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Supermoon Full Moon in Taurus November 14 2016: Balancing and grounding our values


Welcome to Alchemy With Ambi

Supermoon Full Moon in Taurus November 14 2016: Balancing and grounding our values



Hello lovely ones and happy nearly full moon supermoon in Taurus! WHAT a week. I am writing this with the biggest bags under my eyes (tears, lack of sleep, one of the busiest and most intense weeks ever) and like many of you, feeling somewhat discombobulated.

As many of you know I have generally avoided talking about politics, having decided to focus my energies on different areas, but when asked some time ago, I was pretty sure, from looking at the charts of both Presidential candidates that we would be welcoming our first female POTUS here in the United States.

I said this from an astrological perspective, but also from a spiritual perspective which I admit was perhaps tinted by my Sagittarian glass half full optimism.

I thought we were ready for that change here in America, (and I say we, because despite being unable to vote at this election, I am a permanent resident here and very much consider America home) but it seems we are not.

The aftermath of this election has been deeply upsetting for all of us, the sadness, anger, hatred and division seems worse than ever before. So it is fitting that less than a week later we have the biggest supermoon full moon for 70 years (the last such supermoon was in 1948 and the next one will be in 2034).

A great opportunity for each of us to heal, release, let go, balance and align.

Turning now to this lunar event and how each of us can best work with it to help ourselves, and our world.

This full moon falls at 23 degrees of the earthy sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus. It takes place at 5.33am PST on Monday 14th November (adjust accordingly for your timezone).

As always at a full moon, the moon opposes the sun in the zodiac asking us to find the balance between the two different signs.

At this full moon the sun is in intense, watery Scorpio.

Scorpio season heightens the intensity of whatever we are feeling or is going on either in our lives or in the world so it is apropros that at this time we are each being called to find the balance between those intense Scorpio energies that many of us may be experiencing and to ground them and find balance (as per Taurus).

Each of us will have 23 degrees of Taurus in a different part of our natal chart (you can use the free chart calculator on my site to check yours) and we will each want to apply the principles in this blog in relation to the life areas ruled by Taurus in our unique charts.

In the natural zodiac Taurus is the ruler of the second house. The house governing our self esteem and our values, and in turn, how people value us. This house also relates to our income and personal finances.

Therefore we ought to also consider the natural zodiac themes in terms of how this full moon affects us and how we work with the energies.

Soulstrology says that at this full moon there is a deeply transformative and healing element in play due to the moon's aspects to both Pluto (transformation and power) and Chiron (healing, turning wounds into wisdom).

The moon makes a trine (harmonious, positive aspect) to Pluto in Capricorn and also sextiles (again, a positive aspect) Chiron in Pisces.

Look at where you have 20 degrees of Pisces in your natal chart and 15 degrees of Pluto.

It is the life areas covered by those houses in your chart which will also be impacted along with the (23 degrees) Taurus ruled life areas.

Turning now back to the title of this blog and back to the events of this week, because whether we are political or apathetic, whether our 'side' won or not, whether we live in America or elsewhere, what happened this week impacts each and every one of us and future generations.

Yesterday I performed a Soulstrology Soundbath at Wanderlust here in Hollywood.

As always, I gave a short consciousness lecture before playing the soundbath.

I spoke about this full moon and focused on values and how each of our value systems could play a part in the much needed healing of our world.

I asked how each of us could consider our values and whether we are truly a living embodiment of them? Are we proactively living our values day to day? Or are we being somewhat inactive and more armchair commentators?

I talked about the importance of each of us really living and breathing our values and the importance of doing so at this time without getting caught up in heightened emotions which can often drag us into unnecessary (and ultimately unhelpful) exchanges.

As I said yesterday, each of us has a unique purpose in this lifetime.

And our only real job (easier said than done!) is to connect to that purpose which in turn aligns us with our higher self, and fulfills our soul's journey in this incarnation.

By doing so, we actually play our role in the healing of our world. Every role is as different and yet as important as another. It is not for us to judge what others do, but to review what we are (or are not) doing.

Never before has the call to action been stronger.

At this full moon with all the healing and transformative energies available each of us can harness these energies to let go of any self-limiting beliefs and boost and powerfully transform our self-esteem.

We have the opportunity to connect to what it is WE truly value and to allow those values to lead us so that we fulfill our soul's purpose, are valued by others, receive the abundance we desire AND play our unique role in healing our world.

At this full moon we must all allow ourselves to be like the earthy, grounded Taurus bull and rather than let our emotions run away with us and send us into Scorpio shadow, to instead know that our job is to harness those energies and to ground them into practical action.

I am wishing you all a healing and transformative full moon and trust that each of us will heal, ground and align, helping us to add value to our own lives and that of our beloved world.


Ambi x