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Full moon in Sagittarius May 2016: Shedding skin to shine


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full moon in Sagittarius May 2016: Shedding skin to shine



Hello lovely ones and happy nearly full moon! On Saturday May 21st 2016 at 2.14pm PST the first of two full moons in the sign of Sagittarius will take place.

It is rare to have two consecutive full moons in the same sign and this unusual cosmic occurrence offers the opportunity for both healing and growth in the area of your unique natal charts which Sagittarius rules. Also this first full moon falls at 1 degree Sagittarius with the next act at 29 degrees Sagittarius. The first and last degrees of any sign are considered to be the most the most potent and charged energies of that sign and its planet so both these cosmic windows are incredibly powerful.

Know that whatever is happening right now either on the global stage or in our individual lives is likely to continue to be played out until the next full moon in Sagittarius on June 20th. Rather than allowing a sense of finality around this full moon consider it the first act.

Back now to Sagittarius who is ruled by Jupiter, the great benefic of the zodiac known for bestowing abundance, growth and good luck.

Usually the house of your chart which Sagittarius can be found (on the house cusp) and where its ruler Jupiter is placed are life areas where you will naturally experience good fortune. These areas are where you were born lucky with a sprinkling of cosmic stardust as it were.

Sounds good so far, right? But the thing with Sagittarius and Jupiter is that in order to benefit the most fully from this luck one must adopt the more favorable characteristics of this cosmic giant - such as compassion, benevolence, spirituality and fairness and avoid the shadow side which includes dogma and over expanding/overdoing.

PREACH. No. Sometimes it is good to keep schtum knowing that your truth is not everyone's truth and is not really THE TRUTH as in fact there is no such thing as THE TRUTH. Rather, there is everyone's unique perception of truth. Religious and spiritual dogma are a classic example of the shadow of Sagittarius. Also, there really can be too much of a good thing and indeed of too much, too soon (classic Sag to rush in and go large). Often some 'restriction' (either of keeping one's mouth shut or not taking the go big or go home attitude) is necessary in order to maintain the oh so important fine line of balance and not slipping into the Sagittarian shadow.

Since December 2014 Saturn - the stern cosmic life coach, has been transiting Sagittarius along with his lessons on karma and delays and his energies of fear and restriction. Saturn can keep us stuck until we do things by the book which is the polar opposite of Jupiter who helps us feel good and cheerful (Sagittarius is the optimist of the zodiac) and bestows blessings upon us helping us manifest growth, abundance and miracles at times almost effortlessly.

In the last 18 months or so we have all been under these contradictory energies in areas of our lives in which we usually enjoy easy growth and good luck.

Saturn can slow us down and at times make us feel rather heavy and dark about whatever area of life he is transiting. However, he is not all bad. He slows us down (or sometimes even stops us) so we see things in black and white and so we truly understand what it is that we are trying to achieve and what we need to do in order to manifest our desires.

Saturn's transit in Sagittarius may at times feel punishing or heavy but if you can play his fairly straightforward rules, get serious and do things by the book, then you can still enjoy the growth/expansion and blessings (Jupiter) you desire with the added benefit that it is based on a sturdy Saturnite foundation and will endure time (Saturn is also the ruler of time).

But back to this full moon which conjuncts Mars who is currently also in retrograde in Sagittarius but soon to move into Scorpio for the remainder of his backward dance.

Mars as we know, is the planet of energy, autonomy, ambition and drive - but also of war and conflict. The blending of his energy makes this an even more intense full moon than usual with an unstable, almost explosive quality.

The sun (which is always in opposition to a full moon) in Gemini will also oppose Mars. Venus is also making a wide opposition to Mars. There are some serious cosmic stand offs going on at this full moon! Then, to add to matters - Mercury  (the ruler of Gemini so where the sun aka spotlight is currently moving into each of our charts) will station direct just one day later.

Whenever Mercury is either about to station retrograde or direct is almost the most potent time of his retrograde dance. This occurrence just one day after an already intense full moon makes matters all the more intense and unsettling.

Soulstrology says that whatever is happening at this full moon will have a second act on or around the next full moon so we should not judge all that occurs right now. What we can do is look at what we may need to release in the Sagittarius and Jupiter ruled areas of our charts. What can we let go of and/or heal? What lessons have we learnt so far from Saturn? Where do we need to let go of any fears or frustrations that Saturn may have brought to the surface and instead infuse these life areas with Jupiterian optimism, a spiritual mindset and plain old good juju? Having listened to stern Saturn what can we re-d0 (a theme of the current mass retrogrades) perhaps on a more solid foundation? Where and how can we embody more of the higher qualities of Sagittarius and Jupiter? How can we let go of some of the more shadow aspects? How can we constructively harness the polarities of the Mars/Venus energies in the opposing ends of our charts so we can experience harmony and balance in these two different areas of life?

There is much work for us to do at this full moon in answering the above questions and in terms of releasing and healing. To the extent that we do this internal work is the degree to which we can reap the harvest on the physical plane towards the end of June.

Shed some skin at this full moon so you can shine in the next act.

I am wishing you all a healing, peaceful and transformative full moon.


Ambi x