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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Aries March 2017: Fortune favors the bold who take action

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy new moon in Aries!

This new moon takes place at 6.58pm PST (adjust for your timezone) at 7 degrees of the first sign of the natural zodiac.

As the first new moon of the astrological new year this is not only is a powerful cosmic window to kick start the new season of Spring, but also an opportunity to reset your 2017 if your year hasn’t gone as to plan so far…

Turning now to the title of this post and the specifics of this new moon and corresponding lunation.

Aries in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the 1st house.

This is the house that governs the self – our individuality/ personal identity and goals as well as our role in this world.

Wherever we have Aries in our natal chart, including any planets in Aries, shows us where (regardless of our sign) we have the potential to harness the light and positive traits of Aries; courage, leadership, ambition, drive and energy.

As always this new moon will highlight different areas of life for each of us.

Check where you have 7 degrees of Aries in your natal chart to see which house and life themes are in the cosmic spotlight and where to focus your intentions.

Soulstrology reminds us that regardless of which house of our natal charts this new moon falls in, we should all be focusing on the Aries themes (both in terms of the natural zodiac and the positive traits of Aries) over this next lunation.

This new moon packs some extra cosmic punch as it is conjunct Venus, meaning the abundant and harmonious energies of cosmic benefic Venus boost the next lunation.

Abundance (Venus) is something that we all seek in some form. It isn’t always about money but it is about richness.

We seek an abundance of love, comfort, joy, good health, good company and more

We seek to live a rich life, abundant with experiences and memories.

Naturally we desire (and need to some extent) monetary abundance that can help facilitate us in having all of the above.

Not to say that all (or any) of the above can be purchased as such, but Soulstrology reminds us that money is simply energy and financial abundance is an active flow of a specific type of energy, which can assist us in living an ‘rich’ life in all ways.

Regardless of how we wish to define abundance, it is safe to say that each of us desires to live a rich and abundant life, yet many struggle with achieving this.

This is where the Aries themes of autonomy, action and courage come in.

Soulstrology explains that each of us has the opportunity to live in true abundance to the degree that we can be courageous in owning our individuality and take inspired action.

Many people struggle with being true to themselves. To truly own their uniqueness. To connect fully with their higher self, to not only hear the whisper of their soul but to also answer its calling.

It is easier for most people to be followers, rather than leaders. To do what is the norm. To walk amongst the herd rather than to break away and stride on their own path.

But those who have the courage to truly own their identity and have the drive and ambition to pursue their own path are rewarded with a truly rich and abundant life.

Whether it is the artist who refuses to conform instead following their unique creativity and is eventually rewarded withrecognition, or the employee who looks at their company and thinks they would do a better job running it themselves and is inspired to start their own venture which in time becomes successful.

There are plenty of examples of this type of courage and autonomy backed up with the kind of drive and determination which almost always pays off.

As the saying goes, fortune favors the bold.

Soulstrology says that it is no cosmic coincidence that whilst Venus joins up with this new moon she is also in retrograde motion.

Venus retrograde forces us to look at our values. Who and what we truly value as well as how much we value ourselves.

When we live in alignment with our true values (not our families, our peers, society or the media) and when we truly value ourselves, in turn we are valued.

But to truly honour our values and ourselves is not just a one off act of bravery but rather a continual act of bravery which requires everyday effort and action.

Just days after this new moon on March 30th Jupiter (in Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn).

Check where you have 19 degrees of both Libra and Pluto in your natal charts (and the corresponding life themes) to understand what else is being highlighted for you as part of the new astrological year and this first lunation.

This second Jupiter/Pluto square (which started last year) is incredibly powerful.

It is the kind of rare aspect (the final act will be in August) which brings life changing transformation resulting in success, good fortune (Jupiter) and power (Pluto).

All of the cosmic aspects suggest each of us can experience great success this next month setting the tone for the rest of 2017 and the entire astrological new year until next March.

However we need to be authentic.

We need to be brave. We need to be determined. We need to take action.

Every. Single. Day.

I am wishing you all the courage to be authentic about your desires and the strength to follow your passion and purpose everyday.

May your bravery and efforts be rewarded for your highest good and the greater good of all.

And so it is.

Happy new moon


Ambi x