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Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

High Fives! January 2019's five faves!

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely souls and happy Friday and almost Solar Eclipse!

In case you’re needing some New Year inspo, please check out the latest episode of my podcast which is all about setting up your 2019 for success and happiness.

If you live in LA or are visiting and need some New Year cobweb clearing out, come join me tonight at Wanderlust for my first Soulstrology Soundbath of 2019!

Onward to my five highlights from the last lunar month….

1. Eclipse season changes…

Eclipse season always brings change. And not always the rug pulled underneath from you or big happy yay kind of change. Sometimes the changes are more subtle, more of an internal shift which plants the seeds of change on the physical plane. Whether the changes are internal or external they have usually been bubbling under the surface and eclipse season simply comes and shakes them out of their hiding place.

This happened to me this week, on New Year’s Day in fact…

I have felt at a crossroads professionally. I didn’t have a podcast a year ago and my Soulstrology Membership was still relatively new and was a mere seed.

A year ago I had a lot less on my plate work wise, but the truth is that over the last six months or so I have felt like something had to give, that I couldn’t keep things as they were. I knew what it was but didn’t want to face the reality of what needed to happen because I didn’t feel ready to make the necessary changes.

But, as many of you will know, one of my favorite saying is, ‘You can do anything, but not everything’. This week all the feels bubbled into a decision and I decided to phase out the mentoring side of my business this year, freeing up some of my time, still allowing me to provide individual sessions for people, but without the time commitment that my mentorships require. It has been truly bittersweet. Bitter because my Mentees feel like my people. They are my people. Yes it is a professional relationship but it is also a deeply personal one. And although I have no doubt we will be in each others lives, professionally and personally for years to come, I know this marks the end of an era, and endings always make me a little sad. It has also felt uncomfortable in practical, financial terms, as it is willingly turning down tens of thousands of dollars worth of annual income. But sweet because I know in my heart it is the right thing to do, as ultimately it will allow me to help more people in a different way that better serves my lifestyle. My podcast has been a huge expander, is almost birthed. And I am ready for a new chapter and to birth newness into my life, both personally and professionally. I am excited and curious. I honestly have no idea how things will play out and life will unfold but this decision felt right in my gut, and I always trust my gut.

PS. If you are reading this and you were interested in being mentored by me, you can still apply by the end of January for my final Mentorship program for the foreseeable future and I am still going to be offering individual sessions in 2019 and beyond so feel free to reach out!


2. Vegas Baby, celery juice style….

To celebrate eighteen months of marriage and the year anniversary of our church wedding (we eloped six months before that and consider that our true anniversary, but ya know, it’s always nice to have multiple anniversaries to celebrate!) we headed to Vegas, which is where we eloped in June 2017. We ended up staying off the strip in Summerlin and had the most glorious long weekend. It was really fun to do Vegas differently and see the other (amazing) side of the city. Think hiking, horse back riding in the canyons, dining out and generally decompressing. It was an amazing way to end 2018 which was a full on year for us with a new job, move and lots of change (and some challenges). Now, as you guys may recall I jumped on the good ole celery juice bandwagon a month or so ago but I wasn’t having it regularly. But in the last half of December I was more consistent and I have to say, I really noticed a difference. In my energy levels, skin, digestion, you name it. I was a little concerned about going away and missing my celery juice (*insert suitable crying face/cringe emoji here*) and so my hubba of a hubbie suggested I make it differently using this travel friendly blender. And hey presto….I am SO glad he suggested this as I usually struggle with digestive issues when I go away and eat outside of my normal diet. I ate tons of gluten, sugar, some dairy sneaked in and I enjoyed wine every night yet my stomach was fine….I am crediting my daily celery juice with keeping inflammation at bay, but I am also glad to be back and eating normally again. I can guarantee you that travel friendly blender will be accompanying us when we go to Europe over the summer so I can maintain my celery ritual!


3. Embracing being basic

I read a fascinating article on the origins of the term being basic and I will confess I have been accused of being basic before…For wearing Uggs, leggings and horror of horrors - an Abercrombie sweatshirt - I didn’t realize it was such a fashion faux pas! I get that I wasn’t looking like a glampuss but I just wanted to be comfy and the sweater was eleven bucks on sale!

My style may have changed somewhat in the last few years but my love of Uggs has stayed firm. I tend to wear things until they really are on their last legs and I will admit that my Uggs were a bit scruffy. Both my Mum and my hubs (separately) helpfully said I looked homeless in one of my ‘casual’ outfits with my battered Uggs as my footwear of choice. Anyway… I decided it was time for a change and switched it up to these ‘same same but different’ Uggs which are actually much more in my general color palette and I think will hopefully withstand the wear and tear (and LA grime) to look better for longer. In choosing to purchase Uggs again when I get so much flack from my entire family about this choice of footwear was my way of saying, I am doing ME and I do not care what anyone else says! If I am basic, so be it! As I get older, I am less and less concerned with what others think and more concerned about what makes me happy. And this basic b*tch is very happy with both my lovely new Uggs, and life!


4. Human Design deeper dive.

Human design has featured before in my High Fives as my reading with the amazing Amanda of Intuitive Galaxy was such an eye opening (and life changing) experience…

I had a ton of questions after our reading and decided to book a follow up session to dive deeper. A little like astrology there is only so much you can download to a person in an hour so the follow up was necessary for my curious mind who wanted to really align further with my design type. All I can say is WOW. Amanda is an incredible channel who is not only deeply intuitive but speaks and deconstructs your unique design in a way which allows you to really understand the gems that will change your life. As we embark on a New Year (with the Human Design New Year around the corner!) we are all looking to create changes in our lives and manifest our desires but some may feel stuck. If you want to get unstuck, gain clarity and understand how much easier life can be once you align with your design, I highly recommend booking a reading with the lovely Amanda.

5. Crazy obsessed Ambi!

I loved Kevin Kwan’s book Crazy Rich Asians and devoured it in days. I dragged the hubs to see the film and we both loved it. But the books, oh my. His writing transports me into a different world and I feel like a gawping fly on the wall who actually knows his characters. The footnote have me snorting with laughter. The Washington Post sums up the second Kevin Kwan book perfectly, ‘As frothy as the egg whites on the sort of cocktail you should drink while reading Kwan’s books….Highly entertaining’.

I don’t know what it is about losing yourself in an albeit frothy, yet very well written book, but it always resets me and opens something up. It’s as though it does something for my own creative portal to be so absorbed in another world (as well as of course, to snort laugh, my favorite type of laughter!)

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my high fives from this last lunar month!

Wishing you all a happy solar eclipse and a beautiful lunar cycle ahead.


Ambi x