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July 2018: Turning point

Ambi Sitham

Welcome to eclipse season....

Welcome to eclipse season....

Hello lovely ones and happy July!

We are officially halfway through the year and about to hit eclipse season.

*And on that note - Los Angelenos and those visiting, please come hang with me at Wanderlust in Hollywood on Friday July 6th for an eclipse season Soulstrology Soundbath to help navigate the month ahead!*

Onwards... it is safe to say that despite the mass planetary retrograde, July 2018 will serve us a turning point for each of us...

Eclipses bring change, regardless of planetary retrogrades.

Even if we don't see the changes immediately, they will be activated this month by the mid month solar eclipse and the end of month lunar eclipse (which is said to be the longest lasting eclipse of the century!)

As a reminder eclipses act as cosmic activators in relation to the life areas ruled by the parts of our charts that they fall in.

This month we will see the beginning of the eclipses in the Cancer/Capricorn family which will see a series of eclipses in the Cancer and Capricorn ruled parts of the zodiac (and our charts) through to 2020.

Cancer in the natural zodiac rules our family, home, domestic life and everything that comes with that - patriotism, childhood memories, loved ones, our domestic/private selves, our homes, extended family and our 'people'.

Regardless of where Cancer rules in our charts, we are all asked to think about these areas of life over the next couple of weeks and leading up to the mid month solar eclipse.

The Aquarius Full Moon at the end of July is a total lunar eclipse and is somewhat ominously referred to as the blood moon (it looks as though the moon turns red) and is said to be the longest lasting eclipse of the will be intense...

In addition to this we have Mars (ruling war, action, leadership, energy, manifesting, sex, desire and more) in retrograde motion dancing right by the South node (past life karma/baggage) of the Moon for most of the month.

Just as the recent Capricorn Full Moon illuminated may have illuminated some old karma to deal with, so too this month brings more of the same...

I don't blame you if you are scrunching your face whilst reading this.

Many of the aspects of the month ahead are fierce, there is no doubt about that.

As a result it is likely to be a disruptive, and even turbulent month for many.

However Soulstrology teaches us that we are not to fear these aspects.

Yes these aspects are intense and can create tension in our lives but they also serve as the catalyst for much needed change.

Ultimately it is up to us as to how we work with the energies of the month ahead to channel them for our highest good.

But either way, whether we are passive, reactive or proactive - whatever we do, or don't do - this month will serve as a significant turning point for 2018.

I like this quote by Pierre Trudeau which is a lovely lens through which to view change and turning points in our lives.

'My life is one long curve, full of turning points'

It is a good quote to keep in mind this month as life may bend bringing turning points which squeeze our senses but ultimately serve us..

Mantra of the month:

I embrace the concept that life is always at some turning point

I trust that whatever changes life brings this month are ultimately the turning points I need to help me to move forward to the next season of life

I choose to be grounded, level headed and peaceful and to nurture myself mind, body and soul so that I can maintain this state of being even in times of flux

I am wishing you all a magical month ahead.

May the turning point this month be just what you need to help you enter the next season of life.


Ambi x




July 5: Sun (in Cancer) trine Jupiter (in Scorpio) positive aspect, good for tapping into emotions and being emotionally connected

July 5: Mercury (in Leo) opposes Mars (in Aquarius) tense aspect - can be productive but watch out for passive aggressiveness in communication which may then boil over

July 8: Sun (in Cancer) trines Neptune (in Pisces) dreamy, creative, romantic - feeling all the feels aspect

July 9: Mercury (in Leo) square Jupiter (in Scorpio) tense aspect - can be productive but watch for overegging things - whether in communication or thoughts

July 10: Jupiter stations retrograde (will write Members blog on this)

July 11: Venus moves into Virgo  (will write Members blog on this)

July 11: Venus (in Virgo) trines Uranus (in Taurus) positive aspect, particularly around love and finances

July 12: Solar eclipse in Cancer (will write Members blog on this and Members will have a podcast on eclipse season days before the solar eclipse)

July 14: Venus (in Virgo) trines Saturn (in Capricorn) positive aspect particularly around finances, love and creative endeavors

July 22: Venus (in Virgo) sextile Jupiter (in Scorpio) generally a positive, lucky aspect - particularly around love and finances

July 23: Leo season begins

July 24: Venus (in Virgo) opposes Neptune in Pisces tense aspect - clash between reality and dreams - a reality check for many around love, creative endeavors and finances

July 25: Sun (in Leo) square Uranus (in Taurus) tense aspect be mindful around stubborn tendencies and clashes as a result

July 26: Mercury Retrograde (will write Members blog on this)

July 27: Lunar eclipse in Aquarius (will write Members blog on this)