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New Moon in Libra September 2016: A return to LOVE


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Libra September 2016: A return to LOVE



Hello lovely ones and happy new moon in Libra! This new moon falls on Friday 30th September at 5.11pm PST at 8 degrees of the Venus ruled sign of Libra and is known as a 'black' moon which is when there is a second new moon in the same calendar month (this is a rare event!).

A black moon is considered in Soulstrology to be a potent manifesting window, more powerful than the usual new moons.

After an intense month of eclipses, Mercury Retrograde and the Autumn Equinox signifying a change in seasons shifting us from summer to autumn, it is fitting that the cosmos decided to end this month of September with a second new moon, setting us up for a powerful manifesting month in October and an opportunity to really move into a new season of life.

Back to the specifics of this new moon which is an absolute beauty!

This new moon is in Libra, the sign governing relationships, peace, harmony and balance and WE over me.

Jupiter, the great cosmic giant who bestows gifts and miracles upon us and helps us to expand and grow, spiritually and otherwise, has just moved into the sign of Libra where he will stay until October 2017.

This is GREAT news for relationships and partnerships of all sorts and importantly for the peace movement. Libra is often signified by the scales and this sign's positive traits are about justice, fairness, balance, peace, harmony and last but not least, LOVE.

At this new moon Jupiter joins the sun and moon boosting this cosmic window with his powerful and miraculous energies!

Jupiter only makes this connection once a year so we all need to really use this new moon to our maximum benefit!

All of us will have Libra as the cusp ruler of a different area of our natal chart (you can check the free chart calculator on my site to work out where Libra sits in your chart - look for the astrological symbol for Libra) and so for each of us we will want to set intentions in relation to the life areas ruled by that house.

Because Jupiter will be transiting that house for the next year, we not only want to set intentions for the month ahead but also the year ahead because with Jupiter's golden glow gracing those life areas it is likely we can create big shifts and miracles with regards to those life areas!

If you were born between 1971 and 1984 then Jupiter will join up with your natal Pluto meaning you have the opportunity for complete transformation and soulful power in the life areas ruled by Libra!

This will be a life changing year for the Pluto in Libra generation and if you are in this generation and want hints of what may be to come this next year then think back to 12 years ago when Jupiter was last in Libra and what was happening similar themes are likely to occur this year.

But for all of us, whenever we were born/whatever age we are, this year ahead offers us the opportunity for revolutionize our relationships and for better partnerships of ALL sorts (and yes of course romantic love which I know is high up on many people's lists!)

This is THE year of love so how can we use this cosmic window best to maximize manifesting more love and harmony in our lives not just for the next lunation, but for the year ahead?

A few New Moon tips below!

  1. BELIEVE IN MAGIC. You have to believe in magic to experience it and likewise you have to believe in LOVE to experience it. Too often when people want to experience romantic love that is all they search for and they feel that if they are not experiencing romantic love then they are unloved or loveless. This couldn't be further from the truth. Look for love everywhere, every day in all you meet. No, not romantic love but the kind of divine love that takes care of all of us. Look for the little acts of love from strangers and those you know and acknowledge the presence of love in your life.
  2. BE LOVE. We have to BE what we want to receive. This is why when I mentor people I often give them homework assignments that may seem strange to them but I know will help create the space for them to receive what they desire. BE LOVE. Donate, volunteer. Be kind and loving when it's easier not to, it reaps rewards, trust me! Even if you simply practice non judgment and compassion (which is a more passive form of divine love) it will create the shift within you which will be reflected back in your life.
  3. LOVE YOURSELF. Yeah I know self-love is always banged on about but it is THE essential element in manifesting anything of value in your life. If you do not love and honor yourself, others cannot and you are unlikely to have the kind of loving and harmonious relationships you desire. If you think you already love yourself but are not experiencing loving and healthy relationships of all and any sorts, then ask someone who knows you well and who is honest to tell you the ways in which they think you could be more loving of yourself. Then use their feedback as homework!
  4. LOVE THOSE ALREADY IN YOUR LIFE. Too often we are searching for new connections or relationships of all sorts without truly loving those already in our lives. Look at your current relationships in all areas and think about how you can bring more love, peace and harmony to all of these relationships. Soulstrology has proved time and time again that the cosmos rewards our efforts. Before trying to create new loving and wonderful connections make sure the ones you already have are full of love and harmony. Again, this creates the space and energy for the universe to bring you more of what you are already living (and therefore vibrating energetically). Energy attracts more of the same energy. Make sure the energy of existing relationships is as high vibing as possible.
  5. TRUST This is the last and final step in manifesting. It is the letting go and trusting that we know what we want, that we are committed to doing our part to assist the cosmos and that we fully trust that what we desire WILL come our way in perfect divine timing. However, this also means trusting in any perceived 'losses'. Endings lead to new beginnings. We have to lose some people in our lives to meet the ones we are supposed to be with. This can mean the ending of certain connections in all and any areas of our lives - friendships, professional, romantic relationships, mentors, etc. As long as we infuse any such endings that we create with as many positive Libra traits as possible, being fair, diplomatic and kind, then we can have a clean conscience. If we are the recipients of someone else severing a tie then we can only have faith that this is for our highest good and that it is aligned with our soul's journey. Trust me, TRUST.


As well as manifesting for relationships of all sorts make sure to apply these principles to the manifestations you desire in the life areas ruled by Libra in your natal chart.

I am wishing you all a magical new moon in Libra.

May we all be and give the love that our world is in such need of, and may such love be reflected back to us in all areas of our lives.


Ambi x