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New Moon in Taurus May 2016: Valuing ourselves so we can be valued


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

New Moon in Taurus May 2016: Valuing ourselves so we can be valued



Hello lovely ones and happy new moon in Taurus! This new moon, which falls at 16 degrees of the earthy, fixed sign of Taurus, takes place on Friday 6th May at 12.29pm PST/Los Angeles (please adjust for your timezone). Taurus in the natural zodiac (which as you will know by now Soulstrology says applies to all of us) is the ruler of the second house governing our possessions and income (as opposed to the eighth house which governs joint finances and assets) and how we view money and our relationship to abundance as well as our values and our self esteem.

With Mercury retrograde in Taurus we are all being subjected to a cosmic naval gaze about the above topics. Of course for all of us Taurus will be found in a different house cusp in our natal charts (and is therefore the 'ruler' of a different area of life). So each of our mercury retrograde in Taurus is asking us to also look at the life areas covered by the specific house of which Taurus is the ruler. You can find this out easily enough by using a free online astrology chart reading provided you have your exact time and place of birth.

But back to this new moon in Taurus. It is POWERFUL. And yes, despite Mercury's backwards dance this new moon offers each of us an amazing cosmic window in which to manifest in the areas of finances, possessions, our values and our self esteem. And in fact because of Mercury's retrograde we are offered the opportunity to release old thoughts, patterns or goals in relation to these themes and realign ourselves and reset our goals accordingly. See, good old Mercury does have his merits!

The reason this new moon is so powerful is that it is part of a grand earth trine with transformative Pluto in Capricorn and benefic giver of gifts - Jupiter in Virgo.  You may recall that in previous Soulstrology reports I have mentioned how trines are harmonious cosmic aspects allowing the energies of the different planets at play to flow easily together giving us earthlings much needed cosmic assistance.

At this cosmic window with this beautiful earthy grand trine at play we have the ability to manifest in all Taurus related areas (both in the natural zodiac and our unique natal charts), to transform the old paradigm and create a powerful new structure (Pluto in Capricorn) which provides us with abundance, expansion and aligns us on a mind, body, soul level therefore providing harmony in our day to day routine (Jupiter in Virgo).

But before we march ahead with manifesting....let's talk about money, possessions, values and self esteem. These matters are all often the subject of a messy composition, often leading to chaos in one or more of these areas. Take the example of someone who values themselves only by what they earn and own. That person's version of success in life may boil down to their bank balance, the car/house they own and their material items (clothes, watch, bag, shoes etc). One could look at this person and think that they are very successful and confident and perhaps they are - when they are 'in the money' - but take all of that away and what is left of the actual person? Their values are entirely tied up in the material and often what can happen is that they are constantly trying to increase their material worth in order to boost their self esteem whereas what they actually need to do is go within and discover what is driving this pursuit and what lays beneath.

That's not to say that a healthy bank balance and material things are bad - they aren't by any means - but to pursue them without a soulful foundation is dangerous. There are holes in souls which no amount of money, possessions or material luxuries can heal. Only spiritual work and divine light can heal those wounds and fill those holes and then the material items can be enjoyed on such a deeper, more fulfilling and healthy basis.

Often with a person who hasn't done this work they can either find themselves in a deep depression or unhappiness as they relentlessly try to buy their way into happiness, and/or they experience some type of divine storm which perhaps rips away their safety net of money and possessions - forcing them to work on their self esteem and reevaluate their value and ultimately to realign.

But take the other end of the spectrum and use the example of someone who is constantly broke, who has continual money issues and doesn't have a lot of material goods as a result. This person is likely to have some sort of poverty consciousness which is actually based on low self esteem. On some deep level they are likely to not value themselves or believe that they are worthy of being valued by others  - their boss, a company, the universe - whoever/whatever they perceive as being responsible for the flow (or lack of) of money coming their way. As a result they do not receive the abundance that they need so that they can have things that reflect their self worth or values - because, fundamentally, they do not believe they deserve to receive!

In my one to one coaching and mentoring practice I have worked with people on both ends of the spectrum and helped them create alchemy with regards to these quite private and sensitive areas. This has been some of my most fulfilling work not only because I love helping people be truly happy and live abundant lives but also probably because I too have been at different ends of the spectrum in a fascinating spiritual journey from lawyer to spiritual teacher! I was at the (very) materialistic end as a lawyer and then as a healer and teacher initially went into the mindset that money was 'bad' and I wasn't worthy of some part due to mindless overspending and over indulgence in the past.

It is only now in my late thirties that I find myself in a soulfully abundant and healthy flow. I know what my values are and all the work I do (as well as my practice I have various other little projects) is very aligned with my core values. If it isn't aligned - I don't do it! I said out loud in a meditation some years ago that I only wanted to make money through 'light'. I really did get what I wanted  - although it was some rocky journey!

I now truly value myself and the blessings that my soul incarnated to have in this lifetime and I also truly value abundance. I am well and truly over the spiritual brow beating that money = evil in some way. Now I not only the appreciate the spiritual energy that abundance reflects as a necessary exchange of energy, but also on a physical level what money can do to help me live a joyous and fulfilling life and help others. I do cringe sometimes when I think of my previous mindless spending but I laugh it off as part of my journey and I am proud to say I still very much enjoy life's luxuries and material possessions (hey my moon is in Taurus, it's part of my emotional make up!) - just in a much more measured, soulful manner.

I share my story because this new moon is a great cosmic window for everybody to rethink these matters and regardless of each reader's chart, to work on these issues of self esteem and values and to apply this new consciousness to those life areas which Taurus rules in both the natural zodiac and our unique natal charts, and ultimately to manifest abundance and blessings!

Think about what you value, be honest with yourself as to why you are valuing some of the things that you are (as perhaps what lays underneath is self esteem issues and soul holes that need sorting?). Look within at your self esteem - how do you really feel about yourself? Where and how can you transform and soulfully strengthen your self esteem? Look externally to see how the universe and your life is reflecting what lies within. Our lives are just a mirror reflecting our consciousness. Our consciousness creates our reality. If you don't like what you are seeing, how can you change it?

People get funny about money and 'things' but really it is all an illusion as everything is just energy. Shift your energy and create a new energetic foundation that is soulful and allow abundance to flow and let yourself enjoy all the fruits of your soulful labor both intangible and tangible - spiritual and material.

Because, YOU'RE worth it.

Happy new moon and manifesting.


Ambi x