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Full moon in Sagittarius and Summer Solstice June 2016: Speak your truth with love


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full moon in Sagittarius and Summer Solstice June 2016: Speak your truth with love



Hello lovely ones and happy nearly full moon in Sagittarius and Summer Solstice! This cosmic window is the follow up and finale to May's full moon (which was also in Sagittarius) and takes place at 4am PST (adjust accordingly for your timezone) on Monday June 20th.

This full moon is at the critical last degree of the fiery sign of Sag and coincides with the Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) a day which marks the longest day of the year where the north pole is at the maximum tilt to the sun resulting in the most amount of sunlight on earth.

Tomorrow is a rare cosmic occurrence as I believe there has not been a full moon on the Summer Solstice since 1967 and the infamous Summer of Love - the rising of the 'hippie' aka flower child generation and a collective shift in consciousness.

This is a particularly intense and powerful cosmic window given that it is the second of two Sagittarius full moons  (it is rare to have two full moons in the same sign), and that the Sagittarius ruled part of each of our natal charts is currently being transited by Saturn who is part of the major astrological theme for this year with his square to Neptune.

It is interesting that at a time of such political turmoil and social unrest that we have this cosmic window with the most amount of 'light' from both the sun and the moon.

Soulstrology states that each of us plays an important role in the collective and by releasing, healing and transforming those shadow parts of ourselves we can help heal and raise the vibration of the collective.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and wherever we find Sagittarius in our natal chart (as well as where its ruler Jupiter is found) is where we can expect to have good fortune and expansion and where we may be a teacher and traveler of sorts.

As I said in the post on the last Sagittarius full moon this sign is the 'teacher' of the zodiac but it's shadow is to be the preacher. It is the sign of 'truth' but we have to remember that truth is a subjective thing and that in reality whilst there is one universal truth everyone has their own interpretation and therefore their truth.

At a time when many are debating various political and social issues it is of the utmost importance to be mindful when speaking your truth to ensure that you do so without preaching and with love (hence the title of this post).

Perhaps you are on the 'right' side of the fence and can factually prove all your points but ultimately if you are preaching this truth with anything less than love and respect then you are falling into the Sagittarius shadow and frankly our world has enough issues with this shadow, so let's try our best not to add to it!

To be the best teacher of our truth (and indeed the universal truth) is to live and breathe and be our truth in every cell of our body and every aspect of our lives.

By doing so we are the ultimate students and teachers by being a living embodiment of our values and inspiring others rather than preaching to them and being a rantosourus (that's probably not a word but I like it - kinda like a ranting dinosaur of old paradigms - yeesh - who needs that?!)

Back to this crazy amount of physical light that is coming our way tomorrow which is symbolic of the spiritual light that is available even in these turbulent times (which by the way our world has experienced before and will no doubt experience again as we evolve further so don't buy the hype of some of the media who want to scaremonger us).

As always our job is to tap into the light, and the energy it gives us to grow spiritually which in turn helps us manifest on the physical plane. However to do so we must release our shadows and transform them into our strength and light.

Look at where you have Sagittarius in your birth chart (so where it is the ruler/on the cusp of a house in your birth chart) as it is the life areas ruled by this house which will be experiencing Saturn's stern transit and perhaps feeling confined, restricted or a heavy sense of duty but ultimately will be the house where you will receive rewards (provided you step up and do what is necessary) once Saturn leaves Sagittarius in December 2017.

It is this 'house' and life areas where the cosmic spotlight is on tomorrow and where you ought to focus on releasing and healing.

Back to some of the specifics of this full moon which Soulstrology says indicate that the themes of love and relationships are very much at play.

Venus (love, relationships, harmony) is in opposition and Uranus (change, revolution) makes a wide trine. There is pressure on this full moon in the arena of relationships but also the potential for revolution and sweeping change.

Libra the sign of love, relationships and equality (ruled by Venus) is in retrograde motion in the asteroid Juno who governs marriage/partnerships at the all powerful and critical 29 degrees.

Jupiter, the ruler of this full moon, is conjunct (on top of) the north node (destiny in this lifetime) meaning that events that occur at this full moon (and the rest of the month due to other aspects which I will post about on Instagram) are very fated and karmic.

Whew. So much to meditate on. So many areas in which to release and heal. So much light to be let in.

This full moon offers us all a powerful opportunity to move closer towards our cosmic reward in the Sagittarius ruled part of our chart and to be a living embodiment of our truth and our expression of love in this world.

By releasing our judgment, our dogma, our inner preacher and by embodying our truth with love and respect for all we can expect to have better relationships of all sorts and to be able to receive the rewards of the cosmic karma that is coming all of our way in one area of our lives.

I am wishing you all a transformative and healing full moon and hope that you can receive the maximum amount of light that is coming our way and utilize it for your highest good and the greater good of all.


Ambi x