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June 2016: Patience and pragmatism

Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

June 2016: Patience and pragmatism



Hello lovely ones and happy start to June! Here we are in the middle of 2016 - a great time for us to all take stock and review where we and our lives are at and what we still want to create this year.

With all the retroARGH action and the resulting delays, confusion and perhaps frustrations, the title of this post may make you gnash your teeth but these words are the mantra for this month!

The month starts with Saturn in Sagittarius opposing the sun in Gemini on June 2nd and 3rd. An opposition is a tough aspect in astrology and therefore one that can feel 'hard' in real life. Look at where you have Gemini and Sagittarius (at 13 degrees) in your natal chart as it is these two house cusps which will be experiencing this aspect.

Saturn, as we know by now, likes us to get our s**t together and to be real. He is much needed realism but sometimes with a stern, sour taste. It doesn't need to play out as doom and gloom, it may just be that the universe gives a stern talking to or reality check through someone/a situation. Harsh realities are not always easy to digest but if we can keep your cool and take the lesson from any Saturn slaps at this time we can certainly reap the rewards in time to come.

Meanwhile in Retro-ARGH news there is a positive development as mischievous Mercury is direct and catching up with himself. By June 7th he will be out of the shadow period. By then life matters which he governs (in the Taurus ruled part of your natal chart) which may have been muddled since mid April will resolve themselves or come to some conclusion.

Mars continues his backward dance and has now moved into sizzling Scorpio. Look at where you have 23-29 degrees of Scorpio in your chart as the life areas governed by that house are where you will be experiencing the remainder of Mars retrograde. Also, think back to September 3rd -13th 2014. This is when Mars was in the same position and sign he is retrograding in now. Also, Saturn was transiting Scorpio then (literally I have shudders as I type those words!! Saturn in Scorpio was TOUGH -am I right, or am I right?!) and as Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio and as Saturn is all about karma it may be that themes and events from that time return for all things REtrograde and a karmic clear up.

On June 13th Neptune starts his annual retrograde. The outer planets retrograde action aren't usually felt as closely as planets such as Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter which are closer to earth but given that Neptune is in a cosmic tussle with Saturn - which in fact is the main astrological theme of the 2016 - we may experience his retrograde more powerfully this year. Certainly all Pisces/Pisces rising are likely to feel it as Neptune is their co-ruler. And for all us the Neptune/Pisces ruled part of our natal charts may see some introspection and review and resulting change in the months to come. More on this in time to come.

In terms of Soulstrology cosmic windows in which to manifest and release we have a really powerful new moon in Mercury ruled Gemini on June 4th and we also have the double act/finale full moon in Sagittarius at the critical last degree of this fiery sign on June 20th. I will write detailed blogs on both these powerful astro events nearer to the time.

Venus spends almost half the month in Gemini giving all Geminis and Gemini risings that Venusian glow as they enjoy the spotlight of both the Sun and Venus. She then moves into watery Cancer on the 17th. For all readers the houses governed by Gemini and Cancer will experience Venus's influence of beauty, love, attraction and abundance this month.

Later in the month on June 26th there is a powerful trine between Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. Look at where you have Capricorn and Virgo in your natal chart as it is these house areas which will experience the positive, expansive, transformation and rebirth that the harmonious flow of energies of miraculous Jupiter and transformative Pluto will create.

Finally the month will end with Mars stationing direct on June 29th! It will take the red giant sometime to get back into full flow but nonetheless our plans will move ahead more quickly from July onwards and we will all (but particularly Aries/Scorpio suns and rising) breathe a sigh of relief as our energy levels, mojo and manifestation powers get back on form.

Back now to the title of this post and the biggest cosmic aspect this month. On June 17th Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. This is the second act of a tough aspect which first took place around Thanksgiving last year (November 26 2015) with the finale on September 10th 2016.

According to Soulstrology this cosmic theme is forcing us all to look closely at the house areas governed by Neptune and Jupiter in our natal charts and breaking down any rose tinted Neptunian illusions (or deceptions) and forcing us to see things in black and white (Saturn) and have a much needed reality check about the status of and/or our plans with regards to these two life areas.

Neptune for all it's higher octaves of spirituality and creativity has a murky shadow of fantasy over facts, escapism, illusions and deceptions. Saturn for all it's assistance in helping us get real and achieve with a practical plan of action and hard work, can also cause us to see the glass half empty and for us to feel unnecessarily heavy or pessimistic.

Neptune dissolves boundaries and Saturn creates them! On the world stage you can see how this has been playing out with the refugee crisis. Neptune as unconditional love, unbridled compassion and oneness manifesting as let's open all the doors, how can we turn them away - they are us. Saturn saying no, this needs to be dealt with properly with a practical plan, this needs documentation, what about X, Y, Z and demanding structure for the influx of refugees and realism about the necessary social integration required of these people into very different cultures from their places of origin.

Let's be honest, (this is my Sag straight talking) it's a bit of a shit show so far with no decent resolution and that is the Neptune/Saturn square playing out with the 'powers' that be attempting to essentially balance Neptune and Saturn (even if they don't realise this is what they are doing)!

But back to us and this Saturn/Neptune square. Looking at the life themes at play according to our unique natal charts we need to all find a balance between our creative or heart's vision and reality. Between boundaries and oneness. We have to ask ourselves where we are deceiving ourselves or being unrealistic by allowing our vision to float without form (Neptune) and instead give structure and reality by enforcing Saturn's positive aspects. Conversely some of us may need to stop being so Saturnite and gloomy and looking too much at the facts and figures and instead having spiritual faith that our vision (Neptune) will manifest.

Either way, in whatever areas of life this is playing out at for you or whether you are erring towards Neptune fogginess and idealism or being overly Saturnite there is WERK to be done with this energy.

With this aspect and Mars retrograde we are all being asked to be pragmatic and patient this month. Both patience and pragmatism may taste bitter in the moment but their fruit is oh so sweet.

I chose the namaste sand image for this post purposefully. Namaste is largely defined as meaning that the divine in me sees and bows to the divine in you. It is essentially acknowledgement of that spark of divine in each of us.

This month make pragmatism and patience your virtues and practice the essence of namaste not only with those that you encounter but also the situations that life throws at you. Choose to connect to the divine within you that acknowledges the divine in all situations, even ones that don't feel fair or easy.

With this consciousness and working with the energies of the cosmos and the powerful windows of opportunity we have this month we can all taste the sweet rewards of our work in perfect, divine timing.



Ambi x