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Lunar eclipse in Leo February 10th 2017: Total eclipse of the heart


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Lunar eclipse in Leo February 10th 2017: Total eclipse of the heart

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and welcome to eclipse season!

This Friday February 10th at 4.32pm PST (adjust accordingly for your timezone) we have the first eclipse of 2017 which takes place at 22 degrees of Leo.

Eclipse season brings change and acts as a cosmic portal to the next chapter of our lives.

Lunar eclipses tend to bring endings and completion which force new beginnings.

As this eclipse is in the fixed fire sign of Leo it is likely that whatever change the eclipse is bringing will be fiery, fast, and have a sense of finality.

Leo in the natural zodiac is ruler of the 5th house, governing love, romance, fun, children (including our inner child), creativity and self expression.

Whatever our sign it is likely that some of these life areas will be highlighted at the lunar eclipse.

To understand exactly how this eclipse is playing out in your unique chart use the free chart calculator on my site to see where your chart holds 22 degrees of Leo.

It is this house and the life areas governed by that house and the opposing house and life areas (where the sun will be shining at 22 degrees Aquarius) which will be under the cosmic spotlight.

Back now to the specifics of this lunar eclipse.

As well as the usual sun/moon opposition which always takes place at full moons, we also have an opposition between Jupiter in Libra (relationships, us, peace, harmony) and Uranus in Aries (freedom, autonomy, sudden change, revolution, me over we).

It is likely that there will be a push pull between individual needs versus the collective needs. If there has been a build up of tension in any close relationships (of all types) there could be a rebellion of sorts as the full moon highlights this imbalance.

Such rebellion and releasing of tension may manifest in a sudden and explosive manner (Uranus).

Alongside these oppositions is a stunning pentagram of celestial bodies formed in the skies with the Sun (22 degrees Aquarius), the Moon (22 degrees of Leo), Saturn (25 degrees Sagittarius), Jupiter (23 degrees Libra) and Uranus (23 degrees Aries).

All of these planets and their energies make powerful, positive aspects at this eclipse meaning that even some of the more challenging aspects (such as the Jupiter/Uranus opposition mentioned above) ultimately have the potential to be both productive and positive.

This celestial pentagram represents our earthly desires, our emotional needs, our spirituality, our unique creativity and genius, our miracles and blessings and the practical manifestation of all of these into physical form.

Soulstrology says that this eclipse is one of the most intense and powerful we have experienced in recent years with this unique celestial configuration offering magic and miracles!

But first. Our hearts.

Each sign of the zodiac rules a different body part and regal Leo is the ruler of the heart.

On a physical, scientific level we know that the heart is crucial to our very existence as it pumps blood to the rest of our organs.

Soulstrology says our heart is crucial to our soul’s journey on this earth plane, aligning with the cosmos and in turn fulfilling our soul purpose and manifesting.

Our heart connect us directly to our higher self, to our soul.

Our heart connects us directly to our unique purpose and passion.

Our heart connects us to others. It is the part of us that realizes that the ‘other’ person is not another, but actually us.

Because our hearts know that in truth we are all one.

If we all had truly open, healthy hearts there would be peace, harmony and equality on earth.

Yes really. Because if we saw truly everyone as ourselves how could we not want for them what we want for ourselves?

If we want peace and harmony in the world, we have to find peace and harmony within.

Only happy, healthy hearts can give us true internal peace and harmony.

At this particular point in time both here in the USA and across the world when there are so many polarities and divisions in politics and society, where we seem to have regressed in so many areas of civil and human rights, more than ever before we need to heal and reconnect to our hearts.

Our activism must be founded and fueled by love.

Our politics must be founded and fueled by love (and respect).

Our personal goals and the pursuit of our passions must be founded and fueled by love.

Our interactions with all others, even those we do not feel aligned with or do not wish to really associate with, must be founded and fueled by love (and respect).

Without a healthy, happy heart pumping love we cannot truly harness the energies available at this eclipse.

And there are truly magical, miraculous energies to be harnessed which can assist with manifestation on the physical plane.

More often than not as your heart’s deepest desires coming to fruition!

Each of our jobs at this eclipse is to release the deep seated wounds, fears and unhealthy patterns that block the connection to our higher selves and prevent us from fully loving ourselves and others.

By healing our hearts we can connect fully to our higher selves, to others, to our passion and our purpose!

Soulstrology says that lunar eclipses offer the opportunity for the kind of deep healing and transformation that releases years of trauma and pain which in turn makes space for us to truly move forwards and to receive what is destined for us.

That’s why eclipses bring such sudden change. A big energetic shift results in a big life shift!

You will no doubt be aware of what is being highlighted for you on your unique path and soul’s journey as we often feel the full moon in the week leading up to it.

As well as thinking about any issues which have arisen take the time to look at your chart and to see not only where the Sun/Moon opposition is playing out but also the houses/life areas in whichthe magical celestial pentagram is in your unique chart.

Finally think back to what was happening in your life last August in Leo season and last September during the final 2016 eclipses.

Things that were bubbling at that time will be coming to culmination, fruition or closure over the next month as this Friday’s Leo lunar eclipse marks the start of the ending of one chapter so that another can begin.

May each of us tap into the miracles and magic that are concealed within the chaos.

For our highest good and the greater good of all.

I am wishing you all a healing and transformative full moon.


Ambi x