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Full moon in Scorpio April 2016: Sweeping the shadows from our souls


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full moon in Scorpio April 2016: Sweeping the shadows from our souls



Hello lovely ones and happy full moon in Scorpio which takes place at around 10pm PST/Los Angeles on Thursday 21st April (adjust accordingly for your timezone). As usual the full moon involves a cosmic duel between two opposing signs and this month's players are in fixed signs with the moon in watery Scorpio opposing the sun in earthy Taurus.

Scorpio is one of the most intense and controversial zodiac signs and often get a (justified!) bad rap but they are actually also capable of being one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac with the greatest depth and character.

However this sign is all about extremes and its shadow side is pretty dark; secrecy, control issues, possessiveness, jealousy, aggressiveness with a true sting in their tail.  But the thing is (and before any angry Scorpio/Scorpio risings start to hiss in my direction!) the reason why Scorpios have this shadow side is that they (arguably along with Cancer but Cancer has a mothering nurturing side to their nature which softens this emo side into a cry fest, more on that another time!) truly feel everything and are super intuitive. And if you think about it, if we can zone in on what everyone else is thinking (and feeling) and are so in tune with our own feelings then it is easy to spiral into darkness and be sucked into the shadows.

At the end of the day these rather dark emotions and qualities which Scorpios are often associated with are those that if we are honest, most of us have, can or will succumb to at some point. Scorpios are just a little more honest and therefore in your face and dramatic about it all.

This intensity of this sign is  understandable when you think it is co-ruled by Pluto (death, destruction, rebirth) and Mars (energy, ambition, autonomy, desire but also conflict/war).  But the spiritual path (and true destiny according to Soulstrology) is that a Scorpio will dive into the depths of the darkness to not only seek the truth, but also to transform that darkness, create alchemy and shine great light. A conscious or transformed Scorpio is probably one of the most spiritual, soulful, honest beings there is!

It is interesting that this full moon in Scorpio comes days after its co-rulers Mars and Pluto turned retrograde. Planetary retrogrades result in a physical repression and therefore internalizing of the traits of that planet - basically asking us to look within so that once the planet is back in direct forward motion we can receive the benefit of its highest qualities. Scorpio and it's rulers will occupy a different part of each of our natal charts and also be transiting different areas of our charts and therefore our lives. So for those reading I advise looking at your natal chart to see which house has Scorpio on the cusp and where Mars and Pluto are found to see where you may experience these themes ongoing in your life and where you can transform Scorpio shadow into spiritual light.

Also, look at where Mars and Pluto are in transit to your natal chart as it is these houses (and therefore life areas) which for the next few months are seeking a cosmic naval gazing and an internal transformation so that you can manifest the leadership (Mars) and rebirth (Pluto) of these areas of life for your highest good.

Remember that in the natural zodiac Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house - the house of transformation/death and rebirth and merging - how we share and merge with others and how we must allow ourselves to 'die' and be reborn through necessary transformation when we merge with another (whether romantic, platonic or professional partnerships). So all these themes are also at play for all of us at this powerful cosmic window offering us the opportunity to see, heal and release that which does not serve us (the shadow of Scorpio) so that we can have more harmony and balance in relation to these 8th house issues.

Going back to the specifics of this full moon which is at 2 degrees of Scorpio and conjunct (essentially on top of - so the two cosmic energies are blended) Juno - the asteroid governing partnership and commitment, and making a trine (harmonious easy flowing energy) to Neptune in Pisces. Venus (in Aries) is squaring (a harder, tougher aspect causing friction and requiring change) Pluto in Capricorn.

Soulstrology says that these aspects require us to look carefully within at any shadow Scorpio traits we may have in relation to love, commitment, money and power and to dig deep to understand the dynamics that have been at play for us in all these hugely important and emotive life areas. By sweeping away the shadows we can experience soulful success and happiness in relation to all of the above.

Diving deep into the depths of your shadows and transformation is the name of the game of this full moon. Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, don't fight it, be brave and see it for what it is. Choose to shift your consciousness, create a new paradigm and more soulful structure for all the life areas which this cosmic window raises for you. Sweep the shadows from your soul so that your true self can shine. This is alchemy. And this is what will make you a magnet for the miracles you desire.

I am wishing you all a powerful, transformative and soulful full moon.


Ambi x