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Lunar eclipse in Libra: Let Love In


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Lunar eclipse in Libra: Let Love In



On Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at approximately 5am PST (adjust accordingly for your timezone) there will be a penumbral (partial) lunar eclipse at 3 degrees of Libra. This eclipse may not appear as visually dramatic as previous eclipses in this set (which started in October 2013 with a lunar eclipse in Aries) but do not doubt its potency. We are wrapping up an enormous amount of karma in the area of relationships. As many of you may have noticed I am back blogging regularly (and so enjoying it - as I hope you are enjoying reading!) and I just published this piece for the Huffington Post which you may like to read as a general guide to this eclipse.

This eclipse is about love and all of our relationships but on a deeper level it is about bringing back love and harmony to relationships in the unique area of life that the eclipse impacts each of us.

I felt moved to do something a little different for this Cosmic Update and so I have written a little note for each sign to read.

I work with the Placidus house system and so for me the exact degrees of house cusps are very significant. If this was a normal new or full moon I would prefer you to know which house in your unique zodiac birth chart has 3 degrees of Libra in  - as that is the exact degree of this full moon.

However, for the general purpose of understanding the karmic journey your soul has been on since October 2013  and this set of eclipses, you just need to know your sun sign and your rising sign. By reading for both of those you can understand the life areas which Aries/Libra rule in both your solar chart and natal chart and therefore these themes have been playing out in.

I have my own unique way of working with the cosmos which is why I call the astrology I practice Soulstrology - I am all about progressing our soul's journey and in turn manifesting what is for our highest good and the greater good of all. It's a cosmic naval gaze and some hard self development work! I like it but my way of interpreting and working with the cosmos is not for everyone.  So just take what resonates from either my Huffington Blog and/or the below and leave the rest.


  • Aries/Aries rising - This set of eclipses have directly impacted you in all your relationships. This final eclipse falls in your 7th house of serious one to one relationships. What lessons have you learnt about the role you play in your relationships? How can you move forward to have more harmony and balance in all your close relations? Are you ready to stop pointing the finger at the other person and instead look within at how you create the reality of your relationships? I am sure many Aries/Aries rising have done the karmic work over the last couple of years and as a result have received cosmic blessings in all their relationships but for those of you who may still be struggling it's time to stop pointing the finger and turn it into a peace sign. To allow harmony and balance into your relationships and know that you can still maintain your autonomy and strength. To be a warrior of peace in your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Taurus/Taurus rising - This set of eclipses has been about work, your day to day routine, and mind/body/soul balance as well as what you keep hidden from others, the secret you - the way in which you can be your own worst enemy due to issues you keep suppressed. This final eclipse is falling in your 6th house of daily work, routine and health. How can you have a better relationship with your mind/body/soul so that you have a better relationship with your daily routine, your daily 'service' (work) and those you encounter on a day to day basis? It's time for you to let go of secrets and issues you have with yourself so that you can enjoy peace and harmony with your body, health, work and day to day life - leading to better relationships all round.
  • Gemini/Gemini rising - This set of eclipses has been about your romantic life, self expression/creativity/fun and children as well as your friendships/groups - your tribe, including any associations you may belong to. This final eclipse is falling in your 5th house of love, children, creativity, self expression and fun. How can you maintain your individual self expression and creativity whilst still being part of a collective? How has your romantic relationship (s) been affected by the relationships you have in your 11th house? Have you found balance between the relationship with your friends and lover or children? Allow yourself to release that (and those) which no longer serves you so that you can enjoy both a happy and fulfilling love life, children, enjoy your unique creativity and have fulfilling friendships. These are not mutually exclusive. Find the balance and allow yourself to have it all.
  • Cancer/Cancer rising - This set of eclipses has been all about your home, your roots - who, what and where you consider your 'home' and 'family' - as well as your public status, achievement and ambition. There is likely to have been a push pull in between those two areas of life in the last couple of years with plenty of changes. This final eclipse is falling in your house of family - your roots, who/what/where you consider home. It is calling you to find that peace within your family, find that place you can call home, put down some roots and settle so that you can find your place in the world, your purpose, your calling. To the degree that you can find peace and harmony at home and have a steady foundation is the degree to which you you can have a harmonious, flowing relationship with your purpose and calling and ultimately be who you are supposed to be in this world. Internal peace with your nearest and dearest and a home sanctuary will assist your journey of autonomy and individuation and allow you to be powerful in your purpose.
  • Leo/Leo rising - This set of eclipses has been all about your spiritual journey, higher learning, travel - in the mind and the physical realm as well as how you communicate, finding your voice and the right medium for you to communicate that which you have (and will continue) to learn. This final eclipse is falling in your house of communication and those you encounter in your immediate environment. How can you have a better relationship with others by communicating differently? How can you take what you have learnt in terms of spirituality, philosophy, your truth - and communicate this in a harmonious manner to those in your life and to the world at large? Find your voice. Choose your medium. Express your truth. It will allow you to have a better, more fulfilling relationship with yourself and to attract the right relationships in your life.
  • Virgo/Virgo rising - This set of eclipses has been all about your resources and shared resources. Your income, your possessions, your values. All of this versus shared resources - joint investments, debts, loans, investors, settlements, inheritances and the merging of assets and committing to joint projects. This final eclipse is falling in your 2nd house of your income - what you value about yourself which in turn affects what you receive financially and what people value about you to pay you (which ultimately is a reflection of your self esteem). How can you have a better relationship with your true values so that your income and possessions reflect this alignment as people pay you your 'worth'? Knowing your values, valuing yourself and living in alignment is all that is needed for you to receive fulfillment on a financial and material level. Jupiter is in Virgo until September 10th this year - this is a once in 12 years event and by getting real, and spiritual about material matters you can actually receive more and enjoy your money and possessions and abundance of all sorts in a soulful manner.
  • Libra/Libra rising - This set of eclipses has been all about your relationship with yourself, and how that is reflected in how you interrelate and the domino effect on all of your relationships. Where have you vacillated? Where have you perhaps taken the role of victim of relationship circumstances rather than victor? Where have you stood on the fence when you have needed to choose a side? How have you tried to keep the peace by inaction which has actually led to disharmony? How has this passive aggressive approach affected others? Can you see how this may result in a disservice to yourself and others? This eclipse is falling in the same sign as your sun sign. You are wrapping up over two years of karma with your relationship with yourself which is impacting your relationships with others. It's time to get real with yourself and others. Many of you have done the work and will be celebrating and enjoying healthy relationships as a result. For those still in the trenches, ask yourself the hard questions above. Step into your own power and welcome your process of individuation which will ultimately result in better relationships. Jupiter is moving into your sun sign this September - remember for all his glittering reputation, ultimately he expands and grows whatever is there. Make sure what is there is real, right and good, for your sake and for those in your life.
  • Scorpio/Scorpio rising - This set of eclipses has been about your mind/body/soul and your secrets/what you keep submerged. This final eclipse is falling in your 12th house of endings and completion. What do you need to clean up so that you can have a better relationship with your mind/body/soul? How do you feel blocked and agitated when it comes to work and your day to day routine? In what way do you perhaps self sabotage yourself? This eclipse is asking you to look long and hard at the issues you've tackled over the last couple of years and to look inwards and under the shiny surface of appearances to see what needs cleansing and releasing so that you can have a healthy relationship with all aspects of yourself which will lead to alignment of mind/body/soul and a harmonious day to day life, allow you to be of service and to 'work' your light.
  • Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising -This set of eclipses has been all about your friendships/groups/tribe and your love life, dating, children, how you have fun - your self expression and creativity. You've probably experienced some sweeping changes (both positive and negative) in both these areas of life. This final eclipse is falling in your 11th house of your tribe, friendships, associations and your hopes, wishes and dreams. It's time for you to release connections which do not serve, (or worse, hinder) the fulfillment of your hopes, wishes and dreams. It's time to connect with those who share the same values, goals and with whom you are naturally soulfully aligned with so that you can pursue and manifest your individual dreams as a conscious, supportive, collective. You finding the right platonic and soulful relationships will not only help you manifest your individual dreams but could also lead to creative collaborations which bring you great pleasure.
  • Capricorn/Capricorn rising - This set of eclipses has been all about private you (you at home, with your family, your private self) versus public you - how the world sees you, your public status and ambition. This eclipse is falling in your 10th house of status and ambition. Some of you may experience such matters coming to a celebratory boil. Others may feel the pinch between where you feel you are and where you want to be. For all of you there is a reconciliation that needs to be carried out between the public you and private you. A balancing and aligning of those two sides of you that lead to harmony in both your private (family) and public (work) relationships. Jupiter is going to transit your 10th house from September and is going to assist you in all your  ambitions and public endeavours. Allow yourself to receive his blessing in your public life but not at the expense of your family relationships.
  • Aquarius/Aquarius rising - These eclipses have been all about your siblings, your neigbours, your immediate environment, how you communicate, your voice and your own journey (in both the mind and physical realm) with foreign people and places, spirituality, philosophy and higher learning. This final eclipse is falling in your 9th house of all things 'foreign', of learning, study and connecting to your spiritual self. Some of you may have been embroiled in legal matters over the last few years, not necessarily contentious, perhaps about moving to a 'new land'. This final eclipse may be bringing such a spotlight to such a move or legal matter or to a commitment to higher education or study. It is calling you to have a better relationship with the student and teacher within yourself, to connect more deeply to that part of you that seeks knowledge and experience through 'foreign' people or places and ultimately to have a better relationship with your own spirituality which in turn will allow you to find your voice and communicate better as well as have better relationships within your immediate surroundings (siblings, neighbours etc).
  • Pisces/Pisces rising - These eclipses have been falling on the axis of you emerging and thriving versus merging. You have had to look carefully at your values and your income and possessions and understand the intricate and complex relationship between the two. You may also have gone through some tricky considerations or issues with joint finances or assets (tax issues, loans, remortgaging, investments, inheritances all could have been part of this). You may have considered merging and/or gone through the process of merging of assets of sorts - whether professional or personal. This final eclipse is falling in your 8th house of merging, transformation and 'death'. When we merge in any union, there is a 'death' of sorts as me 'dies' to become we. Pregnancy is often considered to come under this house as it involves transformation and rebirth. Merging results in emerging. The emerging of a new you that is part of a union. In order to successfully merge you need to have a new relationship with yourself so that any unions are harmonious.


Each of your natal charts will have a unique cosmic pattern that has been at play over the last couple of years of the set of these eclipses and indeed at this particular lunar eclipse. Each of you will be at different stages of evolution and your soul's journey. Therefore I cannot fully see and advise as to how this eclipse will play out for everyone, but hopefully the above guide can help you ask yourself some questions, gain some perspective and use that to allow love and harmony to flow into your relationship with yourself and others.

Wishing you all a magical lunar eclipse!

Love Ambi x