend my lectures/workshops or meditations will know that I use specific language that we manifest our desires ‘for my highest good and the greater good of all concerned’.

This isn’t just a nice, feel-good spiritual phrase.

I make sure in my own life, and those prepared to walk the journey of alchemy with me, that we truly live this by sharing our good fortune in some way, whether it is through little acts of kindness, charitable donations, volunteering and so on.

Because this is love in action. And love in action creates miracles.

We all have desires. We all have fears. We all contain both light and shadow.

At this full moon my wish for each of us is that we release our shadows to make space for divine love and that we follow this up with love in action and go outside of ourselves to be and give what it is we seek.

Remember that for some (I am talking to you light workers/empaths/caregivers specifically) this will mean self-love, giving to yourself so that you are full and can share your light from a place of abundance and so that others can give to you.

Whatever shadow and rebalancing of the scales (Libra) needs to take place in your unique life, our world really needs each of us to step up right now.

Do not underestimate the power of one person’s love in action.

Just as one mosquito can cause havoc, one person can create a positive ripple effect of change that shifts the collective energy.

May we all remember at this full moon and beyond, that I am you, you are me and we are us.

May love, peace and harmony reign and may each of us receive love, luck and abundance, for our highest good and the greater good of all.

Wishing you all a peaceful full moon.


Ambi x