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Jupiter in Scorpio Part 2: Healing is the first stage of manifesting

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones!

I hope you found the Soulstrology Jupiter in Scorpio Cosmic Coaching questions useful and that you took the time to answer them fully and to review the last Jupiter in Scorpio transit and understand how it impacted upon your life.

Next up is Part 2 where we lay the foundations for the next thirteen months of the current Jupiter in Scorpio transit.

Jupiter is known as the great gift giver and the cosmic benefic.

As a result people expect miracles from a Jupiter transit and are sometimes confused when they did not manifest as much as they expected.

The reason for this is multi-fold.

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Jupiter in Scorpio October 2017 - November 2018 Part 1: Success with intimacy, sex and money will come through soulful transformation

Ambi Sitham


Tomorrow, October 10 2017, Jupiter, the great cosmic benefic who brings luck, miracles and expansion, moves into the watery sign of Scorpio where he will stay until November 18 2018.

I will be writing a series of Soulstrology cosmic coaching blogs to assist you all (regardless of your sign) to make the most of this transit and harnessing both the light of Jupiter and Scorpio/Pluto to make positive shifts in your lives over the next thirteen months.

In the natural zodiac Scorpio is the ruler of the eighth house.

This house governs shared resources (often referred to as joint finances, so shared finances that come through inheritances, loans, mortgages, investors, trusts,  joint projects etc), sex and intimacy, death, rebirth and transformation.

Soulstrology says that the eighth house (a little like the twelfth house) is one of the most intense houses in our charts and lives, given it covers such emotive areas of life, like money, intimacy and sex.

Regardless of our sign Soulstrology says that the natural zodiac themes of life in each of our lives will be impacted by Jupiter in Scorpio.

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