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New Moon in Scorpio October 2016: Let your dreams and intuition guide you


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Scorpio October 2016: Let your dreams and intuition guide you



Hello lovely ones and happy New Moon in Scorpio! This new moon falls on Sunday October 30 at 10.38am PST (adjust for your timezone) at 7 degrees of the Pluto ruled sign of Scorpio.

Falling just a day before Halloween, this new moon has a suitably spooky feel to it with both the Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunct in intense Scorpio making a trine (a harmonious aspect) to dreamy Neptune in Pisces.

The sign of Scorpio often gets a bad rap due to it's shadow being INTENSE.

Each sign has yin and yang and Scorpio is no different, but as per ruler Pluto this sign has a very intense energy that isn't always understood by mere mortals.

I say mere mortals, because there is something other worldly about Scorpios. A combination of their intensity, their intuitiveness and their connection to another realm.

Just like Pluto, Scorpios are often consumed by power. Either they are very powerful, or in pursuit of (further) power, or they find themselves in power struggles.

Pluto is known for his purging, destruction, transformation and rebirth and these themes are familiar to most Scorpios who will experience this cycle several times over in their lifetimes.

In the natural zodiac Scorpio and ruler Pluto govern the most intense areas of life - joint finances, sex, merging, transformation and death!

Each of us has Scorpio as the cusp ruler of a different house of our natal charts and many of us will have planets in Scorpio. You can use the free chart calculator on my site to see which house and planets, and therefore which life areas and personality traits, Scorpio governs for you.

Once you have worked out which areas of life/your personality Scorpio rules you can start to see how these themes may affect you and think about what you would like to manifest in the next lunar month.

There are many positive traits of Scorpio that we all need to be aware of and can harness for our highest good over this next lunation.

  1. DETERMINED. Once a Scorpio decides upon a goal, they will achieve it, come hell or high water. Scorpios determine their fate through their determination! How can you determine your fate by applying this determination to what you wish to achieve at this new moon?
  2. DEEP. Scorpios are known for their investigative skills and their love of going deep. They do not scratch the mere surface when they are researching something or someone. They go DEEP. This often results in them being found overly intense. A conversation with a Scorpio can feel like the Spanish Inquisition. They don't let you fudge over details. They get to what lays (hopefully you are not lying to them as they will probably know and then may get gangster on you) beneath the surface. Those who dive deep uncover hidden treasures. How can you go deep to make sure that you are taking responsibility for what it is that you wish to manifest over this next lunation?
  3. SPIRITUAL. A Scorpio who stands in their light and is aligned with their higher self is one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac. This soulfulness assists them with all their endeavors. How can you infuse your wishes at this time with a soulful, spiritual consciousness?
  4. POWERFUL. Whether they are a seemingly little fish/unknown or a Presidential candidate... Scorpios aren't afraid of power. In fact they embrace their personal power and are comfortable with seeking more power (sometimes a little too comfortable hence the power struggles but hey, it's a new moon, we will save the shadow talk for the Scorpio full moon!). Look at the Scorpio ruled areas of your life and ask yourself how comfortable are you with power? How can you embrace and own your personal power more and harness it to manifest your ambitions? Soulstrology caveat *manifesting power for your highest good and the greater good of all concerned*
  5. LOYAL. One of the best traits of a Scorpio who owns their light is their loyalty. They are fiercely loyal and supportive of those they love. How can you infuse this intense loyalty towards your loved ones and indeed yourself and your goals this month?

Back now to the title of this blog.

As I mentioned earlier this new moon falls just a day before Halloween, a time when the veil between the dimensions is the thinnest, making it a very psychic and intuitive time.

With Mercury (our mind, our thought processes, communication) also in Scorpio (and conjunct this new moon) trining (making a positive aspect) to Neptune (dreams, intuition, creativity, spirituality) in Pisces this adds a further layer of watery depth to the dreamy and emotional quality of this new moon.

Pay attention to your dreams at this new moon. Lucid dreams in particular will have strong messages which may seem incoherent to the rational mind. Trust your intuitive interpretation.

This lunation has a dreamy, emotional, romantic and deeply intuitive energy underlying it.

With Venus (love, abundance) and Saturn (commitment) blending together in Sagittarius the day before this new moon it is likely that for many there will be a hint of romance in the air.

Whether it is romantic love or other emotions, allow yourself to feel ALL the feels this weekend and follow your feelings as a guide to what feels right for this next month. Perhaps logic says you should be trying to manifest X, Y and Z but your gut is telling you otherwise?

Follow your feelings, your intuition and decode your dreams to guide you at this new moon and over the next lunation.

I am wishing you all a sweet, soulful, dreamy and powerful new moon in Scorpio.


Ambi x