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Lunar eclipse in Pisces September 2016: Turning wounds into wisdom


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Lunar eclipse in Pisces September 2016: Turning wounds into wisdom



Hello lovely ones and happy full moon/lunar eclipse in Pisces! This final eclipse of 2016 is a penumbral lunar eclipse (arguably the most subtle) and takes place on Friday September 16th at exactly 11.55am PST. The eclipse actually begins at 9.54am PST and ends at 1.53pm PST.

It will not be visible from North America (or South America) but those in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia will be able to witness this cosmic event which takes place for just under four hours.

This full moon falls at 24 degrees of the water sign of Pisces.

In the natural zodiac Pisces is the ruler of the 12th house; the house of endings, completion, secrets, the subconscious mind, spirituality and dreams. It is often referred to as the house of the 'unseen' and certain transits to this house can result in a person 'disappearing' as such due to a period of isolation.

Whilst this house governs spirituality it also governs our secret enemies.

Ultimately though, we are often our own worst enemies and any 'enemies' we attract are often a result of our own self-sabotaging (and often subconscious) patterns.

The 12th house governs all of these complex issues, many of which lie beneath the surface.

In modern day astrology Pisces is ruled by Neptune.

For all the dreaminess, creativity, spirituality and oneness that Neptune inspires, it of course has a shadow.

A slippery shadow of deception, delusions, illusions and escapism. And with Neptune's vastness and formlessness it lacks any boundaries.

All of the above themes and energies are at play at this full moon and many of you would have tapped into these energies over the last few days as the moon has grown to fullness and will no doubt continue to feel them over this weekend.

This powerful cosmic window brings 2016's eclipse season to an end and offers a potent portal for healing.

Yes, this full moon is as intense as three full moons rolled into one (lunar eclipses are like that!) but on the positive side it is as powerful a healing opportunity as it is intense.

Soulstrology asks that we look carefully at the aspects at play at this lunar eclipse to understand exactly why and how we are all being offered not just an opportunity for great healing, but also an opportunity for great manifesting.

Which brings me nicely onto the title of this blog which was inspired by Chiron.

Chiron the wounded healer, has been transiting in Pisces since 2010 and will continue until 2018.

This means for all of us the Pisces ruled part of our chart, and therefore life areas, have been subject to Chiron's energies.

Chiron (the half centaur in mythology) symbolizes our pain and wounds and was said to have sustained a wound which never healed.

On his search for healing and relief he obtained great wisdom which allowed him to heal others. He became revered as one of the great healers of his time and ultimately his healing of others allowed an end to his suffering.

Soulstrology says that wherever we find Chiron in our natal charts (both in terms of zodiac sign and house position) is where we will experience wounds and wounding in our lives, but also where we have the opportunity to transform these wounds into wisdom, for ourselves and others.

At this eclipse Chiron is within a few degrees of the moon therefore his energies are blended into this full moon.

As above, so below. For each of us, the degree to which we have not learned the lessons from our wounds and transformed them into wisdom, is the degree to which we will be feeling emotional pain and as a result experiencing chaos on the physical plane.

There is a degree of karma playing out at this full moon which is activated by the moon's nodes.

Whereas the North node transit reflects our destiny in this lifetime, the South node of the moon transit is considered to refer to our past lives and previous karma that we did not correct and as a result have to clear in this lifetime.

With the South node in Pisces any pain we are experiencing is forcing us to finally confront and clear up karmic issues.

Soulstrology says that in order to work best with this cosmic window we must look at the Pisces ruled part of our charts and the life areas that are governed.

Then we must ask ourselves, what wounds have we experienced in these life areas since 2010? What lessons have we learned from our wounds? Can we truly say that we have turned these wounds into wisdom?

And then we must look at the last year specifically, since last November 2015 (when the Saturn/Neptune square started) and ask where we have felt wounded and/or stuck in the Pisces ruled life areas in our unique charts.

If we are still experiencing wounds in these life areas then we need to ask ourselves honestly which lessons we aren't learning and integrating with our psyche and therefore our lives.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, the opposing sign to this lunar eclipse, we are offered a great opportunity to sit quietly with ourselves and to do all things RE.

To REflect, REconsider, REview, REconcile.

To do all of the above in relation to all and any wounds we may be experiencing, but particularly those life areas governed by the Pisces ruled part of our charts.

This process of all things RE is important to REdirect our wounds and transform them into wisdom.

So often we take our troubles and woes and throw them at the feet of others.

It is society's fault, the economy, my boss, my partner, my ex partner, my friend/frenemy, my parents, my childhood, etc etc...

As per the secret enemy/self saboteur theory above, the stark truth is that WE are more often that not the true culprit as WE are our own worst enemies.

It is our soul wounds which manifest as self sabotaging patterns that cause some of the deepest pain we experience.

At this full moon we have a great opportunity to be in the light of Pisces/Neptune and to take a spiritual approach to any such wounds, to apply compassion to the situation, to offer ourselves and all others involved compassion and unconditional love.

But to do this we must avoid the shadow of Neptune and Pisces.

We cannot be victims through self deception, or sink into depression or escapism and avoid reality.

We need to enforce gentle soulful boundaries with our ego (who loves to hold on to a victim mentality keeping us in the cycle of wounding) to provide us the freedom that comes from living in soulful alignment with our higher selves.

By doing so we have not only the opportunity to go from victim to victor but we also have the opportunity for life changing healing and transformation.

Full moons and particularly lunar eclipses are the highest point of the lunar cycle.

For all the intensity and healing that can occur they are also very much a time for culmination and fruition.

For those of you who have been able to transform your wounds perhaps you are enjoying the fruits of such alchemy and this eclipse can be a time of celebration!

Wherever you are on your unique journey I am wishing you continued healing and transformation, and that you embrace spiritual light, compassion and unconditional love for yourselves, and for our beloved world.

Happy lunar eclipse and big love

Ambi x