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Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Solar Eclipse in Pisces 26th February 2017: From the darkness dreams come true

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones, I hope eclipse season is treating you well!

This Sunday February 26th 2017 at 6.58am PST time (adjust for your timezone) we have a solar eclipse in watery Pisces.

This is the final in the Pisces/Virgo set of eclipses which started in March 2015.

This Pisces solar eclipse will create a six month cosmic window of opportunity and change which will complete in August this year with the next set of eclipses.

Eclipses occur in celestial alignment with the moon’s nodes.

Soulstrology explains that the moon’s nodes relate to past life karma (the South node) and destiny in this lifetime (the North node).

In the Pisces/Virgo set of eclipses the South node has been in Pisces with the North node in Virgo.

Thus for each of us the Pisces/Virgo ruled part of our charts/lives will have not only have had great shifts in the last two years as we have moved towards and embraced our destiny, (North node) whilst also dealing with past life karma and facing old issues that have arisen to be cleared and transformed.

Soulstrology says that Sunday’s new moon solar eclipse offers us the opportunity to leave the past behind and create lasting change in both the Virgo and Pisces ruled parts of our charts/lives.

This cosmic window of the next month’s lunation through to end August 2017 is an incredibly fated time for each of us (but particularly Pisces/Pisces risings and Virgo/Virgo risings) where we have the ability to create and manifest the type oflasting change in our lives which reverberates for decades!

It’s a truly exciting time.

However with many of the other astrological aspects at play, and typically for eclipse season, we may be feeling unsettled and a sense of emptiness, darkness even.

Soulstrology says this is normal and fits with the energies of the celestial bodies.

As the moon wanes from its fullness to prepare for the new moon the sky gets darker.

Added to this at a solar eclipse the sun’s light is blocked by the moon meaning the light of the sun is eclipsed as it does not shine on earth.

But it is from this darkness and emptiness, both above and below, that we can create and receive our cosmic and karmic dues.

Turning now to the specifics of this solar eclipse, what to expect, and how Soulstrology says we can best harness the energies in order to manifest big lasting change in our lives.

The solar eclipse takes place at 8 degrees of Pisces and is conjunct Neptune – the planet who rules Pisces.

Pisces in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the 12th house.

This is the house of endings and completion, and of what we do behind the scenes that is hidden from others. It is the house of great spirituality and compassion but also known as the house of undoing, how we are our own worst enemies, usually due to secret self sabotaging behavior.

All of the above themes apply to each of us, regardless of our zodiac sign, at this solar eclipse.

However our unique natal chart will also show which life areas are being highlighted by the cosmos, this month and over the next six months.

Use the free chart calculator on my site to see where you have 8 degrees of Pisces but remember it is wherever Pisces rules in your unique natal chart (and that can be two different houses/different life areas) that come within the cosmic spotlight over the next six months.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, spirituality and creativity. It is formless and endless just like the ocean.

At its highest octaves Neptune allows us to channel an endless flow of creative and spiritual magic.

However the shadow of Neptune is victim consciousness, self delusion, deception by others, lack of healthy boundaries and addictions of all sorts.

In the last few years Chiron – the wounded healer who turns our wounds into wisdom – has been transiting the Pisces ruled parts of our charts, bringing up wounds for healing and transformation.

Neptune has been dancing alongside Chiron creating a foggy cloud through which we have been forced to navigate in order to shatter our illusions/self delusions in order to see things for what they are, not what we want them to be.

Our ‘addictions’ and crutches of all types have been highlighted by the cosmos.

If we have not enforced healthy boundaries in our lives then we would have felt the impact and consequences of this.

If we have had creative projects bubbling we would have had a reality check of the practicalities, hard work and structure (Virgo) that is needed in order to manifest our dreams.

Our self sabotaging behavior would have been exposed, at times painfully, so that we see that in reality it is not others who are our worst enemy or prevent our dreams from coming true, but us!

At this eclipse and over the next six months we have the ability to finally rid ourselves of past life karma and baggage which has been holding us back from fulfilling our destiny in this lifetime.

This is moving from victim consciousness to victor consciousness and the true transformation of wounds into wisdom and subsequent blessings.

With Neptune conjoined with the sun and moon at this solar eclipse we may have deeply intuitive realizations at this time and our dreams (literally) can be manifestation guides for us.

We have the ability to harness all the positive aspects of Neptune to make our dreams come true from the darkness and blank slate of the eclipse.

However, as always, Soulstrology reminds us that eclipses are times when certain facts are submerged and hidden, just as the sun or moon is.

Be mindful that all is not what it necessarily appears to be.

Do not be fearful, just be aware of the potential shadow of Neptune or self delusion or deception by others.

Jupiter (blessings, miracles, abundance) in Libra (partnerships) and Uranus (change, revolution) in Aries (personal autonomy) oppose each other at this eclipse.

Soulstrology says that this aspect may cause tension in relationships of all kinds but equally that miracles can result as we balance autonomy with oneness.

Mars (energy, ambition but also conflict), Uranus (change, revolution) and Pluto (destruction for rebirth, power) all make aspects to each other indicating an explosive, destructive energy at the eclipse and that we should expect the unexpected.

Things may feel tense or implode in some way but ultimately this will be the necessary destruction that is the first stage of creation.

Soulstrology says that in light of all the above energies we should hold tight at this eclipse.

We can look inwards and conduct our review of the Pisces ruled areas of our lives and set intentions but we would be best served to not act too quickly on anything new that happens, regardless of whether it seems ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Over the next lunation things will become clearer and it is towards the end of March and following the Spring Equinox that we can expect clarity and real progression.

Do not fear any darkness, seeming destruction or emptiness, for it is from this space that your dreams can and will manifest.

I am wishing you all the most transformative solar eclipse, freedom from the past and the manifestation of your most cherished dreams for your highest good and the greater good of all.

And so may it be, and so it is.


Ambi x