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Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Feeling, healing and receiving


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Feeling, healing and receiving



Here we are with the first eclipse of 2016 and it's a new moon supermoon at that! Just as a reminder; a solar eclipse occurs at a new moon and is where the sun is eclipsed by the moon who stands between the sun and earth and blocks the sun's light from earth. A supermoon is when the moon is at it's closest to the earth and therefore has an even more powerful impact on the earth and on us. A total solar eclipse supermoon new moon (blimey that is a mouthful!) is like a new moon pumped with steroids and a door of opportunity being flung open in the cosmos. It's basically as powerful a cosmic portal you can ask for in terms of changing things up and manifesting. Not just for the month ahead but for six months ahead at the corresponding full moon eclipse in Pisces. Exciting times!

But let's get down to the nitty gritty of this eclipse which takes place at 19 degrees of the watery, dreamy sign of Pisces. This eclipse echoes back to 12th September 2015 and the new moon solar eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo - the opposing sign of Pisces. As both these eclipses are almost at an identical degree this tells us that whatever we were starting back in September last year, or aiming to manifest, is coming up for review again now. Also think back to 20th March last year when the first solar eclipse in Pisces of this 'set' took place. Where was your head at then? Where was your focus in life? What was beginning then or were you trying to manifest? Look back at March last year and at that mid point in September with the Virgo solar eclipse and ask yourself the questions above and review where you are at now with whatever you were trying to achieve or the direction you were headed in then. Perhaps you didn't manifest what you wanted (or thought you wanted!), perhaps the rug got taken out from underneath you at these times (very typical of eclipses which bring sweeping changes in our lives, often disruptive but actually for our highest good), maybe your wishes are taking shape in a different form than you expected? Perhaps you have realized that what you were setting as a goal is actually different to what you truly want to create, or what you need.

Whatever was going on for you back in March and September last year, wherever your arrow was aimed and no matter where you are today in achieving the manifestation of those desires, the cosmos is now providing a great opportunity for you to not only reset your goals but also opening a magical doorway through which you can manifest big changes in your life, and sometimes these changes can be not only sweeping but also sudden (eclipses speed up the timetables of our lives!)

In order to know where you have the opportunity to create sweeping change in your life you need to understand where and how this eclipse is affecting your unique natal chart.

We all have a solar chart which is determined by our sun sign (which most of us know), and a natal chart which is determined by our exact time of birth and allows us to know our rising sign (which is as important as our sun sign), and the exact placement of planets in our chart. I like to use both charts in terms of understanding how every new and full moon affects me and those I work with. To do this I place Sagittarius (my sun sign) in the first house of the zodiac and apply the rest of the signs accordingly from that first house. Therefore for me as a Sagittarius I will be looking at my 4th house (home, family, roots, what/who and where I consider home, and my private life/inner self) as well as the house where I have 19 degrees of Pisces in my chart.

You can easily apply this method to your own chart and therefore see the two houses that this eclipse is playing out in and set intentions that you wish to manifest not only for the month ahead but for six months time.

But back now to the exact nature of this solar eclipse, and what Soulstrology says you need to understand spiritually and create within, in order to manifest in the physical plane.

This eclipse is conjunct the asteroid Chiron, opposes Jupiter and squares Saturn. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and his close placement to this eclipse indicates that we may be feeling our 'wounds' in the houses in which this eclipse is playing out for us. But it isn't all boo hoo, woe is me, I have wounds and therefore I cannot manifest in these areas of life... unless of course you choose that advice, as my ex boss and mentor Harvey used to say, 'don't be a whiner, be a winner'! In mythology Chiron was a bit of a gangster. Despite being wounded himself he managed to heal many, many others. He was anti establishment too (my kinda guy) and was a healer in spite of, and maybe even because of, his wounds. Soulstrology says that Chiron's placement at this new moon is asking us to transform the energy of any perceived wounds and use it as fuel to achieve our heart's desires.   By feeling and healing and rising above our 'wounds' (Chiron) we can in turn manifest (Jupiter) our desires. To the degree to which we can be victors of our perceived wounds, is the degree to which we can receive the bountiful energies of abundance and good fortune and expansion that Jupiter is offering at the eclipse.

Saturn (karma, lessons, facts, the cold light of the day, doing things by the book and the lord of time) is square this eclipse meaning we need to be grounded and see in black and white the practicalities of what we are trying to manifest. We need to get real and down to the nitty gritty in order to manifest successfully and for some of us that dose of Saturnite realism may lead to reviewing and resetting more realistic goals. Saturn can feel like a party pooper at times as he likes us to get our sh*t together and not just float in the fantasy of what we wish to achieve but also to do the hard grind and work slowly and steadily towards our goals. It is possible to feel overwhelmed by the steps we need to take in order to have our wish come true but again, it is up to as to whether we feel overwhelmed and even a tad depressed, or instead welcome Saturn's realism as assisting us in the practical manifestation of our desires.

Lastly we have to remember the higher octaves of Pisces that are at play at this eclipse and which we ought to harness. Faith, spirituality, creativity, compassion, one love, wholeness. I highly recommend taking a few moments to think about how you achieving your goals can be for the greater good of all. How can you thriving and manifesting your heart's desires also be for the collective good? How can you give back? This doesn't necessarily mean giving to charity (although of course it can) but it needs to be about your success in some way helping others and the world at large. Infuse your goals with creative soulfulness, faith that they will manifest, compassion for yourself and all, and  commit to giving back in some way upon the manifestation of your desires.

I'm wishing you all a magical eclipse. May you all feel what you need to heal and transform any 'wounds' into fuel to receive what is for your highest good and the greater good of all concerned.


Ambi x