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New Moon in Cancer July 2016: Independence Day of the heart


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Cancer July 2016: Independence Day of the heart



Happy New moon in Cancer and happy fourth of July! It's unusual (and astrologically quite fascinating when you consider the upcoming election) for there to be a new moon on the solar return (aka birthday) of the USA.. I suspect that this is going to be a very significant year ahead for the USA and just hope that it is a positive one for both my adopted country and the world at the motto goes: In G-d we trust.

Moving onto the specifics of this new moon and how  Soulstrology says we can best work with the energies.

Cancer in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the 4th house of the home, our family, our childhood and our roots. This is about where we came from - both in terms of our heritage in this lifetime and our soul's progression over several different lifetimes - all of which makes us who we are now.

The 4th house is about the private, domestic us - who we are at home, with those who know us the best, as opposed to the 10th house - the public us and our public profile/status.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and is an emotional watery sign and just like the moon's cycle changes causing an ebb and flow in the ocean's waves, Cancerians are prone to lots of fluctuations in their lives and many of these are based upon or a result of the deep emotions they feel.

The light of Cancer is their heart. Their love, caring and compassion. It is hard to find a more nurturing, loving sign in the zodiac (although Pisces is probably on a par). Cancerians are deeply loyal, maternal (regardless of gender) and find great joy in domestic matters and home life. They are deeply intuitive and this alongside their nurturing, sensitive nature makes them not only wonderful friends, family or colleagues, but also great counselors and/or therapists.

In true yin and yang style there is a shadow that can be cast from Cancer's light filled heart. They feel too much, love too much, can drown in an ocean of emotions. They can be so nostalgic that they live in the past making it difficult for them to enjoy the present and indeed to create the future they deserve. Rather like the crab they can take a long time to get to where they need or want to as they crawl sideways rather than march straight ahead.

They are easily hurt and offended and retreat into their shells if life dares upset their delicate emotional balance. As much as they are loving partners, friends or family members they also have a tendency for co-dependency.

For all of us the Cancer ruled part of our natal chart is one in which we will experience deep emotions and a degree of fluctuation. It is where we can be nostalgic to the point of holding ourselves hostage to the past. And it is a life area where we must be mindful of co-dependency. Nonetheless it is also a part of our lives where we can experience deep emotional connections and nurturing. Home is where the heart is. Where you have Cancer in your natal chart is where you will find the life areas that make you feel 'at home' and where you will find 'family' other than family of your blood origin.

For all of us, regardless of where we have Cancer in our natal charts, this lunar event is a great time to think about these natural zodiac Cancerian themes of family, home, our roots and the private, domestic us that only those closest to us get to see, and to perhaps set intentions for the next lunation with regards to these areas.

Back to the title of this blog and the specifics of this Cancerian new moon. The skies will see a cluster of planets in Cancer with the Sun and Moon joining Venus and Mercury.

This new moon makes a lovely supportive aspect to Neptune in watery Pisces, bringing in even more of that compassionate, emotional energy. There is also a positive aspect to the North Node of the moon (destiny) and Jupiter (luck and expansion through benevolence and spirituality).

With Venus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio (finally direct but moving very slowly) and Chiron in Pisces there is what is known as a grand water trine forming in the heavens.

But then we have lord of death and rebirth, Pluto in Capricorn, opposing this new moon. Yikes.

What all the above means for us earthlings is that this new moon is very emotionally intense. There is no way for any of us to escape the emo intensity. This doesn't mean bad intense. As usual it all depends on exactly how this new moon fits in with your unique natal chart and the other astrological transits you are experiencing as well as where you are spiritually. We may just feel such an overflowing of love and compassion and as though our hearts may burst, but in a good way.

However, if there are shadows lurking underneath the surface, if there are wounds we have tried to sweep into the shadows that need to be felt, healed and purged, then you can be sure that Pluto will force those to come to the surface.

Which takes me nicely back to the title of this blog post. Yes it is America's birthday and Independence Day at this new moon, but if we want it to, and if we are prepared to do the work, then it is Independence Day for our hearts and as a result for our lives.

We are often so scared of feeling everything that comes up and particularly intense emotions. We try to suppress seemingly 'negative' feelings because we may think it isn't 'spiritual' to have darker/shadow feelings or that those feelings make us less of a 'good' person.

Sometimes we may even just not want to delve into the depth of our feelings, scared that we will unleash a tsunami that we will drown in. We may distract ourselves with all types of 'crutches' and differing ostrich syndrome tactics in order to avoid the inevitable; what we are truly feeling.

It is only when we allow ourselves to feel ALL that comes up - to sit with it, not judge it, to just allow it to be, that we can truly heal our hearts and let love - self love and universal love - be the motivating factor in our lives.

It is only by feeling and healing that we can tap into this endless flow of love that is the source of all that is good and abundant in this world. Then we connect to heart centered living, our intuition sharpens and we find ourselves experiencing beautiful synchronicity and flow as we are living in alignment with our true selves and the universe.

This is where magic and miracles happen as the norm, rather than an exception.

But to get there we need to feel and we need to heal. We need to be brutally honest with ourselves even if feeling what comes up is ugly and even bloody.

By feeling, healing and just being we naturally flow into the 'doing' that so many of us chase after. The biggest blocks to manifesting are energetic blocks that are ultimately feelings that have not been processed.

This new moon I encourage you all to think less about what is on your manifesting list and just allow yourself to be.

Allow yourself to feel all the feels, and where needed, to heal and purge, allowing the emotions of love and faith to return to their rightful place and have full reign over your life.

Then, just sit back and allow the magic to happen.

I wish you all a happy new moon and a happy Independence Day of your heart.

May we all continue to heal ourselves, live our best lives and in doing so help raise the vibration of our beloved world.


Ambi x