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Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

High Fives! November 2018's five faves!

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy slightly belated New Moon!

What a full lunar cycle it has been….soooo many highlights, so much goodness, but at the same time I expended so much energy too.

I took the last week off social media and largely offline and took some much needed time to myself and intend to do lots more of this as I am starting to wind down for the holidays early this year…I am planning almost three weeks ‘off’ and am starting to wind down now rather than in five weeks time when I usually find myself absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed.

I say ‘off’ because when you are self-employed you are never truly off.

With three separate businesses (one of which is Soulstrology which has had the longest gestation period and I hope will be birthed by the Winter Solstice) and new projects brewing for 2019, the truth is that I have a lot on my plate.

It’s all good but full on and I know that the degree to which I can allow myself downtime, rest, recuperation and fun quality time with loved ones is the degree to which I will be able to juggle everything without losing my mind (and yes, I will still be working in some ways, but importantly not ‘on’ and available to all…big difference!)

I feel a podcast episode on this topic of juggling things, taking time out and the importance of rest coming soon….speaking of podcasts… my latest podcast episode is now up!

Another in the Alchemy of Manifesting series and all about the power of privacy as a manifesting tool.

You can listen via Soundcloud, iTunes (search Alchemy with Ambi on the app) or via my website homepage which always has the latest podcast episode up.

Onward to this last lunar cycle and my high fives…

Magic. Pure magic.

Magic. Pure magic.

  1. Living the process in Laguna and Wellspring desert deliciousness! I was away two weekends in a row for two very different but equally amazing weekends away. The first was for a weekend experience curated by the wonderful Robyn Berkley of Live the Process at the incredible Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach. My first time at Laguna Beach and I was utterly spoiled to stay at Hotel Joaquin….the weekend was full of pampering and renewal and connecting with some amazing souls. Chalk Board wrote all about it here and they are probably much more articulate than me at describing the wonders of the weekend. I can’t wait to be back at Hotel Joaquin, and this time with my hubs!

    The second was Wellspring in Palm Springs which was just so off the charts amazing in so many ways. The speakers, the workshops, the amazing conscious companies who took part. Wow. And most of all, the people I got to meet and hug. I had the privilege of sharing my Soulstrology Soundbaths at Wellspring and it was humbling and heartening. If you told me several years ago when I sold my couch so I could squeeze more people onto my lounge floor for soundbaths that one day I would get to hold space and facilitate healing for hundreds of people in one swoop, I would have said, ‘whaaat? naaah!’

    But life is always full of surprises..

    P.s I cried at the end of the last Soundbath of the weekend as I walked around with my chimes sprinkling musical fairy dust on all the attendees and beaming them with reiki. I was so utterly humbled at getting to do this work and so touched by all the love in the room… it was all just a bit too much, in the best possible way.

    This life. This love. This light…I hope the above picture gives you even a teeny taste of the energy….aaahhh.

  2. Breathing easy…

    It’s been almost a year since the devastating fires in SoCal which caused insane air pollution and had this Virgo rising in panic mode cleaning black soot from our blinds on a daily basis. Did you know that according to some studies air pollution is now a bigger threat to our health than tobacco smoke?! In my quest to live a healthier life, last year, prompted by the fires and the crazy smoke, I purchased this air purifier and allergen remover which has changed our lives. With three different settings and a ‘turbo’ ability, you can choose what to target to make sure you are breathing cleaner air. I also got this humidifier which is a must for those of us who live in the desert where things can get, well, a bit dry! I have had nosebleeds before during certain times of the year and that is no bueno. This humidifier and the air purifier changed our home environment, our sleep and dare I say, our lives. Breath is life. So make sure what you breathe is giving you good life!

  3. Get your cuppa on

    I think it’s fair to say that you all know by now that I am English and as a Brit, there is nothing more than I love than having a cuppa! At anytime of the year, regardless of the climate, I love a good cuppa. And I love all tea. A good english breakfast is a morning must, but I also love white tea, green teas, caffeine free teas, loose teas. You name it, if it is tea, I have probably had it and love it and will offer it to you if you come over! Years ago I discovered this kettle which is approved by this Brit tea lover. It is BPA free (important!) and has a number of different settings so whatever type of tea you want, this kettle will make it for you! If you are into tea, you need this kettle! I just had to replace ours after years, so thought it was a good opportunity to tell you all about it in case you want to get your cuppa on, BPA free!

  4. Missing mama and her scent…

    At this time of year I tend to miss my family a lot. It’s my birthday next month and of course Christmas and Boxing Day, which I don’t think is celebrated here in the US but is one of my fave holidays back home. Think eating Christmas leftovers in your pajamas and watching movies and napping. Heavenly. We aren’t returning for Christmas this year as we have just moved home in September and need to settle and be grounded here but we are hoping for a Spring visit to spend some time with my family. In the meantime when I really miss my mum I like to light these incense sticks. They take me back to my childhood and remind me of our prayer altar at our family home. It’s amazing how a smell can transport you back in time or to surpass time, space and motion and help you feel your loved ones. It is far from a hug and hang out in person, but I know that is coming….

  5. Winter skin alchemy

    It’s almost Winter here in LA and I have realized how my blood has thinned because I am sat here freeeezing when it is in the sixties! Honestly, I do not know what has happened to this hardy Brit who spent several years living ‘up North’ in the UK and survived several properly cold Winters. I am an LA lady now! But as the seasons change I do notice my skin understandably changes too. At the moment my hands and lips are just dry….dry, dry, dry. And this was exacerbated when I was away for Wellspring navigating hotel air conditioning and desert dryness. Led to unattractive dark blotches and chapped lips and dryer than dry hands. Yuck. I am slathering on this lip balm and hand cream - which comes in this mini travel version which you can slip in your handbag. Almost two weeks later and my lips are luscious again (my hub’s kisses may have helped..) and I am not embarrassed to shake hands with anyone for fear of them feeling as though I am sand papering them!

So that’s some of my highlights from the last lunar month and products I am using to help me create alchemy in my life.

I hope you enjoy reading, perhaps some of the products I share can help you and perhaps this post may inspire you to check in on your highlights from the previous lunar cycle.

Remember, what we pay attention to, grows, so focus on the good stuff!


Ambi x