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New Moon in Aquarius January 27 2017: Revolution and liberation by being the change we wish to see


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Aquarius January 27 2017: Revolution and liberation by being the change we wish to see

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

On Friday January 27th at 4.07pm PST (adjust for your timezone) is the first new moon of 2017 AND Mercury is out of retrograde shadow.

If you’ve felt this new year had a slightly foggy start or felt any kind of 2016 hangover then fear not as this weekend marks the real start to 2017 and things are going to pick up pace.

This new moon falls at 8 degrees of the air sign of Aquarius.

In the natural zodiac Aquarius is the ruler of the 11th house.

This house governs our friendships/tribe, groups and associations we belong to, and our hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus who was discovered around the same time electricity was discovered (and in a nice bit of cosmic synchronicity the man who discovered electricity was an Aquarian!)

Wherever we have Aquarius (or ruler Uranus) in our natal chart is where we have the ability to harness the Aquarian energies of individuality, innovation, genius, electric energy (metaphysical).

Soulstrology says the Aquarius/Uranus influence in our charts (which houses/life areas are governed/affected) will also show us where we can expect life to be unpredictable and changeable just like Uranus who has a completely unique axial tint compared to the other planets.

Those of you who have been reading my posts for a while (before my website when I just used to send out long emails) may recall how I talked about how certain Uranus transits can create very sudden change in a person’s life. Sometimes good, happy, exciting change. And sometimes the rug being pulled from underneath you type change!

Given that this is the first new moon of the new year and Mercury is now totally out of his shadow period with no more retroargh shade, Soulstrology says that whatever our sign, this Aquarius new moon is THE perfect cosmic window in which to harness all the Aquarian energies for all of us to plant the seeds for our 2017 hopes, wishes and dreams.

But back now to the title of this blog.

Without wanting to get political, I think it’s safe to say that we are living in politically turbulent times when across the world we are seeing an emerging pattern of a shift in the powers that be from one side of the spectrum to the other.

Soulstrology says what we are seeing in our physical world is a combination of Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn in action, and that what many may perceive as rock bottom now is actually entirely necessary for the necessary revolution and rebirth of the Pluto in Capricorn transit.

We are halfway through this transit and as you may recall Pluto unearths what lies beneath the surface, destroys it and then rebirths in its place what is more soulful and much more powerful.

I feel as though we are at the toughest, lowest point in cycle, but also that there is only one way to go now – up and out!

Soulstrology says that this new moon offers each of us the opportunity to engage in our own personal revolution which will offer each of us the liberation (Aquarius is all about freedom) we desire and the chance to manifest our most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams by truly being the change we wish to see in our world.

Soulstrology says that each of us has our unique role to play in the healing and nurturing of our world and all its inhabitants.

Each of us was born with a unique soul purpose and gifts to share with our world.

We were each equipped at birth with everything we need to fulfill this purpose.

The difficulty comes in remembering (or more so the slow realization as we evolve) why we were incarnated and to navigate the challenges and seeming blocks and redress the shadow traits (aka our egos) to live a life of both purpose and pleasure.

You know when you see someone who is living in alignment with their soul purpose as their light shines so very bright it is hard to miss them.

They are largely happy and positive, manifest easily and seem to dance beautifully with life.

They tend to live generously and share their good fortune with others in some way, whether it is their time, money, voice/platform or energy.

We ALL have the ability to be ‘that person’.

Each of us has the ability to live in that way and to have the kind of real, lasting, soulful happiness that serves us and those around us.

We just need to get out of our own way.

If you are feeling in anyway disillusioned by current political/global events or are feeling fearful or anxious about your own goals then I ask you to sit down quietly and think about the energies you wish to see in your life and the world.

Do you want to see peace? Be peace.


Sorry for the caps but purhlease, we HAVE to have the true integrity to be what we say we want to have and see!

You want abundance? Or for all to live in abundance? Live abundantly. Be generous with your time, your money, your energy and you will be creating abundance which will also be returned to you.

You want love? Be love. Stop seeking love from others and instead give it without condition.

Not to the person (s) that you are seeking it from and looking for validation from, but from those who may have nothing to return to you but need your love.

You want to have a certain career but no idea how you will manifest it or you’re facing road blocks?

Start to share what you view as your gift or your legacy just because. Share it in ways that give back to others.

If you’re a writer, write for the love of writing. Not for the public acclaim or ego validation but because you have no other choice than to write, because it’s what and who you are and your words can’t help but flow.

If you’re a singer, sing because like the birds that’s just what you do (I am obsessed with bird song by the way!).

Sing for those who need to hear you and who will be uplifted by your voice, not who you think your ‘fans’ should be.

Your words, your melodies, your love and efforts will find their rightful home and all that rewards that come as a result.

Purpose and passion are entwined like soulmates. And joy is their love child.

You will effortlessly find joy by living in this manner and will attract more of what you are putting out into the world and vibrating energetically.

True revolution comes when we as individuals choose to take personal responsibility for being part of what we want to see in our world.

Liberation comes when we realize that we can be who we desire to be because we are already that person.

All these energies are available to us at this new moon for our highest good and the greater good of all!

Soulstrology warns that a tense aspect between Venus and Saturn at this time may make us question our self worth, feel fearful about our resources/finances or feel tensions with who we may perceive as the powers that be in charge of our own lives. We may also feel tensions in serious relationships (whether romantic, platonic or professional) where one party is projecting too many of their own desires onto the other.

All of these are simply ego illusions that can act as blocks to us engaging our own Aquarian genius and innovation and fulfilling our deepest desires.

We must allow illusions about money and power to dissolve at this time. We must let go of any limiting beliefs that may arise about ourselves and our worthiness or abilities.

We must not project the weight of our hopes, wishes and dreams and our expectations for the future onto ANYONE else.

We must own our desires and the responsibilities and efforts that come with manifesting them.

At this new moon I am wishing each of you the bravery to start your own personal revolution, fueled by purpose and passion and inspired by love for yourself and others.

May we all be part of the beautiful change that we wish to see in our world and may love triumph.


Ambi x