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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Full Moon in Virgo March 12 2017: Be a light warrior not a shadow worrier

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy full moon in Virgo!

This Sunday 12th March 2017 at 6.54am PST (adjust for your timezone) we have a full moon at 22 degrees of Virgo.

Some of you may be feeling all the feels of not only the upcoming full moon but also a wormhole sorts which has been created by eclipse season, Venus retrograde and the end of Winter.

This vortex can be felt emotionally/spiritually but also on the physical plane.

Just as we are in between seasons of nature and about to embrace Spring, so too are many of us between chapters of our lives, closing one chapter and opening another, but thanks to the eclipses much is up in the air and the next chapter and path ahead is often unclear.

This can result in feeling out of sorts, a sense of discomfort and discombobulation.

Soulstrology tells us that whilst some of us may have experienced big shifts and been ‘eclipsed’ in February, others will experience the changes this month and into early April as the lunar cycles this month trigger the eclipses.

Sunday’s Virgo full moon not only activates the Leo full moon lunar eclipse of February 10th but also brings to completion a cycle which started last September at the Virgo solar eclipse.

It’s an intense and powerful lunar event as the fullness of the moon will illuminate whatever has been bubbling under the surface bringing completion and closure to the last six months.

Soulstrology says that we all need to look at the natural zodiac themes at play at this full moon as well as checking where we have 22 degrees of Virgo in our unique natal chart (you can check this with my free chart calculator) to see which house (and therefore life areas) are being highlighted at this time.

In the natural zodiac, Virgo is the ruler of the 6th house.

This house governs our health – mind, body and soul, our day to day routine, daily work and ‘service’.

Over the last two years and the Virgo/Pisces set of eclipses all of us would have experienced tremendous changes in these areas, noticeably more so than at other periods in our lives.

Like every sign, Virgo has shadow and light.

At any full moon the shadow of a sign tends to bubble up in the lunar spotlight.

Therefore at this full moon it is the shadow of Virgo that we want to focus on healing/releasing, not only with the natural zodiac life themes but also in relation to the unique life areas that Virgo rules in our natal charts.

So what is the shadow of Virgo? The other side of Virgo’s shimmering light.

It is truly an odd cosmic joke that every virtue has the ability to become a vice!

For all Virgo’s attention to detail, humility, hard work, desire to share and serve, precision and ordered approach to life they can also be overly servile (to their own detriment), way too hard on themselves and others (nitpicking), anally retentive, worrywarts (to the point of making themselves literally sick with worry) and control freaks as a result of their desire (cosmic need!) for order.

It’s funny as I write this because I am a Virgo rising and I am nodding my head at each of these shadow elements!

Hands up, these are all themes I have struggled with and continually work to balance with the light of Virgo.

The struggle is real but I manage it through daily meditation, morning pages, mindfulness, exercise, and maintaining a manageable schedule that allows me to truly serve my health – mind, body and soul.

I also make myself check in regularly and spiritually audit the energy exchange with all my dealings to ensure there is balance and that I am not overly serving something or someone at my own expense.

It’s an ongoing work in progress!

Regardless of your sign these are tools which I believe can help each of us, especially those of us who are deeply sensitive and sources of light for many others.

Turning now to the title of this post and the specifics of this full moon.

Virgos are natural born worriers.

Where each of us has Virgo in our chart/lives is where we too are likely to be worrywarts.

Soulstrology says that the energy of worry creates the energetic vibration of fear.

What we vibrate energetically is what we create. Literally.

By worrying we focus our energies on our fears which in turn manifests them!

Virgo full moons can be intense on our minds/worry wart natures at the best of times but the specific aspects of this lunar beauty are bringing irritations, fears and worries to the surface more deeply.

This Full moon squares Saturn.

This means that the shadow of Saturn can be felt deeply at this time (fear, depression).

Mercury who rules Virgo (the mind/communication) opposes this full moon (bringing emotional aspects to thoughts and communications) and squares Saturn too (adding to that fearful and even somewhat depressive element).

Meanwhile Jupiter in Libra (relationships) opposes Uranus in Aries (autonomy/independence).

There are lots of tense aspects at this full moon which can bubble up as worries and boil over into outright conflicts with others!

Soulstrology reminds us that as always there is a duality to the aspects at play and that this full moon can be a great time to harness the efforts of precision, order and hard work (Virgo) to manifest and achieve long lasting success (Saturn).

There is the opportunity for huge breakthroughs in relationships (of all sorts) allowing for personal autonomy and independence to be balanced with healthy partnerships.

How this full moon plays out depends on what is going on in each of our lives and where we are in our unique journey.

However given that it is the conclusion of the Virgo set of eclipses of the last two years, all of us can harness the energies at play to transform our shadow worrier into a light warrior and leave our worry wart nature behind as we step into a new season!

We all have the ability to be brave about our fears and not let them consume us but rather to be victors of our fears, to overcome them and be true warriors of light.

The ego says we can have peace when everything falls into place.

The soul says we need to have peace for everything to fall into place.

Finding peace within creates peace on the physical plane.

Perhaps you are seeing matters come to completion and fruition and rather than celebrating you are wondering (aka worrying) about what is coming next, or maybe you are floundering in your deepest fears.

Whatever is coming up for you, simply allow yourself bathe in what the moonlight is illuminating.

Feel it, and rather than fight it, face it.

Then choose to be a brave warrior of the light and focus on what you want, trusting that you have the power to co-create your heart’s desires with the universe.

At this full moon let magical wonder be your foundation and the fuel for the pursuit of your desires.

I am wishing you all a healing, transformative full moon.


Ambi x