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Solar eclipse in Virgo September 2016: Change it up


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Solar eclipse in Virgo September 2016: Change it up



Hello again lovely ones and happy new moon solar eclipse in Virgo! This new moon takes place on September 1 at 2.01am PST (adjust for your timezones).

It is the final solar eclipse in the Virgo/Pisces axis of eclipses which began in 2015 and which will culminate with a solar eclipse in Pisces in February 2017.

This lunar window is an amazing opportunity for us all to manifest some serious magic and lasting change in the Virgo ruled part of our charts and to eek out the final stages of the Jupiter in Virgo transit which ends on September 10.

A solar eclipse takes place when the sun, moon and earth are in alignment.

As above, so below and Soulstrology says a solar eclipse marks a powerful stage of our soul's journey when we can align our earthly consciousness and emotions with our soul's desires.

A solar eclipse is a powerful manifesting window (which for some results in immediate change)  where we can manifest not only for the month ahead but also for the next six months and the corresponding full moon (the full moon in the zodiac sign which the solar eclipse took place in).

Back to this solar eclipse which falls at 9 degrees of Virgo.

Each of us will have Virgo as the ruler of a different house of our natal chart (and therefore ruling different life areas)

In the natural zodiac (which applies to us all) Virgo is the ruler of the 6th house.

This is the house of our day to day routine, work, service, health and mind/body soul alignment.

Whatever our sun sign at this cosmic window we all need to tap into the light (positive traits) of Virgo so that we can harness the manifesting ability that this sign has.

Virgo is all about details, order and precision. This sign is about humility and hard work and understanding the importance of completing the smaller tasks in order to achieve the bigger goal.

Virgo is about service and at this new moon we must take a moment to think about whether the manifestation of our goals truly serves not only our highest good, but also the greater good of humanity.

As we serve others, we serve ourselves. Keep this in mind when manifesting not only at this lunation but also in the future!

Back to the specifics of this new moon...Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and is in retrograde at this cosmic window.

This solar eclipse is triggering the Saturn/Neptune square which is the biggest astrological theme of 2016.

It is also conjunct the north node and opposes Chiron, the wounded healer.

What does this all mean for each of us?

It is time to reconsider, review and reset where necessary (Mercury retrograde) all of our goals in relation to the areas of life governed by Virgo in both our natal charts and the natural zodiac.

It is time to step into our destiny (the north node) and to receive the miracles and blessings (Jupiter in Virgo) destined for us in this lifetime in relation to these life areas and importantly, destined to manifest (at least in part) over the next six months.

We are being forced to look at where we have struggled with manifesting in these life areas and are being asked to allow the goals that we have set which are either unrealistic or not in our best interests to dissolve so that we can reset goals which are both achievable and for our highest good (Saturn/Neptune square).

We are being asked to look at our wounds (Chiron) and how these are impacting upon our manifesting abilities.

At this cosmic window we have an amazing opportunity to turn around our fate and step into our true destiny, but only insofar as we are prepared to allow that which does not serve us to fall away - whether that is goals, people, jobs, situations.

Whilst new moons are all about manifesting, solar eclipses tend to involve something or someone being eclipsed and falling away so that we can manifest!

Eclipse season changes the course of our lives by adjusting the sails of the ship we are on. Our lives are more often than not redirected at eclipse season.

Sometimes this happens without us doing much as the cosmos decides we need to be flung into our futures.  At other times we need to work more proactively with the cosmic energies in order to manifest our destinies.

Whether the universe is pushing you into a new chapter or chomping at the bit to create change, Soulstrology says that by working with the themes of consciousness above and applying the positive traits of Virgo you can create an enormous shift this month which will have a ripple effect of magical manifestations over the next six months and beyond!

It's time to change it up, inside and out...

I am wishing you all a powerful solar eclipse and new chapter!


Ambi x