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Spring Equinox 2016: A return to light


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Spring Equinox 2016: A return to light



The Spring Equinox (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) takes place on Sunday March 20th. At this time the plane of the earth's equator passes through the centre of the sun, making night and day of equal length. The Spring Equinox marks the end of winter and the return of the sun and longer, lighter days. As the days get lighter and we see signs of new life blossoming around us in nature in tandem we also, both spiritually and on the physical plane, can experience a lightness.

A return to the light within is often reflected externally by sweet new beginnings in our lives. We can also enjoy the resurrection and/or rebirth of that which we thought was lost or 'dead'. I love this time of year and find it full of hope and promise.

Despite the light surrounding the Spring Equinox the symbolism of equal day and night serves as a poignant reminder of the dark and light within each of us, and the need for us to have these opposing aspects. We are reminded of the delicate dance that continually takes place between the yin and the yang and the necessary integration of both, which ultimately allows us to be whole. Harmony and peace of mind does not come from shunning our shadow, or trying to sweep it under the carpet. And spirituality does not mean being sickly sweet or suppressing your inner demons! Wholeness, acceptance, authenticity and of course transformation are the key to a happy and fulfilling and truly soulful existence. So much more to say on this in another post.

Just as with all the other changes of season, at the Spring Equinox I like to take time to ground and be in nature. Mother Nature serves as a beautiful reminder and reflection of what the cosmos offers us earthlings in terms of themes of consciousness to work with and windows of opportunity and seasons of change. Nature really is a beautiful (and free) salve for the soul!

At the start of every new season I like to carve out some time for contemplation and meditation that can help me plant a seed of consciousness that I maintain in the season ahead which helps me both grow spiritually and manifest externally.

Here are a few of my rituals for Spring Equinox.

  • Get outside. Ground and appreciate the beauty of nature whilst remembering the powerful interconnection between each of us and all of life on earth.
  • Take some time to contemplate and perhaps journal on your own shadow and light/yin and yang within. Observe and understand the interplay of these opposing forces. Appreciate both elements as being necessary for yourself and your journey. Recollect how dark times or your own darkness often led to the exposure of light.
  • Spring clean! A great time (I need no excuse as a Virgo rising!) to declutter, engage in some DIY feng shui or redecorating. Our surroundings have an enormous influence on us and each season offers an opportunity to change things up to align with the theme of the new season.
  • Detox. As humans our bodily needs and desires can fluctuate with the differing elements of the seasons. With the arrival of Spring (and Summer beckoning in the not so distant future) it is a great time to cleanse and reset our bodies for the new season with a gentle detox.
  • Lighten up! As the days are lighter and we feel a return to the spiritual light within it is a great time to bring more light and laughter to our lives and those around us. Being happy is being spiritual! And happy people are usually kinder and more helpful. Happiness is contagious and has the most positive domino effect. And our world definitely needs more positivity! So make a conscious intention to be lighter, be joyful and spread happiness everywhere you go.


Wishing you all a soulful and happy Spring Equinox!


Ambi x